Is Justin Trudeau Placing Islamic Sharia Law ABOVE Canadian Law?

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The evidence suggests this to be true. As CAP have written about previously, specific religious practices breach the Canadian criminal code, as well as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

According to Global Citizen, Canadian girls are being taken out of the country to have FGM operations performed. The subject of FGM in Canada was thrown into the spotlight in the summer of 2017, when news broke about a 2016 study authored by anti-FGM organization Sahiyo. The study revealed that women had undergone the practice within Canadian borders.

What does Justin Trudeau have to say about this? NOTHING at all. How about Minister of Status of Women, Maryam Monsef? In 2017, Trudeau placed Ms. Monsef in charge of this portfolio. Since that time, she has not lifted a finger to oppose or prevent FGM from occurring in Canada. Conclusion: The person in charge of Women’s Safety in Canada stands by while teenage Canadian girls are physically mutilated. Nice work, Monsef!

Winner: Nation of Islam. Loser: The rest of us. The ancient religious practice of child marriage is another social phenomenon hidden from the sight of average Canadians. Recently in Philadelphia, PA, an IMAM was convicted of marrying a child. She was 14-years old at the time.

There is evidence of cases of child marriage taking place upon Canadian soil.  Samra Zafar, a Pakistani immigrant, was just 16 years old when her mother told her she would be marrying a 28-year-old man IN CANADA. As it happens, the founder of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion, MP Iqra Khalid, is also a Pakistani immigrant. While branding Canadians racists and bigots on multiple occasions, Khalid has never BREATHED A WORD about FGM practices in Canada, or anywhere else.

FGM. Child Marriage. Both against the law, BOTH OVERLOOKED by Justin Trudeau and his Islamo-friendly government. Of course, this is so much easily accomplished when a government motion(M103) places one specific religious community ABOVE all the rest.

Interestingly, Justin Trudeau himself claims “there is no Sharia Law in Canada.” An accurate, truthful statement?  The Toronto Sun disagree. The CBC ran a news story defending Sharia law, with a headline saying that Sharia is “not to be feared.” Simply put, the mainstream media in Canada are deceiving the general public on behalf of the Trudeau government.

Sharia insists that there is no separation between mosque and state, and that Islamic rules dictate both the private and public lives of the people. This is a fundamental reason why Islam THRIVES in western nations, while Christianity DIES within western nations.

Sharia Law replaces Canadian law– it doesn’t live alongside it. This has been seen in Germany, France, Britain and Sweden with the entrenchment of Sharia-based courts. Beyond practicalities, Islamic faith demand loyalty to Allah over loyalty to the nation–especially if the nation is a western democracy.

Even if Sharia only applied to Muslims in Canada, how do Canadians  feel about a set of laws that permits a man to beat his wife? How about a legal system that allows a man to divorce his wife simply by saying the word “divorce” three times aloud?

Sharia is not consistent with our way of life in Canada – despite what Liberals and the CBC want us to believe. It is not aligned with Canadian values. Why then does Justin Trudeau not only PERMIT–but also SUPPORT– Islamic religious practises within our borders.

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Wouldn’t the proper thing for a PM to work to prevent illegal activity and criminal code-breaching practices? Is it not proper protocol for the prime minister to call out the physical abuse resulting from FGM and Child Marriage?

Trudeau does NO SUCH THING–nor do the Muslim-Canadians he placed in prominent government positions–including the minister in charge of the safety and health of Canadian women and girls.

This is not a proper Canadian government. This is a CHARADE of a government. Hypocrites they are. Running around the world virtue-signalling about the plight of women while ignoring Sharia Law in Canada.

In fact, Justin Trudeau did once speak publicly regarding FGM– regarding the practice as it occurs in the African nation of Benin! Gee, this really seems to strike at the heart of the matter.  As it happens, there are thousands of cases of FGM confirmed to have occurred in Britain. Perhaps Trudeau got the two nations mixed up.

Favouritism, privilege, breach of law, breach of Charter–it’s all there for establishment media to pick up on and deliver to the people of Canada. Only problem is–THEY NEVER DO. The same phenomenon exists regarding abortion and transgenderism. Coincidence?

NEVER. In Justin’s post-modern Canada, government and media function as a SINGLE UNIT. This is the way things are handled in Cuba and China-two of the Trudeau family’s favourite nations. Another coincidence? HARDLY.

Canada, you have been hoodwinked. In order to stop the Sharia madness, Justin Trudeau must NO LONGER be the prime minister of Canada. Additionally, government must stop empowering myopic, ethnocentric Third World immigrants and refugees within government.

If and when this occurs, perhaps Canada will be prevented from emulating the social chaos and hypocrisy globalist government in Europe have established by way of immigration and open border policies.



4 thoughts on “Is Justin Trudeau Placing Islamic Sharia Law ABOVE Canadian Law?”

  1. If this MORON Justin Trudeau gets all of this to come true, believe you me their well be a lot of people out there with a lot of bullets! For sure, it well only take one to hit their target, and the way 90% of Canadian feel about that little TRAITOR, its going to happen and the RCMP knows all about it!

  2. plainly put the fact remains if you come to Canada to have a better life ,,learn to live as a Canadian , if people want to bring and live by these barbaric customs then they should go back where they originated and stop trying to change our country into what they left ,, and our leaders need to put their foot down and hold fast our laws and customs , this is CANADA not some barbaric place where mutilation and pedophilia is tolerated i think those practicing these things should meet the full weight of our laws regarding such violations .

  3. The federal liberals have no desire to enforce outlaws regarding the utikation and assault of children by these Muslim nutjobs. I can only pray that the common sense of Canadians will remove the liberals from any form of power this October. When will the people rise up and force the government to enforce our laws that protect our women and children from this greedy screwed up government. Civil warvis imminent and I will be the first one to sign up. This group of immigrants have so much entitlement issues because they get all the rights and free legal advice and our leaders smile at crimes committed by syrians who came here as refugees only to become the chosen ones above reproach. I think not and to elect an ndp is just as bad as electing another liberal government. I say fuck you syrians and go the fuck home where you can perform your horrendous crimes without causing us any more problems.


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