Is Justin Trudeau Knowingly Working To DESTROY English Canada?

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Here at CAP, we believe Canada’s current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working to destroy English Canada. How can we verify this for certain? We cannot– it is not as though our ruling government would ever present this notion to the people of our nation.

A much more effective strategy is to hide this from Old Stock Canada– Anglophones, Francophones, Conservatives, Christians, and other communities which fall outside the scope of Trudeau’s “chosen” Third World Canadians.

Truth is, PM Trudeau has never actually worked for “First World” Canadians. Conversely, this man has done all he can to chastise, demonize and marginalize the ancestors of the founding peoples of our country.

The methods are myriad, and for brevity’s sake, we will not list off all the examples– something we have done many times within previous articles.

One thing CAP can claim with aplomb– the social situation for the future of our people looks incredibly grim. By way of immigration, the Liberal government are reducing white Canada to a minority community. In the long run, our decimation is to be justified by the historical treatment of Canada’s aboriginal communities.

The rationalization goes something like this: You stole the land in the first place, so we have the right to steal it back. Only thing is, it is not our First Nations communities who are stealing the nation back. Rather, it is 3rd World Canadian political power backed by Trudeau’s Liberals who are stealing Canada from our “Old Stock” peoples.

Did you know? The Liberal Government of Canada are in the process of organizing the greatest societal transformation in the history of our nation. Canadian media are in the process of hiding the greatest social transition in our nation’s history.

According to the government-endorsed Canadian Immigration Newsletter, the largest recorded surge in Canada’s population growth in history took place in the third quarter of 2019.

It was the first time in history Canada’s population has increased by more than 200,000 in a single quarter.  That number in a single quarter equates with 800,000 per year, not 340,000.

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Moving away from demographics, other weapons of Anglo-destruction are firmly in place. Think “multiculturalism” in Canada. Know what this social policy means for CAP? It means that the forces controlling our society are being trans-sitioned away from Old Stock Canada, and delivered into the hands of  to Sikh, Muslim and Third World Canada.

Next, we have a mighty fine weapon of community decimation– the fact that when Old Stock Canadians complain or even question the mass demographic transition agenda, they are immediately branded racists, bigots and xenophobes.

This political shackle has nothing to do with whether or not the push-back includes true acts of racism. Rather, the true purpose is simply to SHUT US UP. That’s right– government and media want you, Mr. Old Stock Canadian,  to shut up and pay your taxes while your community is railroaded into a permanent state of powerlessness.

Okay, so white Canada is down-in-the mouth big time. What to do? It is obvious that if this community does not organize politically, we are finished in the long run. Our birth-rates in no way can compare with that of Chinese, Muslim and Sikh Canada. Not even close.

Therefore, we must organize on a political level– regardless of the bogus “race card” crap thrown at us by our prime minister and his Middle Eastern Liberal MP cabal.

Now, for some good news– the Wexit Party of Canada is clear to run candidates in the next federal election. A ray of light for our people? Perhaps–just not in an overt capacity.

More that media refuse to communicate to Canadians: the Wexit Party means that it is feasible that Justin Trudeau is a catalyst for a potential break-up of Canada. Media say nothing about this–but this does not deny the truth inherent in this statement.

As it happens, media and our academic world have not issued one positive comment on the Wexit debate. For CBC, there is no upside— all they can do is forecast “doom and gloom” regarding the Wexit movement.

Conclusion? Trudeau, Gerald Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen, the Aga Khan, George Soros, United Nations, Sikhism and geo-political Islam do not want Wexit.

Excellent! Now patriots know we are on the right track. Of course, these forces are 100% in favour of the decimation of Canada–it just has to be done their way.

Say no-go, brother and sister patriots. For how much longer do you want Trudeau and his Middle Eastern cabal calling the shots for you and your families? CAP will take minus 10-minutes.

Justin Trudeau and his globalist backers are “out for blood.” They want a dead English Canada— as well as a dead democracy. All the variables are now in place to make it happen.

And just to think, if Canadian establishment media were not holding back an ultimate truth, Anglophone Canadians might not have walked down Trudeau’s pre-conceived path toward the end of  community existence in the fading “Great White North.”





9 thoughts on “Is Justin Trudeau Knowingly Working To DESTROY English Canada?”

  1. I agree. Though, you should fix your choice of language to better unite white AND black canadians because the way you put things is very much “whites vs everybody”. If this is a battle you intend to gain some ground on, you will need to unite ALL Original or as you put it, “old stock canadians”.

  2. Frankly i would say that a lot of the new immigrants that Trudeau has fast tracked you can guarantee he knows how many are coming and when he will be greeting them personally to start up their undermining in Canada . The best thing the citizen’s of Canada could do would do is hide what the government want confiscated. This to be done to be brought up when is needed .Trudeau and all the parties at this time are playing a part in the global colonization of this . Trudeau is at this time just fast tracking everything right now . Dismantling the government , international ,trading , international commerce , the enslavement of a perpetual work that wages if the globalist’s want will be to demilitarize the public , They will get now attempt to bring down personal property and monetary gains ,investments,bank accounts ,trust funds, property values . the globalization will break the economy and all it’s people by putting many of them to the point where they will work they’re lives away to achieve daily needs . Welcome to the Trudeau regime where the new world will be anarchy and mayhem plus a lot blood shed do to fast track immigration Check out my page on Facebook { My Political View and Shit

  3. Justin trudeau has no business running Canada, we the people are supposed to tell the government what we want them to do. Why do countries around the world break this law. Justins dad, Pierre Trudea was an awful man as well. He hated the west. Justin Trudeaus mother Margret had sex with Fidel Castro, 9 months later Justin was born. Castro knew full well. People have tried to discredit this as a lie. There is a web sight that absolutely says this is true, fact checkes can’t wash over it and say its a lie. Justin Trudeau knows Castro is his dad. When Castro passed away, Justin gave a very heart warming speech about what a wonderful leader Fidel Castro was, kind of bizarre. It is uncanny how much Justin looks like Casro. Justin Trudeau has no remorse for any of his actions, he even said he can’t keep track of his own lies. Trudeau should be in prison.


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