Is Islamophobia A Government-Media Social Construct?

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Definition, Social Construct:

“Race, socio-economic status, and morality are all examples of social constructs. Other examples of include beauty standards, gender roles, and the idea of marriage. Social norms are the rules of conduct that dictate how people are expected to behave in a particular society.”

If one could narrow down major perpetrators of a social construct, it appears reasonable to list the top three as government, media and academia(educational institutions). Additionally, it’s fair to conclude that in terms of ideological positioning, all three share a particular affinity.

Though an inversion of what would constitute a healthy democratic society, the “big three” together weave a common thread. Seemingly absurdist in nature, all maintain an animus toward their own country, its history, and heritage.

As manifest in PM Justin Trudeau and his branding of Canada as “systemically racist.” As perpetuated by academia’s obsessional approach to our nation’s colonial foundation.

In terms of media, in an overall capacity, they support both concepts. Yet, the fuel that fires up CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and others comes in a rocket launcher commonly known as “Racism.”

Interesting to view the situation on a psychological basis. What more than racism, sexuality and gender can get under-the-skin of a society? Particularly one in which a delicate balance rooted in Multiculturalism has potential to fly off the handle given certain domestic and/or international events.

The phenomenon has now come to Canada. All the while, media multiply web clicks accordingly. Exploiting the primal nature of human beings, government and media push the appropriate cognitive buttons.

Current trouble in the Middle East serves as the latest catalyst. Racism in Canada is blowing its stack in the streets. Rather than attribute the problem to its true source, the press play the blame game.

The responsibility lies with  “uneducated” racists. Meaning our “traditional” citizenship. Not with a government who imported and fomented inter-community conflict. Naming names leads directly toward PM Trudeau and his woke  collection of local and foreign-born Liberal caucus members.

This distinction, a falsehood, is fundamental to the social chaos we now experience. No one with any degree of mental clarity would claim that racism doesn’t exist in Canada. It does, as it does in hundreds of nations of the world.

Our particular problem comes in the form of how government, media and academia position these social maladies. Once broken out into an independent category, terms such as Islamophobia and anti-Semitism transition to the problematic.

“The Canadian media have been criticized for their role in perpetrating Islamophobia, both generally and in their news coverage of specific events.”

“In 2011, Ipsos Reid asked Canadians whether Muslims in Canada should receive the same treatment as any other Canadian. 81% of respondents said Muslims should receive the same treatment.”

Major trouble began in 2016, when dual Pakistani-Canadian citizen Liberal MP Iqra Khalid was hammering out the details of the Liberal’s “anti-racism” motion, along with National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Insistent regarding related semantics, advocates demanded that the terminology must include “racism and Islamophobia.” Naturally, they got things their way. But the breaking out of the pejorative has turned out to be a  huge mistake.

Another damaging decision came in the form of rejecting calls from Christian and Jewish community leaders to add these faiths to the Motion. Obstinate in attitude, their requests were denied.

Thus it was that myopic ethnic MPs failed to recognise their folly. Canadians do not like it when one particular religion or community is elevated above the rest. In the delicate balance that is so-called “diversity,” this is a huge mistake.

The whole thing went over the M103 founder’s heads. With money from government and media’s blessing, the “Islamophobia” industry went into overdrive.

Pascal Bruckner, French philosopher, summarizes his opinion in a few words: “There’s No Such Thing as Islamophobia. Critique of religion is a fundamental Western right, not an illness.”

Correct he is, but let’s try to remain objective. The same can apply to anti-Semitism. It’s all racism, and one must be careful how these terms are utilized. Misuse, over-playing the race-card, attempts to cultivate sympathy are a bad way to go. No one wants to hear constant whining delivered in an ethnocentric manner.

As Brucker says, “critique of religion is a fundamental Western right, not an illness.” 

“A phobia is a medical term, an anxiety disorder stirred up by irrational fear of heights, or perhaps spiders or snakes and other repellent creatures. Few would confess to feeling that way about Islam. Fewer still would seek treatment of their negative reactions to Islam.”

Returning to the concept of favouritism, we point to a tangible truth. A Canadian can slam Christianity till the cows come home on an Alberta Beef Farm, and no punitive damages will result.

Not the same for Muslims and Jews. Again, favouritism rears its head. Unfortunately, organizations such as the NCCM have no conception of such concepts:

“The letter, made public after being filed in a court proceeding by MAC challenging the audit, concluded that there are sufficient grounds for the revocation of the organization’s charity registration.”

“Muslim Association of Canada are arguing that the Canada Revenue Agency conducted an unfair evaluation through a Protestant-Christian lens, amounting to systemic Islamophobia.”

You have got to be kidding. Wanna cultivate animosity toward your own community? You can’t do much better than this little gem. How blind do some people have to be to anticipate resentment that flows through the minds of those who read this tosh?

Some people never learn, and that includes our Liberal government. While racism foments all-around them, Justin Trudeau and team carrying on in the same way they always have. Increasing immigration quotas, packing the country with new arrivals, funding ethnic non-profits, clinging to archaic “multicultural” policy, and on and on ad infinitum.

Our ethnic-oriented complainers are the same. No deviation in approach. Excessive whining and complaining. No appreciation of the good things in society, including utilizing Canadian law(freedom of speech) to brand our society racist.

Can it be that a certain faction within our country behave this way with full intention? A touchy, but crucial question it is. Long-time readers will know Cultural Action Party‘s position on the matter. Yes, they do, including members in government, media and academia.

For what purpose? We arrive at the most critical question of all. As CAP has expressed, beneath the ground-level surface of these phenomena are found the seeds of social revolution.

Chairman Mao and the communists understood it well. Ditto for Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Fidel Castro, and Joseph Goebbels.

To be successful in social revolution, government must divide community from community. Moreover, get them leaping at each other’s throats. Is this not the exact blueprint stamped into Canadian society from the day that Justin Trudeau became prime minister?

In traditional warfare, a battle generally includes dropping of bombs upon an enemy. But what happens when the war is “post-modern,” as Justin Trudeau branded our country back in 2015?

Post-modern bombs are the answer. Is this what Islamophobia constitutes within the Liberal-NDP-Trudeau-Singh political axis?

No one should be surprised when CAP respond in the affirmative.

1 thought on “Is Islamophobia A Government-Media Social Construct?”

  1. islamophobia is another liberal/socialist/communist/marxist/progressive/democrat way of targeting the traditional population (christian) so that the new class of citizens (under oppression according to their education) can reign supreme.

    this has happened in every socialist/communist country in the past, anyone who studied history would figure this out.

    its not complicated. you’re being replaced.

    stop identifying as christian, or start taking actions.

    apathy is the glove where evil slips its hand.


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