Is Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen Canada’s “Ilhan Omar?”

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In just six months,Democratic Senator Ilhan Omar has gone from “fresh-person” congresswoman to national lightning rod. It’s the kind of rapid ascent that characterized her career even before she arrived in Washington last January as one of only two Muslim-American women to ever serve in Congress.

Omar, 36, has been at the centre of a political firestorm in the U.S. since President Donald Trump singled out the Muslim Somali-American and three of her fellow progressive Democratic congresswomen of colour in a series of tweets widely condemned as racist.

So the United States has an ethnocentric, reverse-racist  Somalian Congresswoman causing a ruckus within their nation. CAP believe Omar lives to destroy the cornerstones of the American way of life– life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

After all, these are not Islamic principles. The  essence of Islamic philosophy is “to surrender.” As in, surrender to Allah. For fundamentalists like Omar, NOTHING can take priority over this religious creed.  EVERY aspect of life is based upon this premise, INCLUDING dedication to country.

Within the Trudeau government, we find a number of Ilhan Khan-types. The foremost example is Canada’s immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. Like Ilhan Omar, Hussen comes from the backwater nation of Somalia. The man is similarly ethnocentric. What matters is how government policy affects Muslims, and no one else.

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Mr. Hussen believes Canada exists for the purpose of accommodating the desires of Third World migrants and refugees. For Hussen, there is no Canada beyond this.

Other Trudeau-appointed Liberal Cabinet and caucus members qualify. MP Omar Alghabra is one. MP of unknown origin, Maryam Monsef also qualifies. And of course, religious supremacist founder of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion, MP Iqra Khalid qualifies. This person managed to create a motion to elevate Islam ABOVE all other major religions in Canada–an achievement fully supported by Justin Trudeau.

Speaking of Canada’s Supreme Ruler, it is arguable that even Justin Trudeau is a carbon copy of Ilhan Omar. None of the aforementioned MP’s have issued a single statement critical of ANY element of Islamic faith, practice, or behaviour. Nor has Ilhan Omar, and nor has PM Trudeau.

Yet, from CAP’s perspective, it is the Somalian Ahmed Hussen who represents the nadir of modern-day Canadian society. In our opinion, the man is a religious supremacist and dedicated reverse-racist. He believes in the superiority of Islam, and the inferiority of all who fall outside his tribe.

Forget the fact that Hussen is fortunate to be living in Canada–let alone to be our immigration minister. Like Ms. Omar, he was lucky enough to be granted the PRIVILEGE to migrate to a western democracy. As with “Lady Love” Ilhan, he pays Canada back by insulting, demonizing and condemning those kind enough to let his sorry butt into our country.

Such appreciation, eh? Then again, Ahmed Hussen is not living in Canada to “appreciate.” Rather, he resides in Canada for the purpose of TRANS-forming our nation into an entity aligned with his personal background and religious belief system.

Don’t just sit there, Ahmed–work toward transforming your NEW nation into a replica of your OLD nation. Hence, the HIGHEST immigration and refugee quotas in history. Indemnification for his precious Islamic brethren. No condemnation of any element of Sharia Law— even the behaviours which BREACH Canadian law.

This is Ahmed Hussen. It is Omar Ilhan, Iqra Khalid and Maryam Monsef. And yes, curiously, it is ALSO the prime minister of Canada. Now, WHY would the behaviour of a self-professed Catholic  be 100% aligned with the behaviour of fundamentalist Islamics? Kind of ODD, isn’t it?

Not according to Andrew Coyne, John Ivison, Chantal Hebert, and other leading Canadian journalists. These folks are supposed to be part of the “intelligencia” of society. Are they NOT intelligent enough to comprehend what is going on here? Sure they are–so why don’t they do so?

Upon becoming a Senator, Omar became the first woman in American history to wear a hijab in Congress. This broke a tradition nearly 200 YEARS OLD. See the way these people operate? For the purpose of accommodating a SINGLE Islamic-American, government cancelled 200 YEARS of American tradition–a perfect microcosm of the mindset of a religious supremacist such as Ilhan Omar. The host nation MUST BEND to our will under all circumstances. As for their part of the bargain, there is no compromise, no adaptation, and no accommodation of even a SINGLE ASPECT of the fundamentalist creed of their 7th century religious belief system. How PROGRESSIVE, eh?

This is Ilhan Omar, and it is Ahmed Hussen. These fundamentalists types DEMAND everything goes their way, and if it doesn’t–WATCH OUT. It’s “Islamophobia” time.

How interesting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a so-called “Christian” of French-Canadian heritage, shares the exact same mind-set as the fundamentalists.


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    “if PRESIDENT Trump tries to arrest me for treason & sedition against against Freedom & Democracy, can I flee to caliphate canadstan mr hussein? i’ve been properly fgm’d and will wear a full subjugation headbag if I can be your 6th child “bride”, I can do the 6yr old squeaky voice real well, and i’m told jihadstin castro tru-grope turd-dolt & gerald-licks-butts will feltch you & me both while you molest me..!!!”

  2. Whoever wrote this article has an agenda of alienating specific group of people.
    I think you are racist and hate people with principle.
    I would suggest you please educate yourself with no prejudgment about Islam, contribution of immigrants to Canada.
    Your hate will never change anything but love, understanding, compassion goes long way.


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