Is Economic Collapse Part of Trudeau’s Plan To Bring An End To Democracy?

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In present-day Canada, dire fiscal warnings have become a way of life. For the past six years economists have been throwing red flags at the Liberal government’s unprecedented financial deficits.

In recent times, the issue of inflation has permeated discussion among economic experts. Pierre Poilievre currently serves as opposition critic for jobs and industry.

In a recent interview, the Conservative MP sheds light on economic methodologies employed by our Liberal government:

“Justin Trudeau has created the biggest deficit of all G20 countries. How did he pay for these deficits? He had Bank of Canada print the money. $400 Billion was added to our money supply. This bid up the price on everything Canadians buy.”

As Cultural Action Party has expressed, the woke liberal seduction of our nation occurs by way of incremental imposition. First, establish the deficits. Next, create inflation to place financial stress upon our citizenship.

Permit CAP to go outside the box:

“To pay for the large costs of the ongoing First World War, Germany suspended the gold standard (the convertibility of its currency to gold) when the war broke out. This strategy failed as Germany lost the war, which left the new Weimar Republic saddled with massive debts that it could not afford.”

The strategy used to pay war reparations was the mass printing of bank notes to buy foreign currency, which was then used to pay reparations. This strategy greatly exacerbated inflation. A loaf of bread in Berlin that cost 160 Marks at the end of 1922 cost 200,000,000,000 Marks by late 1923.

Those with even a cursory knowledge of European history know what happened next– Germany became a dictatorship. Let us not get hysterical. The point being made relates to economics.– the fact that debt and subsequent inflation brought about an end to democratic governance.

“Chicken is up 35% in Newfoundland, butter is up 42% in Nova Scotia, gas is up 33% across Canada. This is, of course, entirely predictable. Throughout history inflation has resulted from governments printing money.”

Here’s a tasty morsel:

According to the CBC, in 2016 the Trudeau government “wound down its gold reserves to basically nothing after a multi-year strategy of selling them off in favour of hoarding other countries’ currencies.”

A fascinating coincidence– Germany suspended its gold standard to pay for debt resulting from WW1 through purchasing foreign currencies. My, my– the things one can discover when moving beyond mainstream media presentation.

As readers will know, CAP has boldly claimed that our nation is in the midst of a covert from of revolution. The goal being transformation from an authentic democracy to a pseudo-dictatorship.

What a giant leap this is. Isn’t the claim far too outrageous to ever come to fruition? Aren’t we nothing more than a conspiracy-pushing collection of alt-right flakes?

Consider the following scenario: the Canadian economy crashes. The Liberals inform citizens that the situation is so dire we cannot rectify the damage without a fundamental change in government.

What transpires as a result?  Either democracy is placed on the back-burner for multiple years, or it is cancelled outright. The public accept this.

Pourquoi? Because media position it  as the only choice to save the economy, as well as to protect the life-savings of 38 million citizens.

Canadians buy the result hook, line and sinker. The collective desperation being such that citizens will accept anything in order to preserve their cash, investments, home ownership and personal savings.

Woke Revolution accomplished?

11 thoughts on “Is Economic Collapse Part of Trudeau’s Plan To Bring An End To Democracy?”

  1. How can he get away with the atrocities that he is committing. Why is everyone just sitting back and letting it happen?

    There have been no arrests(that the public have heard of)yet he keeps committing crimes and getting away with them. What is wrong with our Judicial system. Has HE paid them off also? Wake up and tell EVERYONE WHAT IS GOING ON. J is nothing but a perverted crook.

  2. Is that photo an ad for Canada’s next gay pride event? Back to the spa; boys. How about the album cover for the 70’s ditty “Feeeelings; whoa whoa whoa feeeelings.” Ugh. One of the most panned songs ever released. Pure schlock. (Morris Albert, 1975.)

  3. Please forget my allusions to Trudeau’s latent gayness; as pictured in the photo. It’s purely an intense “love-in” among the psychopathic bros. Here’s what’s going down–S. Gargoyle: “Master….Oh my master. We’ve almost done it!

    I’m beside myself with joy; oh my master! Free speech on the Internet–Almost gone.Third World enrichment is almost; but never; complete.

    Ours the eternal task! Freedom!–We’re getting there master. Colonial; genocidal; systemically racist Canada is almost gone. Oh master; What will you have me do next? At your command.

  4. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

    Sell off essentially all of your country’s valuable gold–for potentially worthless international currency.

    Trudeau’s basket of foreign cash: Nigerian naira/ Zambian kwacha/East African rupee/French West African franc/The Cuban peso.

  5. When you think about things very closely the amount of immigrants brought to Canada in the last 5 years are staggering…while Covid has slowed down Remembrance Day and other so called Christian holy days we are in for a real ride if radical Sharia law and Jihadist thought among our new arrivals prevail.

    France in 2050 will be sixty percent muslim …the incredible change in our culture in Canada will mean less freedom.

  6. Not Pony’s plan, the Globalist’s plan, the criminal Cabal’s plan.

    The plan of all the traitors, users and scumbags who belong to the Bilderberg Group and attend the World Economic Forum in Davos etc.

    The plan to bring in a “New World Order” by collapsing the nations from within using puppets like Pony. The plan for a One World Dictatorship, the creation of a Worldwide Feudal System of Master and Slave.

  7. You have to be deaf dumb and stupid to not see that Trudeau is trying to bankrupt Canada so that China can take us over and he can become emperor.

    But Trudeau is so stupid he can’t see that Red China is just playing him for a sucker and Joe Bidden is right behind him. That is why they both are going to change the nation’s currency to Bitcoin and crypto currencies. Because China already has.

    • Big changes are coming. Rarely do we hear the Canadian national anthem, our flag is less prominent. All in preparation for the re-making of our country. Trudeau knows it, and advances it accordingly.


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