Is Covid-19 The Precursor To Trudeau’s “New World Order” In Canada?

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One word that Cultural Action Party of Canada tend to lean on a lot is “unprecedented”— as in, an event which has never before occurred within society.

For CAP, there are so many of these instances related to Globalism, Liberalism, Immigration, International pandemics, deficit accumulation and myriad other examples to make a common-sense Canadian’s head spin.

Related head-spinning societal element: Canadian establishment media ignorance regarding putting all this together for the citizens of our country. 

In an act of social irony, it seems Canada’s leading media publications, as well as leading journalists, are incapable of presenting any form of news information which alludes to the long term impact of Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

Penultimate Example: China’s Covid-19 pandemic dissemination throughout the planet. Canada’s state-controlled CBC offer their messaging on the pending Covid-19 antidote:

“Just get the injection. Don’t be concerned with the contents. Seems all Canadians should simply assume everything is “kosher” with the so-called remedy.

 In other words, not a single sentence questioning the validity of the pandemic remedy.

Here’s a simple question from CAP: What all is contained within this magic formula “elixir?”  Is it just and true for Canadian parents to permit their children to be hit up with this inoculation when the public has no clue as to its actual medical contents?

Since Justin Trudeau seized control of Canada, “ In China We Trust” has become a staple of our ruling Liberal government. 

No present-day politician other than King Trudeau has bought into this more than puppet-like Liberal Health Minister, MP Patty Hadju.

Her attitude is most curious: by way of her verbal feedback, one should believe the communist government of China to be as “pure as driven snow” in Nunavut.

Do not question, do not have the temerity to doubt. Submit silently to the Liberal-Globalist pandemic solution, then go home and enjoy Hockey Night In Canada.

Degree that Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, Montreal Gazette and Calgary Herald adhere to this thinking?  You got it, fellow patriots—110%.

Degree to which CBC and corporate media in Canada evoke ANY element of social manipulation, government subterfuge and political deceit from the government of China?

Nothing at all. Therefore, CAP shall comment on the nefarious “side-effects” we witness as Justin Trudeau and the Liberals obfuscate the true nature of Covid-19:

— The pandemic has resulted in a giant lift in Canadians relying on government for their “daily bread”— socialism at play.

— All three levels of Canadian government—federal, provincial and municipal— have for past three months utilized Covid-19 as an excuse not to speak or respond to citizens of Canada. Within a communist nation, the public cannot communicate with government.

Covid-19 has trans-itioned into an excuse for Trudeau & Co. to continue to increase federal deficit  to their highest levels in history. Add unprecedented personal and family debt to the mix. Thus, an ability for our populace, and indeed our entire nation to go “bankrupt” is feasible. This will help pave a path for a transfer of Canadian governance from democracy to socialist dictatorship.

Covid-19 creates domestic “social chaos”— an integral component of national decimation according to Marxist theory. China runs their nation based upon Marxist ideology.

In other words, with Covid-19 leading the charge, the international power playing cabal that PM Trudeau works for take a giant “Leap Forward” in the pursuit of a “post-modern” New World Order.

Media say nothing. For CBC, the entire “revolution” seems less relevant than Mr. Trudeau’s latest hair-style. Is this, or this not, entirely suspect?

Of course it is. Justin Trudeau is a pied-piper of national destruction. He works on behalf of China, and China is Covid-19. Whatever these covert global powers want for the world, Mr. Trudeau is there with his “puppy-dog” passion to fulfill their deepest dreams.



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What of the global push to eradicate western democracies? Looks like they may well succeed. Pourquoi? Because Canadians do not comprehend the “big picture.” 

Why not? Because Canadian mainstream media will not inform our citizenship of any Covid “alternate concepts” Nor will they “tie together” the commonalities expressed herein.

To suggest or allude to any element of subterfuge is strictly off-limits. Media work for the Liberal government—who in turn work the will of the globalists.

Hyperbole? Rampant Paranoia? Okay then—please answer this query:

Why is it that Canadian media have NEVER once written about the future of our nation in terms of the following:

Immigration. Multiculturalism. Canadian demography of the future. Pending Anglophone-Canadian minority status. The predicted religious make-up of Canada in 2028. 

The percentage of Chinese, Sikh or Muslim-Canadian populations in 2038? What is the fastest-growing religion in Canada? What percentage of Canadians will be of Christian heritage in 2044?

See where CAP is going with this? Neither Canadian government, Canadian media, or Canadian academia EVER speak of the future of our nation in these terms.

Why not? Logic informs us there are definitive reasons for the collective “hold-back.” Since the “three headed hydra” of cultural decimation will not inform Canadians, CAP will have to guess:

— Government, media, and academia do not want white Canada to understand their future position within society.

— Government, media and academia know full well that if Anglophones understood their fate, they would be angry—and possibly would rebel.

— The New Canadian Order does not intend for Old Stock Canada to be a component of Trudeau’s “no core identity” nation— therefore they shun our communities.

— Government, media and academia understand that non-snowflake white Canada will never accept Trudeau’s globalist seduction, so they want us gone in the long term.

Quite the rant, isn’t it? Feel free to respond with a tangible reason why these thoughts are pure insanity. Failing this, kindly respond with evidence that what is expressed is incorrect.

It is only emotion which circumvents these prognostications. Incidentally, this happens to be all that the Liberal-3rd World Globalist cabal have up their sleeves.

Emotion, rhetoric, accusations of racism, so-called “Islamophobia” and the entire racist-branding agenda of  Canada’s uber-powerful immigration and “multicultural” lobbies.

As it happens, leaders of historical totalitarian regimes utilized the same methodologies to seduce their citizenship into social complacency.

Is this what that Trudeau trouble-maker is up to by way of Covid-19?



3 thoughts on “Is Covid-19 The Precursor To Trudeau’s “New World Order” In Canada?”

  1. When you have a toothache, do you go to a dentist, or to a conspiracy theorist?
    When y have a heart attack, do you go to a doctor, or to a snake oil salesman?
    When your car’s brakes fail, do you go to a mechanic, or some guy hates [whomever]?

    C’mon, wise up. Health care experts do not go into a the field in order to get rich or take over the world. They make good money, but you can make more selling cars or real estate.

  2. This is the most urgent call to action..our country is in the worst shape it has ever been in financially, spiritually, and morally …with most ppl being lied to by the bought and paid for Canadian is vital that our crime minister be removed by every means available to us legally and there is a blatant conflict of interest to almost everything he does …he is a criminal and is a traitor to the Canadian ppl when he prefers Chinese communist regimes over freedom for Canadians …In words and actions and Money to them..


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