Is Covid-19 Preparing Canada For The Coming LIBERAL DICTATORSHIP?

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A curious thing occurred when this writer attempted to contact the sanitation department at Vancouver City Hall. It turned out the municipal representative was not available. Nor was anyone in the department. 

Reason given? Covid-19 has created a situation where municipal government representatives are rendered “incapacitated.”

Thinking logically, next up was the local MLA. Again, the office was or-of-commission. Reason given— Covid-19. Then, it was federal MP time. Sure enough, said member of parliament could not respond due to being overwhelmed by China’s latest biological virus.

This got CAP to thinking. All three levels of Canadian government are 100% “off-line.”  Under  which form of governance is this situation omni-present?

That would be within socialist, communist, and theocratic nations. As it happens, China is one of those, and they are also the source of Covid-19.

Within this dynamic, is it critical to understand political methodology. For example, did Pol Pot of Cambodia make a public pronouncement that millions of his citizens were to be slaughtered en masse?

Rather, fundamental transitions in government will always occur incrementally.

 This way, the general public will not realize what is happening to their country. Certain fascist governments of the 20th century were experts in this category.

Could Covid-19 be a form of social “conditioning” for the ruling Liberal government’s agenda to trans-form Canada into a pseudo-dictatorship?

Call CAP paranoid—you would be far from the first. Yet, we believe this may well be factual. 

Something else believed to be a fact: Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are a conduit for the nation of China’s reach into Canada. This we have gone on about endlessly, therefore specifics will not be presented in detail. As it happens, we have been following Sino-Canadian-Liberal politics for 35 years.

CAP Belief: Justin Trudeau— as well as brother Alexandre Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau before them as well as the Liberal Party in general, have a ”mysterious” relationship with the Motherland.

Never in Canadian history has a PM been ubiquitously dedicated to the behemoth hero-nation of the Trudeau family.

Think about it—through everything that has transpired since King Justin placed the Canadian crown upon his head, not a single word of criticism toward China has he uttered.

Covid-19? No criticism. Millions of Urghar Muslims in internment camps? Cool by JT. Two Canadian journalists rotting in a Chinese prison and Mr. Trudeau still cannot manage a condemnation.

What does all this mean? CAP shall tell you— everything that CBC Media will not inform the citizenship of Canada. 

By way of the Liberal Party of Canada, our country is in 2020 a “puppet-nation” of communist China.

Surprised? Not us. In fact, CAP has prognosticated such a thing since the day we registered our party in 2016. Speaking personally, I must have written at least 100 articles on these issues.

MORE FROM CAP: Trudeau Government Working To “CONTROL ALL INTERNET CONTENT”– Media Research Centre

Has anything changed? Not all at. Not to say we expect change as a result of our media work. The point here is that the Sino-Liberal agenda is “written-in-stone.”

This is not the only example. CAP maintain that every government policy which focuses on immigration, multiculturalism, refugee intake, fundamentalist Islam, China, and the rest are also written-in stone by government.

Therefore, the degree of public influence—including a democratic fundamental called “will of the majority”— adds up to a grand total of NOTHING.

Just as it is in the Trudeau family hero-nation of China. Degree of exposure by CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, and the rest? Again, nothing. 

How odd-ball this is? Consider this concept: Canada was founded in 1867 by the “forefathers” of our nation.  Sir John A. MacDonald(currently to be found in a liberal-globalist trash bin) was the primary driver. 

Democracy was fundamental to this founding. As it happens, public will—particularly the will of the majority—is axiomatic in this regard.

Degree to which PM Justin Trudeau adheres to this piece of political jurisprudence? NOTHING—not a shred. Extent to which CBC expose this reality? Again— nothing at all.

So it appears to CAP that when choosing  between two political ideologies, Justin Trudeau selects communism over democracy.

Bingo—there you have it. For every one who reads CAP articles. Truth is, there are a lot of Canadian that do. But it also makes sense that a good 95% of Canadians have no clue as to the Trudeau-Liberal-China-Communist dynamic.

It is the job of CBC to hide this from 37.8 Million Canadians—and they have done one heck of a job of it.

Proof In The Pudding: Covid-19 has destroyed the lives of approximately 2000 Canadian citizens. These people are now “dead-as-a-door-nail.”

Extent of criticism directed toward China from Trudeau for their biological virus dissemination around the world?

Not one word. How about from CBC and the rest of Canadian media? Ditto—nothing at all.

It is here that non-gullible, astute Canadians can come to understand the state of the nation under our ruling Liberal government.


4 thoughts on “Is Covid-19 Preparing Canada For The Coming LIBERAL DICTATORSHIP?”

  1. Meanwhile two Canadians are rotting in a Chinese jail, we are eating Costco and Walmart products straight out of China, and our medical supplies are provided by non-other than China. Notice how retailers who are big importers of Chinese products remain open.

    Now, recalling how the British gave medicine and blankets to the First Nations people to ‘help them’ and added some small pox to the blankets for good measure, don’t be surprised if the Chinese are loading our medical supplies with ‘good measure’.

  2. Thank you again and again for your attempts to wake up the Canadian people who elsewhere are being fed nothing but BS from our traitorous MSM, which includes the duplicitous CBC. A good recent example of the Liberal obsequiousness towards the CCP was weasel Minister Champagne who could not bring himself to thank Taiwan for sending us some much needed masks..Dead give away there, I think


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