Is Covid-19 A DISGUISE For Justin Trudeau To TRANSFORM Canada From Democracy to Dictatorship?

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First, a confession. If media awards were granted for “Most Paranoid Alternate Canadian News Source,” Cultural Action Party of Canada would be a definite front-runner.

Under the iron-clad rule of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pretty much any theory on government which deviates from the pre-mediated globalist messaging of the Liberal/Media Cabal qualifies as a “conspiracy theory.”

Therefore, the following concept will apply with aplomb. Recently, this writer gave our municipal government a call regarding issues unrelated to Covid, et al.

Response? A recorded message informing this resident that due to Covid-19, no one was available to speak or return calls.

Next—thinking logically— the number for our local MLA was dialed. Guess what transpired? Due to Covid-19, said MLA was not available. This got CAP to thinking. Is there a lesson to be gleaned from this situation?

Paranoia strikes deep— is Coronavirus a post-modern  “excuse” for government to abandon Canadian citizens?

Granted, these two levels of government are Municipal and Provincial—not Federal— where the epicentre of Liberal-Globalist decimation of democracy is truly found.

Now, let’s add a second component— Justin Trudeau coming up with not only $10 Billion Dollars to hand over to Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iran($2.5 Million), Nigeria and dozens more 3rd world nations.

Equally as mystifying is Trudeau’s billions-of-dollars giveaways to the victims of Covid-19 within Canada. See King Justin bless the “peasants” with billions for the maintenance of their personal and family lives as a result of China’s epidemic virus contagion. This got us to thinking. Within socialist societies, the citizenship relies on the government for all fundamental aspects of daily life.

Is this what this Trudeau character is up to within his dying Great White North? Frankly, CAP wouldn’t put it past him. Adding the Trudeau family’s vehement support of totalitarian regimes like China, this theory may have validity.

Looking back at modern political history, we find an affinity between large social upheavals, and the transformation of the entrenched form of governance.

Is this what is really going on within Canadian society at present? Indeed, there is a word which fits this dynamic perfectly—subterfuge.

This is found in a situation where a pre-mediated agenda lies beneath the surface of a “surface” agenda. It’s the old political theory of  “bait and switch.”

CAP Theory: Coronavirus is disseminated throughout the western world. Within Canada, it serves to disguise the true agenda at hand—political transformation.

As thousands of our readers realize, CAP believe that Canada now has a limited lifespan as a democratic nation. We believe Trudeau is “in on” this transformation—as is his “United Nations-replica” of a Cabinet.

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On the basis of China’s disease output, King Justin begins financing the lives of our citizenship. Naturally, this can be positioned by CBC, Globe & Mail, Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert and other leading journalists as an act of “altruism.”

Yet, in true subterfuge-style, the baseline agenda is thereby hidden and obscured. For CAP, this is political deceit at its finest. It is a manipulation of society for the purpose of the re-imagining of Canada as exactly what we claimed from the first week Trudeau seized control— the transformation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

Side Bar: To gain a more thorough understanding of this methodology, read a 2000-year old treatise on warfare called “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. It is a masterpiece.

“Insanity!” cry Marxist-infused Canadian universities. “Racism” bellow one of the thousands “multicultural” organizations funded with Old Stock Canadian tax-dollars.

In response, we add a third component to the mix—3rd World immigration. By way of Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen and MP Marco Medicino, Canada will absorb the largest number of immigrants in history between 2020-2023.

More subterfuge? Consider positioning by way of Toronto Star, National Post and all the rest. The motive is the need for Canadian workers, based upon our aging population—a euphemism for the shrinkage of Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian populations in Canada.

Accordingly, rural Canada begins to become flooded with 3rd world migrants. Based upon tangible evidence from the GTA, these people will vote in 3rd World Liberal MP’s.

Continue until 100% of federal ridings currently held by Conservative Party MP’s transition to Liberal strongholds. Fast forward to the future—say the year 2035.

What transpires?  Democracy becomes a “moot” point. The Liberal-Globalist Party of Canada own our nation. Democratic process becomes futile—after which our country transitions into the exact form of governance that Justin Trudeau, brother Alexandre Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau before them most admire— Socialism.

This is how Cultural Action Party see the methodology of Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts, brother Alexandre, ex-immigragtion minister  Ahmed Hussen, and the rest of the Liberal- Socialist practitioners.

A paranoid dystopian vision from hell? Perhaps. Yet, one must admit to a singular truth:

Within a nation with the highest per-capita immigration intake policy on planet earth, CBC and the rest of Trudeau media slaves have NOT ONCE written about the future of Canada as entailed within this article. 

No prognostication of what the ethnic composition of Canada will be in the year 2018, 2028, 2038, or 2088. 

No inkling, no mind-share as to the fate of our nation in the long-term. This— at the same time that our nation is undergoing the greatest social, demographic, cultural, economic, and ideological transformation since our nation’s founding in 1867.

Not a situation which calls for fear of Justin Trudeau and his Cabal of Liberal-3rd World globalists? If not, CAP has a bridge in Vancouver B.C. to sell you called the Lion’s Gate.


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  1. he’ll be sadly mistaken if he tries that …i know people in the military and police that will not turn there weapons on their people ..all of canada will turn on him and these idiots and the us will help us ..we’ve all had enough of this bull


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