Is China Selecting The Mayors Of Canada’s Largest Cities?

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Two prominent groups aligned with the government of China — including one said to have hosted a Chinese police station in Ontario — “went all out to support [Olivia] Chow’s push to become mayor of Toronto,” Canada’s largest city.

As reported this week by the National Post, “a series of intelligence leaks in recent months allege Chinese interference in Canada’s federal and provincial politics, but there is evidence that Beijing targets municipal-level politicians.”

All three levels of government in Canada appear to be targeted by the communist government of China. Doesn’t that just bring a feeling of warmth to all Canadians who value national sovereignty.

Interesting how media in Canada refuse to focus on the source of the allegations. For CAP, it means travelling back-in-time to when ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau first opened the doors to the Chinese government’s infiltration of Canadian society.

No surprise to discover that the benefactor is none other than the Liberal Party of Canada. Fifty years down the road from Trudeau Sr.’s embracement of China finds our country to a point where China has become both King and Queen-maker for politicians whose roots lead back to the motherland.

A recent Globe and Mail report cited a Canadian Security Intelligence Service briefing that said “Chinese diplomats tried to get sympathetic candidates elected in last year’s Vancouver municipal vote, in part by using diaspora groups that represent Beijing’s interests.”

“Ken Sim, who won the Vancouver mayor’s race in a landslide, has denied that such interference played any part in his victory.”

Deny all you want, but the message is obvious and apparent. More than ever, political forces in China are shaping election outcomes in Canada. Surprised?

Cultural Action Party certainly aren’t. For the past 35 years, in one form or another, we have worked to expose a tangible connection between the Trudeau family, Liberal Party, and the government of China.

In 2023, the relationship has progressed toward “partnership” status. While National Post allude to its covert nature, no other mainstream media outlet in Canada has chosen to follow suit.

There’s a good reason for it. So-called “post-modern” Canada includes a media structure not unlike what is found in China. 

“Those Chinese mainlanders have been programmed with Chinese communist propaganda, brainwashed.”

Hitting the nail on the head, we recognize how PM Trudeau is presently working to emulate this social structure in Canada. It’s called “internet censorship,” and as we speak, the Liberals are shaping internet content to suit their neo-communist desires.

“A leaked handbook  for cadres of the United Front Work Department — a huge branch of the Chinese Communist Party at the forefront of foreign influence and interference efforts — urged officials to work with several candidates of Chinese descent elected in Toronto.”

Enough said. Or is it? In truth, it doesn’t even come close. Transitioning to the world of fantasy, we imagine a news headline being disseminated by CBC and corporate media:

‘China Influencing All Levels Of Canadian Politics– Municipal, Provincial, Federal’ 

Imagine the potential: the Canadian body politic awaken to political corruption from China. Citizens began to organize, demanding the resignation of those at the top. PM Justin Trudeau and his motley gang of neo-communists are removed from office, as our country undergoes a cleansing process to remove the rot from government.

Now for the bad news. In 8,888 light years, it will never happen. Pourquoi? Because media will never make such a proclamation. Why not? Because media are government, that’s why.

We witness the outcome of a 50-year historical trajectory beginning with communist enthusiast Pierre Trudeau. Forty years into the scenario, so-called son Justin Trudeau takes command, and as they say, “the rest is history.”

History, indeed. Try the history of a half-century in an agenda of political transformation: from democracy to China-controlled authoritarian state. CAP anticipated so much on the day Justin Trudeau was fast-tracked into office.

First reported by the blog Found in Translation, which monitors China’s influence on world politics, the Fuqing Group says “let’s all support [Olivia] Chow so she will win.” Its website says it was set up under the guidance of Chinese government agencies.

“The association also lists its headquarters as a commercial space it owns in Markham, Ontario that media listed as the site of one of three Chinese police stations in Ontario.”

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu spoke of the formula some 2500 years ago. The best war is a silent war. The most successful battles are the ones in which no violence occurs. To accomplish your goals, seduce a nation from the inside.

Is this what “father and son” Trudeau have facilitated within Canadian society? Sure looks that way.

“Evidence that the Fuqing Business Association and the Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations (CTCCO) worked to help get Chow elected — even if their participation was not requested– raises further questions about the involvement of Beijing and its local allies in Canadian politics.”

“Neither group responded to requests for comment.”

What a shock this is. We recognize the communist dynamic: when promoting or defending their behaviour, they never shut up. When time comes to answer questions, they run away and hide, refusing to provide a verbal response.

Just like Trudeau himself, eh? Either that, or they deliver a stream of words but nothing that actually answers a question.

Just like Trudeau. Coincidence? CAP think not.

Media respond in stereotypical style by playing the race-card. It’s not general society that is suffering, it’s  “Chinese diaspora communities in particular.”

Bollocks to that. It’s a complete cop-out, typical among government-controlled press organizations. The truth is that China’s compromise of democracy in Canada is every Canadians problem.

Including those who reside in Alberta, Canada’s most conservative province. We wonder about the extent of influence. China promoting Chinese-Canadian candidates is one thing. Can it be that the influence extends to municipal politics in Alberta? Did China  pull an  “Olivia Chow” in terms of the mayors of Calgary and Edmonton?

Jyoti Gondek and Amarjeet Sohi tow the woke Liberal line to a maximum degree. Call CAP thick-in-the-head,  but we have never understood how a former member of Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet— Mr. Sohi– ever got his butt elected in Edmonton.

What, all of a sudden Albertans go bonkers over an ex-Liberal Federal Cabinet member? Like everything else about politics in Trudeau’s Canada, it makes no sense.

Chow. Sim. Gondek. Sohi. Four of Canada’s largest cities, not an “Old Stock” Canadian in sight.

Against the media grain, an organization called Ipolitics has piped in with a provocative article:

Is Anybody Out There Protecting Us From China’s Agenda?

“Canada’s virtue-signalling to appease China is not a partisan issue, but a systemic one. China’s influence operations run deep and wide,” writes Charles Burton, a political scientist who specializes in Canada-China relations.

We offer a brief protector checklist:

Justin Trudeau? No. Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland? No. Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly. No. Liberal Party of Canada? No. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh? No.

Moving back to our fantasy theme, we dream of a passing of the following of federal legislation:

Bill C-888: ‘No Trudeau Family Members Permitted In Canadian Politics’

For the millions of us who value freedom, democracy and national sovereignty, this surely would be a dream come true.

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  1. Now do you understand why it mattered so much to Skippy to silence the independent alternatives and prop up the establishment?

  2. Is the sourpuss Chow directing traffic? Maybe she forgot her rainbow colored baton? The blind leading the blind to destruction. Oh Chinada! Were it possible; China would attach unbreakable ropes to North America, uproot her, and tow her to the Motherland. Barring that fiction; infiltrate, and colonize.

  3. Deny deny deny what you are doing illegally and accuse the other side of doing what you are doing, and call it racial, antagonists, white supremacists, anti gay, transgenderism etc etc….
    The transgender movement needs our children to get their agenda in, and the Chinese Communist Party needs that movement to get their foothold into our communities and then take over everything….


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