Is Canada’s Entire Political System Corrupted By Money From China?

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Toronto MPP Vincent Ke is leaving the Progressive Conservative caucus to sit as an independent amid allegations that he was involved in China’s election interference during the 2019 Canadian federal election.

In a statement to CTV News this week, Premier Doug Ford’s office confirmed that Mr. Ke, who represents Don Valley North at Queen’s Park, offered to depart the PC caucus “out of an abundance of caution.”

Upon which Canadians should recognize the following truism: an abundance of caution must be applied to the entire Canada-China political integration phenomenon.

Vincent Ke is not one of the 11 Federal MPs implicated in accusations of financial interference via the Chinese government. MPP Ke is a member of Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Thereby transcending the idea that  interference is limited to the Liberal Party, in addition to federal politicians.

Does this not kick open the doors of a brand new political dynamic in the dying Great White North? Are municipal politicians next in line for exposure of corruption through Chinese money donations? Has Canada’s entire political system been tainted with Chinese government money?

If so, a spotlight should be directed toward ex-Liberal MPP Michael Chan, conduit for the Chinese government’s infiltration of Canadian society.

“He has a lot of influence and used it to build up a network of pro-China candidates,” said Cheuk Kwan, chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China. “My worry is that he’s promoting a lot of candidates who don’t have the qualifications – except, ‘I’m Chinese, vote for me.'”

“For me, it is how I am able to bridge Canada and China,” Mr. Chan told The Globe and Mail during an interview in his Queen’s Park office in June, 2015.

According to reports at the time, CSIS was concerned the minister was too close to the Chinese consulate, prompting a senior official to formally caution the province about the former Ontario MPP’s conduct.

“His  critics point to  instances of conduct that they view as alarming for a Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Mr. Chan supported the deal between the Toronto District School Board and the Confucius Institute, the controversial a Mandarin language and culture program critics label a propaganda arm for the Chinese government.”

In response, several branches of the Confucius Institute housed within Canadian educational institutions have been shut down. Is Michael Chan a kingmaker for Chinese-Canadian political figures? Could it be that included among the “in crowd” are select Municipal city councils, as well as strategically-placed Mayors in our major cities?

Two of 11 Members of Parliament accused of China collusion are MP’s from the federal Conservative Party of Canada. A political observer would have to be pretty naive to believe this couldn’t extend to the socialist-oriented New Democratic Party led by Jagmeet Singh. Heck– it could even be Mr. Singh himself.

We stand aghast– can it be that across the board, in a bi-partisan sense– within all three levels of government–China is manipulating the entire Canadian political arena?

The first Canadian politician to be exposed as China-funded was MP Han Dong of the Don Valley North riding in Ontario. The claim of collusion is that Liberal MP Han Dong knowingly participated in the foreign interference network, along with politician Michael Chan, described as a longtime ‘kingmaker’ within the Liberal Party.

During question period this past week, Conservative MP Michael Barrett questioned Federal Minister of International Trade Mary Ng about her connections to former Ontario Liberal minister Michael Chan. 

“Ng did not answer. Liberal Government House Leader Mark Holland called out the Tories for questioning the minister’s commitment to democracy.”

Right Mr. Holland– never question government’s commitment to democracy– that’s a rule. While, in reality, the very opposite is what must occur throughout the spectrum of contemporary Canadian politics.

To what degree has China undermined democracy in Canada? Followed by to what degree has PM Justin Trudeau been aware of these circumstances, and failed to act?

So many questions, so little time. Justin Trudeau will talk in circles until the cows come home on an Alberta beef farm. As is his style, words will be produced, but nothing of substance will be said.

It was in the year 1971 that ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau opened the doors for the government of China to penetrate Canada’s political, economic and educational institutions. Fifty years after the fact, Canadians serve as witnesses to the result.

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  1. When the country is faced with Constant Lies and Deception from the Canadian government ….. from the prime and right thru his cabinet ministers is it ANY wonder crime and civil disobedience is increasing in Canada??? Will we ever learn the depth of chinese corruption in Canada?


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