Is Canada Ripe For Resurgence Of Nationalism After Trudeau’s Globalist ASSAULT Upon Canada?

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Now this is a question “near and dear” to CAP’s heart. It is possible that within a society as far-gone toward Liberal-brand Globalism, nationalist or patriotic sentiment could come back into political “fashion?”

First, some context. For some unknown reason, Canada is considered a moderate, even sleepy and dull nation upon the world stage.

Shock of the day— CAP vehemently disagree. This perception we “chalk up” to a pre-conceived agenda of globalist propaganda. How much easier it is to steal away a giant land mass with a “nothing” identity from its true owners—the citizens of Canada.

Anyone remember a certain sentiment expressed during the 1980’s? Canada ‘has no culture” went the globalist refrain. Blimey—how much easier it would be capture Canada and transition it away from its organic identity when it has “no cultural identity” at all.

 Canada happens to be one of the few nations in history—perhaps the only country—which at one time maintained a bi-cultural English & French identity.

Then came Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. Talk about arrogance. This man single-handedly cancelled this national identity, and transferred it to so-called “Multiculturalism.”

The rest, as they say, is history—as in the history of the re-branding of English Canada and its Anglophone communities as malevolent racists, bigots, and xenophobes.

Okay— fair to say that the remnants of the “Old” Canada are hereby down on their luck. Now, fast forward to the reign of Justin Trudeau. By way of a plethora of apologies to every “minority”(nothing minor about them in 2020),

this Trudeau pushed the “Anglo-As-Predator” hypothesis into the stratosphere.

But what about nationalism? Simply put, the Trudeau “Dynasty”— Justin, brother-in-the-shadows Alexandre—like Pierre before them, despise nationalist sentiment.

But only within Canada. Despite direct statements denouncing Canadian Nationalism, Alexandre Trudeau has not a word of condemnation for the following:

China’s nationalism. Iran’s nationalism. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Korea, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan. Not a single word of criticism for patriotism within these non-democratic nations.

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CAP Conclusion: What CBC will never tell you—the Trudeau family have a certain hatred for their own country. CAP deem this to be the fact that the dying Great White North was founded upon the basis of British Colonialism.

Therefore, according to Trudeau “logic”— all colonial nations of the world should be 100% devoid of nationalist spirit. Do you agree? Is this an accurate, objective method of viewing the history of nations?

Of course not. Trudeau-brand Liberalism has serious affinities with socialist, and even fascist political ideology—base your premise purely upon EMOTION—not logic.

Justin Trudeau is the king of such a thing. He is, in truth, the ultimate ideologue. Fact, data, concrete evidence? Forget about it! What Trudeau applies is what ideologues of history applied within their societies— drama, histrionics, pretence, hyperbole, community vilification— topped off with socialist-based propaganda techniques.

Justin Trudeau wouldn’t promote Canadian Nationalism if it was the singular political ideology left on planet earth. Oh, it’s fine for China and Cuba—but never for Canada.

CAP Opinion: No political leader in history has done to lower citizenship opinion on our country. Down, down, down we go as Trudeau trashes the history and heritage of Canada.

But will it last? Here we move into the area of speculation. No one can predict what is coming in the future.

CAP Thoughts: Although a “tiny seed” of a concept in 2015, PM Trudeau’s treatment of Old Stock Canada has caused many—perhaps millions—to think again regarding the whole sordid affair.

Will the Justin-Alexandre-Pierre Trudeau trashing of our nation— our Anglophone communities, those who follow the Christian faith, Conservatives— unite politically to battle against the will of the Trudeau government?

Time to think “sober” thoughts. Let Canadians patriots remain clear and concise in this regard: it is a tough, tough battle.

Pourquoi? We shall summarize with a single word— Media. Apart from the Liberal-Globalists themselves, media are the ultimate obstacle in terms of revitalization of national sentiment in Canada.

How to describe their collective attitude? They HATE Canadian nationalism—just like Justin Trudeau. 

Interesting, eh? Think about it—even within present Covid-19 conditions, nothing changes in this regard. Full-on status quo regarding:

Immigration, Multiculturalism, United Nations, Carbon Taxation, Refugee Policy, Foreign Aid, Foreign Policy, Media Presentation, Academia, China, Iran, Sikhism, Islam—you name the globalist entity and it is remains in a state as solid-as-a-rock.

 Therefore, an indelible truth must be recognized: In order to free Canada from the Liberal-3rd World- Globalist choke-hold Justin Trudeau has around our collective necks, three core elements of society must be challenged.

They are, in order: Liberal Government, Canadian Media, and Canada’s Educational System.

In CAP’s opinion, this is the “three-headed hydra” of the globalist agenda to steal Canada away, and transition it to a pseudo-communist society.

Is their hope for a revitalization? CAP believe that there is. Political systems of governance do come and go. History reveals this in no-uncertain terms.

What CBC and the rest will never tell you: as a political system, democracy is a form which has to be maintained— in a BIG way. If not, it begins to deteriorate.

This is exactly what has happened within Canadian society. These things do not always occur randomly. On occasion, a political leaders of a democracy will intentionally undermine the political platform of a nation.

For CAP, this is exactly what ex-Liberal Pierre Trudeau did to Canada. It is what Justin Trudeau is currently instilling within our nation.

“Use it or lose it”— an appropriate refrain indeed. And one which applies to Canada in a most desperate fashion. Think about the concept of “Pride.”

According to King Justin of Canada, which communities are free to take pride in their identities?  You’ve seen Justin waltzing through Gay Pride Parades, Sikh celebrations, Muslim holidays, and Chinese New Year.

All good-to-go. But Anglophone pride? Now that is racism. Within this microcosm, astute Canadians witness the Trudeau hypocrisy inherent in bad will directed toward English Canada and its communities.


4 thoughts on “Is Canada Ripe For Resurgence Of Nationalism After Trudeau’s Globalist ASSAULT Upon Canada?”

  1. Too late. Trudeau and his henchmen have diluted the Canadian fabric so much that you will never build nationalism in this country bearing in mind that his father wouldn’t even serve during the 2nd world war to help defend Europe and the world against Nazism.

  2. Agree, however, since PET, it matters not whether a liberal, conservative or idiot child’s socialist liberals formed the govt. For too long the Canadian electorate, by a large measure, choose to remain apathetic, naive and ignorant. Canada does not have a future.

  3. This newly discovered Nationalist trend won’t come soon enough. This country us going to fracture. Alberta IS going to gain independence. And with it will likely, eventually anyway, have most of Western Canada (if not the North too) leave as well. Central Canada is too self absorbed to even recognize this growing fact. And the Maritimes are too dependent upon Ottawa’s handouts. They’ve been thoroughly beaten. Really at the heart of this is the completely diametrically opposite values held by most Westerners vs Easterners. I believe it’s irreversible now. There’s no common bridge anymore. Pierre started burning that bridge, and Justine is completing the destruction. Sad, but true.


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