Is Canada Headed Toward A Government-Induced Socialist Revolution?

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A curious outcome occurred when this writer recently attempted to contact Vancouver City Hall. It turned out no municipal representatives were available to speak with. 

Reason being? Covid-19 has created a situation where municipal government representatives are “incapacitated.”

Next up, my local MLA. His office has been shut down. Reason given— Covid-19. Next, it was upward and onward to the federal MP in the riding.  Sure enough, said member of parliament could not respond due to the global pandemic.

This got CAP to thinking. All three levels of Canadian government are at present 100% removed from citizen contact. Under what form of governance is this situation omni-present?

That would be within communist and theocratic nations. As it happens, China is one of them– as well as the source of Covid-19.

When considering fundamental transformations in governance, the successful ones always proceed on an incremental basis. In this regard, the general public are far less likely to perceive the transition. Indeed, certain totalitarian governments of the 20th century were experts in this category.

Could Covid-19 play a role in “social conditioning” for an agenda to morph Canada from democracy to dictatorship? Gotta admit, the pandemic debacle has Canadians adhering to hyper-stringent rules that are commonplace within communist and theocratic societies.

Is this serving as a “warm-up act” of sorts for what establishment media in Canada never speak of: the future of our society?

On an historical basis, there is little doubt that  the Liberal Party of Canada has served as a conduit for China’s geo-political reach into our nation. Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau began the process in 1971 with a series of meetings with Chairman Mao Tse Tung.

Keeping it all in the family, one of PM Justin Trudeau’s very first initiatives was to pitch a “free trade” agreement with the behemoth communist nation. Anyone who perused the particulars would be aghast at the built-in biases in favour of the communist nation.

 In fact, never in Canadian history has a government behaved in such an obsequious manner toward China as Trudeau’s Liberals. From “yes-person” Health Minister Patty Hadju  to Foreign Minister Francois Philippe Champagne, everything is always “coming up roses” as far as China is concerned.

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Never mind their Covid production. The most polluting nation on earth be damned. For some unfathomable reason, the Liberal Party of Canada clings to China like a moth clings to a flame. Truly one of the most odd-ball situations in the past 50 years, and one which mainstream media refuse to point out.

Through everything that has transpired since King Justin placed the Canadian crown upon his head, not a single word of criticism toward China has this man uttered.

Covid-19? No criticism. Millions of Urghar Muslims in internment camps? Not a problem of Trudeau. Persecution of Christians? All fine and dandy. Two Canadian journalists rotting in a Chinese prison and Mr. Trudeau still cannot manage a condemnation.

What does all this mean? CAP shall tell you— everything that CBC and the Globe & Mail refuse to articulate to 38 Million Canadians.

Here’s something that both government and media have forgotten:

“In a democracy, a government should govern for the greatest GOOD of the greatest NUMBER. Public officials should resist creating policy to suit narrow special interests seeking a disproportionate benefit from government not in the interests of the broader public.”

— Laws Of Government: Legal Foundations Of Canadian Democracy

Degree to which Mr. Trudeau adheres to this piece of jurisprudence? Here is CAP’s response:

‘Only 17% of Canadians want more immigrants in 2021, as Trudeau pushes immigration plan: poll’

Shades of communism rising? CAP say go all-in on this one. Could the great pandemic be what Webster’s dictionary refer to as ‘subterfuge’– “a deception by artifice or stratagem in order to conceal, escape, or evade.”

Or in plain terms, a substitution of one agenda to mask over another. Since the day Justin Trudeau seized control of Canada, Cultural Action Party has maintained that a fundamental component of society will be destroyed under his command. Could democracy in Canada be the one?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



1 thought on “Is Canada Headed Toward A Government-Induced Socialist Revolution?”

  1. When you connect the dots, the big picture is pretty clear. They are slowly conditioning people to become good, obedient pets. We will all have a muzzle (oh wait, we already have to wear one!), a shock collar that will be activated when we dare to venture a little too far (oh wait we have that too: Covid snitch lines, trace and track app).
    But we will get a treat if we follow orders without arguing (get the vaccine and you can go to concerts!).
    They are turning us into good little puppies!
    What a nightmare the future will be if we do not fight back, and soon.


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