Is Canada Being Systemically Seduced By Communism?

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To believe that Canada had the greatest of potentials is an under-statement of giant proportions. When considering our attributes, we discover all the qualities necessary to establish Canada as one of the world’s greatest nations.
High standard of living, democratic governance, adherence to rule of law, a clean and healthy environment. For well over a century our nation stood as a model of quality living.
Canada developed a top-tier public education system, in addition to a “jewel” in our crown– a universal health care system. Of course, we are not perfect — as a current army of woke detractors constantly point out. Still, our country exemplified the qualities needed become a powerhouse of a western democracy.
Then something went wrong. Prompted by our giant land mass and sparse population, the rest of the world began to take a closer look at our country. Actually, it didn’t quite progress in this manner– more accurate to state that our government made a decision to sell our country to the world.
The innovator was ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. In the year 1970, he became the first western leader to forge diplomatic ties with communist China. Thus began Canada’s national transformation. Not long after, Hong Kong was standing on our doorstep. To be followed by a run of 3rd World Nations– Pakistan, Philippines, India, and eventually nations of the Middle East and Africa.
Canada became a leading destination for immigrants. Today, our country maintains the highest per-capita immigration quotas on earth. Let us be clear in our messaging: in no manner does this suggest there is something intrinsically wrong with new arrivals to our shores.
The transformation of which Cultural Action Party speak is politically-oriented. The transition is ideological in nature.  Along the way, Canada began to morph away from true democracy, and toward a political condition properly described as authoritarian.
Such a development is complex in nature. It is unreasonable to pin it on a sitting government, let alone individual political figures. Yet, when viewing this on an historical continuum, a critical observation comes to light:
No individuals have pushed this agenda like the unspoken-of “tag-team” of Pierre and Justin Trudeau. Was it all too good to be true? Was it an inevitability that our country would be hi-jacked along the path of its historical trajectory? Between government and media, it well appears society has been seduced into a condition of pseudo-communism.
In 2021, it is a blessing of government to discover a sitting Parliament in Ottawa. Did you know? By the time a return to active debate occurs six months will have passed since previous sessions. Justin Trudeau is running our country in the fashion of history’s most successful despots. Somehow, mainstream media never get arount to pointing this out.
Have globalist forces permeated our controlling institutions to the extent that democracy itself is in jeopardy? Last CAP heard, a prime minister’s role was to defend and advance the values of society. Conversely, Mr. Trudeau is doing everything in his power to facilitate a transformation in Canadian governance.
Consider an example from beyond the ideological.  Here we speak of money. Upon Trudeau’s seizure of power, he delegated $10 billion dollars in foreign aid to Middle Eastern and African nations. Not after Canadian financial affairs were taken care of, but rather on day one on the job. Is this not a tad suspect? Was it pay-back time for Trudeau?  As a freshly-minted prime minister, wouldn’t your first action be that of working to benefit those who elected you to office?
Fair to say Justin Trudeau is not the first PM to give billions to Syria, Somalia and Sudan. He is, however, a national leader who upon election victory increased tax-payer foreign aid donations to three dozen 3rd World countries.
What if this money had been injected into Canadian resource development, technology, transportation, manufacturing and other fundamentals of our economy? Would it not have served as a stimulant for Canada to excel to yet unheard-of heights?
It never happened. And it never will. Canada in 2021 is a nation that works for other nations. Now wonder nationalism is an entirely taboo concept within society. Our nation is a global-giver– one in which government has decided for Canadians that non-Canadians are top priority.
It appears our country today exists to fulfill specific functions:
To ship tax-payer dollars to the Middle East, Asia and Africa. To function as a repository for immigrants and refugees. And last but not least– to serve as a social experiment for transition from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship.
— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

15 thoughts on “Is Canada Being Systemically Seduced By Communism?”

  1. Communism appeals to young people who realize they have no way to earn a decent living. Student debt, Endless contracts, Intimidation tactics against Unionization, Affirmative Action and endless Immigration have made certain Canadians are living as Debt Slaves and in poverty. These young people see Communism as a way out. I find it interesting how little History is being taught.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“ — George Santayana


  2. Too true. I am so angry at out situation I can barely speak. When I think of all of the hard work and taxes I have contributed to this country in the past 54 years this brings me to tears.

    When I remember my parents toiling to keep our family with food, clothing, a good education and a roof over our heads and pay the taxes one pays to support our society I weep. I weep because a sniveling, entitled, never had to work a day in his life of “righteousness”, has and continues to steal from loyal Canadians and sell us up the river.

    He is no Prime Minister, he is a self declared “despotic ruler” of this country. May Karma befall him soon and may Canada be able to recover. The irony is that he will probably wear a poppy on Remembrance Day, crapping on the memories of those who have given their lives for our liberty and freedoms.

  3. Justin Trudeau/Castro is a treasonous trader, like his two fathers, that care very little about the people they represent! He has sold his soul to communism and the rest of the country to the highest bidder.

    Canada is a lost country with a kid leading it into the darkest regions of hell with no way out, until Canada wakes up and gets rid of this criminal Trudeau!
    Until then Canada is FUCKED, with no hope of change in site!
    Good luck, GOD bless save what you can, before it is all gone!!!

  4. Stop referring to Communism. You have no freaking idea what it is all about. The one and the most important characteristic is confiscation of ALL private property and handing it to one owner – the Communist state.

    Once you understand this main feature of communist, you will never ever refer to it in any way or form when dealing with any capitalistic country based on private ownership.

    What you wanted to say is Fascism as that is the regime where large private corporations were working hand in hand with the government in order to have totalitarian control of its population. Please do your homework and do educate, not confuse the already brainwashed public.

    • Your point is well taken. The private property issue is fundamental to communism. Yet there are other aspects that do fit the bill. Fascism is a word with severe connotations, and must be used carefully. Keep in mind that free speech is at its nadir at the moment, therefore euphemism is often applied.

    • Please point a few examples out to us. It is true, there are typos. Because we have no income, our resources are limited, there are no editors. CAP has never made a dime in profit.

    • Perhaps you could volunteer some of your time to help with the grammar and spelling errors. If the only thing that has gotten your attention are grammatical mistakes, perhaps you should simply not read the articles available. You could spend more of your time and appreciate those who give of their time to write an article and those who offer and share their thoughts with us all.


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