Is Anti-Colonialism Prejudice Against Canadian Anglophones In Disguise?

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Likely it is that only a small portion of society are aware of the extent to which an anti-Canadian ideology has penetrated our universities, and educational institutions in general.

The term “anti-colonialism” is all the rage within academic circles in Canada. Because these institutions today operate within woke academic “bubbles,” general society is prevented from gaining insight into how our nation’s leading universities operate.

It is only of late that fissures in the academic fortress have begun to appear:

National Post: ‘Have Universities Become Dangerous To Our Nation?’

CAP wish to assure you that they have. Taking a step beyond general analysis, let us drill down on specifics. One school-of-thought stands out as representative of the general “vibe” of post-modern anti-Canadian rhetoric.

York University safely qualify as a hot-bed of anti-Canadian — code name anti-colonial– animus toward our country, its heritage, as well as the descendants of those who founded our nation.

Example: Professor X at York University:

“Teaches in the areas of international relations and women and politics. Some of her areas of expertise are time and temporality in global politics, international feminist political economy and feminist/postcolonial and de-colonial thought.”

We pick up on the type of educators who fall into this category. Many of them fall into the “visiting professor” category. A significant quantity are not citizens of Canada. A common theme includes being educated at places such as Harvard and other tony international schools for rich foreigners.

Underneath the titles, accolades and Ph.d’s can be found a common thread of dislike for western society. Harping on the colonial element, visiting professors from Iran, Pakistan et al slam Canada for the method in which our country was founded.

Here’s how they roll: Chairman Mao may have murdered millions, the government of Iran implement anti-homosexual laws, but neither can be accused of dreaded colonialism as a foundation for their countries.

The entire dynamic being an excuse to run down our country brand our society racist, and indulge in tacit hatred of white Canadians. And get paid for it.

What a disgrace it is. As reported by CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star.


Turns out they agree with the sentiment, as funded by the Liberal government of Canada. Come to think of it, so are our universities. What to conclude? Can it be that our very own federal government agree with the academic Canada-haters?

With Justin Trudeau as prime minister, and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh keeping him there, an answer is found in the affirmative.

Another beauty via York University:

“Ms. X is “Professor of Gender and Sexuality in the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at York University. Teaches in areas of critical sexuality studies, critical studies in masculinity, critical race studies.”

Research interests include: “race, sexuality and indentureship, sexual citizenship in postcolonial nation-state formations, race and queer transnational politics, critiques of queer liberalism, and race, gender and the politics of representation.”

A pile of tosh it is. If one reads between the lines, the professor’s portfolio is anti-heterosexual, anti-Anglophone, and of course, anti-colonialism.

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] go where few, if any, dare to trod. What we have here is unabashed hatred of “traditional” Canada, its values, peoples and cultural identity, inclusive of animus toward our Anglo-European communities.

National Post, Oct 26, 2023—Are universities and students’ unions a danger to Canada? This question would never have occurred to me five years ago, but five years ago we hadn’t lived through a deluge of divisive, bizarre and rancorous culture wars.”

And five years ago, we were only 3 years into the tenure of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose Liberal government are funding this educational malarky in copious amounts.

“Trudeau said as much after acknowledging that many institutions including Parliament are built on a system of colonialism and racism.”

So the prime minister of Canada agrees with foreign professors preaching hatred of Canadian heritage and history. Not that it should come as any surprise. In terms of infecting society with self-hatred, nobody does it better. With partner Jagmeet Singh towing his line, the sky’s the limit for running our nation into the woke globalist mud.

Another example, York University-style:

“My intention in researching al-Muqaddimah is to work out his understanding of  the state and how his epistemological and methodological approach can help us design alternative methods of analysis more suitable for political, social and cultural qualities of the Middle East.”

“The objective is to discern a historical democratic-political culture in the Arab world that appeals to the concrete needs of the people, and do away with an imported model of one-fits-all neo-liberal democracy with its futile debates over the transition to that dysfunctional democracy.”

And we, the Canadian-taxpayer, are funding this jive? A steaming pile of pseudo-intellectual tripe it is.

After which CAP make a confession. We’re barely out of the “A’s” in the alphabetical list of York professors. The entire faculty is inundated with Canada-bashing, Anglophone-trashing woke liberal academic vitriol.

The general sentiment flows to the surface. We begin to get real about Canadian academia. From coast-to-coast, our largest universities are currently employing foreign and domestic professors who hate everything Canada has stood for since its founding in 1867.

It’s a sad reflection on society, and without question, punitive towards those who value the freedom and democracy that our Liberal government enjoy chipping away on a regular basis.

Upon which we recognize an ultimate irony. Professors, or anyone else, cannot preach this kind of anti-national sentiment in Iran, Syria, or Pakistan. A jail cell awaits them if they do.

The reason why ingrate foreign educators maintain an ability to trash Canada at will is found in western governance. It is our freedoms– derived from the Magna Carta, a British legal document— which set up the state with an ability for freedom of expression, inclusive of self-criticism.

In other words, the professors are using our laws– non-existent in theocratic nations- to trash our country. If this isn’t an absolute disgrace, what is?

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