Is A Vote For Trudeau A Vote For Canada’s Transition to Communism?

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While government and the media they control madly scramble to preserve an ersatz Liberal dictatorship, a major player in our political tragedy remains under the covers.

Yuen Pau Woo has served as a Canadian Senator since 2016. Handed-picked by PM Justin Trudeau, Woo was appointed leader of the Independent Senators Group, taking on the role from September 2017 until January 2022. Previously, Mr. Woo was President and CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, a Vancouver-based think-tank on Canada–Asia relations.

Cultural Action Party first became aware of this character shortly after his appointment to the Senate. Researching his background, we came to understand this man’s impact on China’s penetration of both Canadian business and our political arena.

Yuen Pau Woo is best described as an “evangelist” of the Chinese government’s interests in Canada. This is a person who once submitted a proposal for Canadian schools to teach Mandarin to our school children. As in, every one of them— in every public school from British Columbia to Newfoundland.

A member of no less than ten Canadian and International China-focused Boards of Directors, Senator Woo stands above all others in terms of a synthesis between the Liberal Party and the government of China.

Currently, Mr. Woo sits on the Global Council of the Asia Society in New York City. At the time of his appointment to the Senate, Woo was a senior fellow in public policy at the Asian Institute of Research at the University of British Columbia.

In an official statement, Woo opposed a Senate motion to recognize the ongoing persecution of Muslims in China as a genocide. The Senator argued that the motion would not “add any actionable measure specific to the Uighur situation in China” and that it was “simply an exercise in labeling.”

Understanding Yuen Pau Woo’s resume, PM Trudeau selected him as leader of the  Independent Senators Group.

Other independent Senators include Trudeau-appointed “human rights” activist Sen. Ratna Omidvar, infamous for bullying her way into corporate boardrooms to ask members why there were so many white people in the room.

Sen. Peter Harder was summoned to the Senate by PM Justin Trudeau on March 24, 2016 and was named Government Representative in the Senate at the time. He now sits as a member of the Progressive Senate Group, representing the province of Ontario. Harder is an expert on Canada-China relations, and was elected President of the China-Canada Business Council in 2008.

Are common sense Canadians supposed to believe that not one of these characters had an inkling of the government China’s meddling in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections?

Yes– it’s exactly what Canadians are supposed to think, because media has refrained from focus on this critical element of the equation. To which we progress to Liberal-Media collusion designed to save Justin Trudeau’s Butts from impeachment.

The spin in the media white-wash cycle goes like this:

— It’s now a standard for China to interfere in elections around the world(dilution of specific impact upon Canada).

Iranian-Canadian MP’s are being targeted by the government of Iran(erosion of exclusive China-Canada collusion).

— The target of the infiltration are Chinese-Canadians voters specifically(minimizing impact on the overall election interference).

These and a plethora of additional diversions are part of a singular goal: the maintenance of neo-dictatorial control over our country at the hands of the Liberal Party.

To solidify retention of the Liberals, Justin Trudeau has called for an investigation into what was surely understood by specific Liberal MPs, Senators Yuen Pau Woo and Peter Harder years ago.

In other words, it’s an exercise in futility. It will exist as nothing more than a “going-through-the-motions” scenario, with a predefined conclusion waiting at the end of the investigation.

Exoneration of Trudeau and the Liberals, and a continuation along a predestined path of political subterfuge. Is a vote for Justin Trudeau a vote for the communist government of China?

Media has learned of a “high-level warning about clandestine funding of China’s ‘preferred candidates’ that came from a bipartisan panel of parliamentarians two months before the 2019 election.”

“The information came from Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, which reviews national security matters and promotes “government-wide accountability. Established by PM Trudeau in 2017, it reports to the prime minister.”

Let us imagine such a scenario from what seems like ancient history– the year 2014, previous to Justin Trudeau’s ascension to the political pulpit of Canada. A former Conservative government–or possibly a Liberal one– would surely be brought down on this basis.

Say no-go to such a thing in Mr. Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada. CAP has to wonder which situation is more threatening to the fragile condition the Liberals have inflicted on Canadian democracy:

The fact that China interfered in two or more federal elections, or the idea that despite these circumstances, Trudeau’s Liberals will likely remain in power.

In many ways, it’s the latter that should nag at the heart of Canada’s pseudo-democratic society. If Trudeau and team can survive this–and they will– what’s to stop the Liberals from transitioning to a federal government-for-life?

Does this scenario not stand as an emulation of Chinese-style communist control found in the nation Justin Trudeau most admires? At the end of the political cycle, this is the factor that should concern freedom-loving Canadians most of all.

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