Is a Quebecois-China Political Cabal Shaping The Future Of Canada?

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This week’s political bombshell in Canada adds fuel to an existing fire. PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet appears to include politicians working closely with a foreign government accused of interfering in our federal elections.

Multiple media reports this week inform Canadians that Liberal Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault is currently a member of a Chinese Environment Ministry Board controlled by the government of China.

According to Toronto Sun journalist Brian Lilley, “anyone would be justified in pointing out the foolishness of Guilbeault looking to find an ally in Beijing.

Quite right- anyone would be justified. But no one will make a difference, because no one– as in any element of the general public– can do anything to prevent it. Turns out the Trudeau government are behaving much like the Chinese government.

“We do exactly what he want to do, and the public has zero say in the matter.”

Truth is, a list of affinities between governance in Canada and China has grown exponentially over the eight years that PM Justin Trudeau has been in power. The Canada-China political phenomenon, or more succinctly stated– the Liberal Party-China affiliation— includes a poorly understood partnership between the Liberals and China dating back to the days of Pierre Trudeau.

Getting more granular brings us to a watershed moment. The Liberal partnership component is just one aspect of the dynamic. Even more telling is what Cultural Action Party refer to as the “Quebec-China” cabal.

t occurs when a group of powerful Easterners from the province of Quebec scheme up an agenda to leverage foreign governments for the purpose of disempowering a segment of society standing the way of their goals.

Let’s get this straight from the get-go:

According to experts, Canada currently produces 1.6% of worldwide fossil fuel emissions. Justin Trudeau’s hero-nation of China produces a whopping 26% of worldwide emissions.

This imbalance speaks volumes that due to media obfuscation never reach the consciousness of the Canadian people. If you want to reduce worldwide carbon emissions, begin with China, and work down the list of the greatest polluting nations on earth.

Yes, Canada can do its part, but let’s not tear society to shreds in the process. Say no-go on this one. Why? Because Justin Trudeau, Stephen Guilbeault and a gang of Machiavellian neo-communists from Quebec want Canadian society to fall apart. This way, when they put the pieces back together, our nation will conform to the will of Canada’s woke globalist cult of environmentalism.

Thus, the Quebec-China cabal. Most Canadians remain unaware of the lack of ethnic presence within Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet. No, we’re not talking about Sikh or Muslim representation, or how many lesbians Justin as assigned to critical portfolios.

Of 39 current cabinet members, only 9 qualify as white Anglophone Canadian males. Conversely, Trudeau has jam-packed his executive with MPs from la belle province.

Who controls Canadian society in 2023? Let us rattle off the names:

Francois Phillipe Champagne, Jean Yves-Duclos, Melanie Joly, Dominic Leblanc, Marie-Claude Bibeau, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Marc Miller, Randy Boissonault, Pascal St-Onge and of course, Steven Guilbeault, eco-warrior extrordinaire.

The unspoken goal?

To wrestle Canadian society away from its Anglophone power-base, and transition that power to the province of Quebec.

The first modern-day soldier in the battle was Pierre Trudeau. By way of his policy of provincial equalization payments, Ottawa began to draw billions of dollars out of the western province of Alberta.

“Equalization is a gift that keeps on taking. It sends too much money to the wrong provinces in the wrong way at enormous cost to national unity.”

The policy is pure Trudeau-family. Yet, to some extent, it pales in comparison to the Liberals ace-in-the-hole.

We speak of Canada’s relationship with China. Founder: Pierre Trudeau. It was Trudeau Sr. who, upon engagement with Chairman Mao Tse Tung in 1970, opened the door for communists China’s push into Canadian society.

In no manner has the engagement been exclusively financial. Over subsequent decades, funding from the Chinese government began to impact society on an ideological basis. Ground zero for this is the Canadian public education system.

Over the next half-century, our academic institutions morphed into a condition of national self-loathing, as related to the colonial founding of Canada. The roots of the movement are decidedly communist. Fuelled by anti-colonial sentiment, the self-hatred campaigns were off and running.

Not that economic matters were irrelevant. In October, 2021, ex-Liberal PM Jean Chretien told CBC News that “he always had a special relationship with China.”

During his tenure from 1993 to 2003, Jean Chretien indulged China’s investment desires on a regular basis:

“Chretien accompanied to China about 300 business leaders on a trade mission in November 1994 who returned with an order book of $9 billion. Senior figures in government were convinced that Canada needed to diversify away from the United States  and adopted a “Four Pillars Policy.

“The Liberals believed that to engage the Chinese in more open trade and to support China’s accession to World Trade Organization accession would help Canada’s goals. Chrétien strongly endorsed Chinese accession.”

Translation: Jean Chretien did some serious work for the benefit of communist China. As did his successor. Paul Martin became Liberal Prime Minister of Canada on December 12th, 2003. 

In February, 2017, former PM Martin offered his opinion on Canada’s relationship with the behemoth nation of the Far East:

“Canada should work to strengthen its ties with China, while ensuring it maintains a good relationship with the United States.”

Of course, within the pantheon of Liberal prime ministers, no one can hold a candle to current PM Justin Trudeau in terms of mollifying the Chinese government.

The fact that he failed to secure a free trade agreement should be understood as the failure of the greatest threat to national sovereignty in our history. Because the Liberals control mainstream media, our citizenship remain unaware of the agreement’s true potential.

“Canada shelved the idea of a free-trade agreement with China, setting aside a priority that once dominated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bid to reset relations with the world’s second-largest economy.”

Liberal MP Stephen Guilbeault is currently listed as Executive Vice Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development.”

According to the Toronto Sun, “the ministry, part of the Communist Party of China, selects the leadership as well as providing guidance for its operations, implementation, and daily management. The council is tasked with conducting research and offering proposals to the Chinese government.”

We stand aghast. At the same time as public consternation regarding federal election interference from the Chinese government occurs, the Liberals make a move toward deeper integration with their government.

Under what social condition would an absurdist development such as this take place?

Brief Response: When it makes not a speck of difference what the public want for the future of their country.

China has always been this way. For Canada, not so much. Not until the Liberal government under Pierre Trudeau came along to shift our nation off its political axis with so-called “Multiculturalism.” Not since the Canada-China Business Council was founded by ‘good family friend’ the billionaire Demarais family of Quebec.

Not since Trudeau Senior opened the doors for the government of China to silently worm their way into Canada’s education systems.

Not since Jean Chretien led a delegate of Liberal politicians and Laurentien Mountain elites to sell Canada to China in the 1990’s. Not since Justin Trudeau attempted to sell Canada to China with a failed free trade agreement. Simply put, they never stop. This is what power-mongers do when there are no political repercussions for their behavior.

All of it– every darn move– buried by CBC, Globe & Mail, and the rest of mainstream media.

“It seems Justin Trudeau is just fine with Steven Guilbeault serving Canada and China at the same time. Trudeau’s office refused to comment on a story broken by the Toronto Sun that Guilbeault was advising the Chinese and Canadian governments at the same time.”

And to think it was only last week that Trudeau pulled a “China-move” on Canada with the removal of news media articles on Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to the Great Chinada Firewall, folks.

And to think it was only last week that Trudeau pulled a “China-move” on Canada with the removal of news media articles on Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to the Great Chinada Firewall, folks.

Next week, the Liberals are off to cozy up to the communist government of China, this time in person.

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  1. (1) “Not that economic matters were irrelevant. In October, 2021, ex-Liberal PM Jean Chretien told CBC News that “he always had a special relation$hip with China.” Kaching. Money buys influence. Negative Influence–at this juncture–buys/strongarms votes; ever-increasing “non-traditional” votes eventually buys a (post-modern; cut-off-from-its-roots) nation. How would you like us to cook your new country? Rare; medium; or well-done? Served on a silver platter….With a heap of White potato fries, and a side-order of poutine.

    (2) “Canada should work to [increase]
    its [subservience to] China, while ensuring it [sabotages] a good relationship with the United States.”


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