Is A Liberal-NDP Party Merger An Unspoken Inevitability?

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In 2019, an election-bound PM Justin Trudeau banned conservative news outlet Rebel News from attending federal election debates. A veto also occurred during the run-up to the 2021 Canadian federal election.

This week, challenger for the Premier of Alberta position Rachel Notley tweeted she’d be holding a press conference, and “will take media questions … as I have done for 15 years as an MLA, nearly nine years as Alberta NDP leader, four years as premier and four years as Opposition leader.”

After which Ms. Notley was asked if she would lift her party’s ban on another western Canadian-based conservative news outlet, Western Standard.

“Notley said no. She said the Western Standard has been engaging in very active homophobic, discriminatory, hateful editorial positioning as it relates to some of our caucus members.” 

Let us note the congruity between Rachel Notley, Alberta NDP leader, and Justin Trudeau, leader of the federal Liberal party. CAP recommend Canadians get used to it, because more than likely, an assimilation of the Liberals and the New Democrats will one day progress toward official status.

More and more, with each passing day, a Liberal-NDP meeting of minds is permeating the political scene in Canada. The writing is on the wall— as opposed to within pages of the press. In a formal capacity, the catalyst is federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s agreement to prop up the Trudeau government until late 2025.

Beyond the mechanics lies a world of potential– every bit of it suggesting an erasure of authentic democracy. What nags at Cultural Action Party relates to the growth in ideological affinity between these two parties.

In this capacity, Jagmeet Singh is Justin Trudeau, and vice versa. Mr. Singh can play games with his voters, attempting to convince them that the NDP retain the “fight for workers rights” dynamic that served as political foundation at the time of Jack Layton, as well as party founder Tommy Douglas.

It’s a ruse, of course. In truth, the role of the federal NDP has transitioned to a “supporting act” in a pursuit of neo-authoritarian governance by the Liberals. To merge the two left-wing parties into one would seal-the-deal.

Why would they do so? And when would it occur? CAP see it like this:

If the polls previous to a future federal election make it appear that the opposition Conservative Party are likely to emerge victorious, the Liberals may combine with the NDP to circumvent a CPC victory.

Game over, Canadian democracy. And in more ways than one. Firstly, there is no chance any opposition party could beat a political powerhouse like a theoretical Liberal/NDP Party.

What lingers beyond is also a cause for concern. Is it our imagination, or does it appear that a new “political elite class” has been taking on upward mobility since the day Mr. Trudeau became prime minister?

“As of April 1, 2023, MPs will receive an annual salary $15,700 higher than they did pre-pandemic, while the prime minister will take home an extra $31,400.”

“The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is releasing a Leger poll showing four out of five Canadians oppose the pay hike members of Parliament are taking on April 1st, 2023.”

The difference this makes? Not a damn thing–just as it would be in China, Cuba or another communist nation.

Entirely incongruous with the day-to-day existence of average Canadians is the privilege bestowed upon the political elite.  In fact, it’s downright arrogant– a Justin Trudeau specialty since day one.

This past week, media in Canada reported that during a Trudeau family vacation, the folks stayed at a luxurious estate belonging to a wealthy family friend who made a large donation two years ago to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

The Trudeau families vacation to Jamaica is pegged at a cost of $162,000 dollars. Pure luxury for the prince of woke politics. As opposed to Canadians cutting back on food for their families due to inflation and personal debt.

Like we said, an establishment of an elite class of politicians. As it is within communist and authoritarian nations. We stand witness to the division. The wealthy elite class get richer. The great divide between rich and poor becomes greater. The middle class is disappearing. Just as it was during socialist revolutions of the 20th century.

The communist revolution in China. The Russian Revolution which resulted in the establishment of the former Soviet Union. Speaking of the latter, we note an additional affinity.

In post-revolution Russia, “everybody” worked for the government. You couldn’t throw an empty vodka bottle into the street without it hitting the head of a bureaucrat employed by government.

 ‘Jack Mintz: Federal Employment Growth Is Now Out Of Hand’

“Since 2015, the number of federal, provincial and local employees has grown by 18.5 per cent, twice as fast as in the private sector.”

“There were 336,000 federal government employees in 2022, up from 257,000 in 2015 — a 30.7 per cent increase.”

And who became prime minister in late 2015? Why, that would be Justin Trudeau, admirer of China, enthusiast for communism. See what we are driving at?

Ever-so-quietly, PM Trudeau is expanding the percentage of Canadians who work for government, while adding extra money and additional perks to their day-to-day existence.

For example, here’s a little beauty not all Canadians may be aware of:

Beginning July 1, 2023, the Trudeau government will begin assisting transgender employees in federal public service with gender-affirming procedures up to $75,000 per lifetime.

Hot damn. You mean if I work for the Feds I can have myself sexually sterilized at no cost? Where the heck do I sign up for this privilege?

Yet, in truth, the situation is no joke. Unless a Canadian finds our country’s transition to an authoritarian communist state a barrel of laughs. In the meantime, not one aspect of what we speak has been reflected within Canadian media. Blimey– they must be working for government, like they do in China.

Division between rich and poor. Elimination of the Middle Class. The rise of an ideologically-aligned elite political class. Marxism 101 it is. Sound to you like Canada is going full commie?

And to think— all that is needed to put the final nail in the coffin of Canadian democracy is a merger between the Liberal Party of Canada, and the New Democratic Party of Canada.

A scary thought it is— at least for those of us who value freedom and democracy which once stood as the foundation of Canadian society.

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  1. It is now Sooooo obvious as to why Jagmeet has crawled into bed with Justin!! Jaggy has now proven that he absolutely Detests the word “democratic” and wants to merge with Jussy to form “The New Liberal Party”!
    Tommy Douglas, Jack Layton and the rest of the Real ndp founders will be rolling in their graves!!!


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