Is A Covid-Based “Medical Dictatorship” Preparing Canada For An End To Democracy?

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The idea that Canada is undergoing a transformation toward the end of democratic governance is fundamental to the beliefs of Cultural Action Party.

One reason for our vehemence is found in the fact that mainstream media never allude to this theory. Therefore, if it has validity, it is up to “alternate” media to deliver the hypothesis.

Certain concepts, however, reach beyond the theoretical. Based upon the pandemic debacle, political decision-making has undergone a giant transformation.

Who are the most powerful decision-makers at present? Next to the prime minister, CAP go with Dr. Teresa Tam, as well as Provincial Chief Health Officers such as Dr. Bonnie Crombie and Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

Within the realm of Covid-mania, these people now exert the greatest degree of control over the Canadian public. Their power supersedes that of Provincial MLA’s and MPP’s.

Now, for “the rub”– none of the Health Officers are elected officials. Within pandemic-saturated Canada, the elected have taken a back seat to non-elected government bureaucrats.

What to make of this? For starters, everything that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star do not make of it. Has Canada transitioned into a medical dictatorship” by way of the Covid pandemic?

Even more ominous is the concept that a medical dictatorship exists as preparation for “the real thing.” It is here we get to the heart of the matter. CAP theory states that the days of democracy in Canada are numbered.

We maintain that Justin Trudeau is the assigned ring-leader for this pre-ordained agenda. In the year of 2021, our nation is a grand experiment. In 50 years time, Canada will be unrecognizable. Society will become a fully-functioning socialist dictatorship. The founding peoples of Canada– Anglophone, Francophone and First Nations– will have become powerless minority communities.

Justin Trudeau knows this. He knowingly works toward this goal on a daily basis. The role of media is to ensure the general public do not comprehend the agenda. Notice how establishment media never speculate on the future condition of our society?

What does the future hold for our country? What kind of nation will Canada be in 2038?  Media has absolutely nothing to say in this regard– they are instructed not to.

The history of nations teaches us that when a plan of social transformation exists, it must be rolled out on an incremental basis. A “step-by-step” agenda must exist, so as to not alarm the public, or alert them to the grand scheme.

Think about the ramifications of the pandemic– we now live within a stringent rules-based society. It is now illegal to gather together to protest draconian laws and regulations. Our citizenship are being relieved of their weapons. You cannot travel outside the country. The people of Canada are under lockdown, and are instructed not to leave their homes.

Ringing any bells, fellow patriots? Does this not conjure up thoughts of historical dictatorships of the 20th century? Now, add full-blown empowerment of non-elected government officials lording it over every darn move we make.

Still not getting the big picture? If not, then media are doing their job effectively. So is the Liberal government. As partners-in-crime, the seduction of society is thus far a giant success. There is no reason to believe this will change.

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CAP Prediction: Six consecutive wins in a row for the Liberal Party of Canada, and federal elections will cease to exist. At this moment, the polls tell us Trudeau & Team will return to a majority government when a future election is called.

That’s the half-way point in CAP’s books. The Conservative Party will never again win a federal election, and nor will any other party. Do tell- what is the point of holding elections after immigration policy results in the Liberals capturing 90% of federal ridings?

Who would donate money to a challenger party on this basis? There you have it– the set-up for a future “one party state.” Justin Trudeau knows this. Every move he makes is a move toward this ultimate objective.

“I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that communism is right for Canada at the present time. But such times MIGHT COME, who knows?”

— Former Liberal Prime Minsiter Pierre Trudeau

From pandemic-derived medical dictatorship to the “real thing”– a fully formed socialist dictatorship. There’s Canada’s future destiny for you.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

13 thoughts on “Is A Covid-Based “Medical Dictatorship” Preparing Canada For An End To Democracy?”

  1. I’ve yet to ever read an article about a plan as to what Canadians can do to stop this insanity. Maybe there is no possibility of a plan. Their demoralization of us is working.

  2. Not only Canada but the States is doomed to if they don’t wake up to the deceit that there government is passing on them.China just surpassed the world with the now biggest Navel presence in the waters.

    And there military grows leaps and bounds. Women, men, teenagers. And Trudeau and the Biden administration grow a closer relationship with communist China. Churches and Christianity and other religions are slowly being shut down by telling us where and when and how we can congregate.

    Separate us at Christmas and Easter. Slowly take away our rights. When we protest the dangle the proverbial carrot in front of the sheep and then when things calm down they continue. When was the last time you saw Justin give a speech rarely do see him, he’s to busy working on his agenda.

    He and his Liberals are as transparent as tinfoil. Canadians have become lazy and docile we have lost everything our forefathers and patriots fought for our rights are being stripped slowly away from us, and when the younger generation finally wakes up when they have lost everything, sadly but truly it will be too late and sadly I grieve for my children and my grandchildren.

    And what I see to come please wake up fellow Canadians if the Liberals win again Canada and our Democracy is doomed Canada is history!

  3. I have long called Noman Bates to be arrested and hanged but got too many chicks voting for the F*cker who thinks he is the embodiment of Norman Bates who we all know had “mommy” problems.

  4. You guys don’t have a choice. Your president is way to confident. He, like Joe Biden knows he has the election in the bag. They will cheat.

    I cant believe you guys will stand for a 2 week quarantine just for going into your country.

    From An American CAP Supporter.

  5. Why doesn’t anyone put Trudeau in jail for treason?

    He has stolen our money, our lives, his wife has left him, he lets in twenty flights a day from India who are carrying the virus, he stole from the Canadians, and had Chinese military here training.

    Why do the NDP allow this? I don’t want my children to be raised communist.

  6. Talk is cheap but money buys the whiskey. When are we going to stop talking and get together en mass to protest the suppression of our rights as citizens. The greatest crime against humanity.


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