Iranian-Canadian Activist Brands Justin Trudeau A “WESTERN WORLD DICTATOR”

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Shabnam Assadollahi is a Canadian human rights activist and freelance writer/journalist of Iranian origin and a former child prisoner in the Evin prison in Iran:

She says: “As a Canadian citizen who was born in Iran and watched my country come under Islamist Sharia run State of the Ayatollah Khomeini, it is not hard to spot a tyrant.

In her opinion, “this  kind of behaviour makes Mr. Trudeau into a new version of Fidel Castro. 

Blimey–CAP say the very same thing–and we have yet to spend time in an Iranian hell-hole prison like Ms. Assadollahi  did.

As George Orwell described a similar situation in his novel 1984, criticizing those running the Communist party, he said: “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power–pure power.”

For CAP, this is Justin Trudeau in all his non-glory. Power is the name of the game, and make no mistake–Justin Trudeau is a power-hungry megalomaniac of the highest order.

This situation speaks to a topic CAP has written about previously–the ability of those who have personally experienced communist and theocratic oppression. CAP has spoken with a number of immigrants from communist nations– China, Poland and several others.

Interesting Fact: The Poles and Chinese say the same thing as this Iranian-Canadian activist. They see tangible evidence of a transition in Canada from democracy to dictatorship. These people left their former nations to escape communism and totalitarianism.

Now, when they see it creeping its way into Canada, they fear the future for themselves and their children. Then we have the tens of millions of Canucks who have never experienced extreme political oppression.

What is their take on the situation? Simple–they don’t have one. Pourquoi? There are two main explanations:

Firstly, as alluded to, Old Stock Canadians have never lived under a communist government–so they cannot recognize the danger signs.

Secondly, and more insidiously– Canadian establishment media are hiding the loss of democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of the press from 37.7 Million Canadian citizens. This is the way society works when a nation is under seize by foreign powers and shady political ideologies.

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This is the state Canada finds itself in at this very moment. Some recognize it, but millions upon millions have no clue. This is the path to success that Justin Trudeau and his media clones are presently employing.


“In Canada, we stand together because we know that diversity is our strength. It built this country. Jews in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and across the country should know they have the full support of the Government of Canada as we guard against a resurgence of anti-Semitism. We’re with you, and will do everything we can to keep you safe.”

The first point to be made regardless this statement is that it is a stone-cold lie. If Justin Trudeau truly did everything to keep Canadians citizens safe, he would not:

— Reinstate citizenship for ISIS terrorists and murderers, which he has done.

— Permit illegal border jumpers to enter Canada. This most obviously jeopardizes the safety of our citizenship.

CAP Opinion: Justin Trudeau doesn’t give a damn about Jewish or Christian Canada. Not one speck. Mr. Trudeau’s community dedication falls well outside the scope of these religious communities. Rather, it is Sikhism and Islam which concern Justin Trudeau.

“Where is the outrage Mr Trudeau normally has for anything remotely shown for acts of hate against Islam? Mr. Trudeau has failed to mention anything about the attacks on Jews stemming from some Canadian Imams.”

Ditto for attacks upon the Christian faith. Seems that within Trudeau’s post-modern Canada the singular form of racism is non-Muslim against Muslim prejudice. Within our dying democracy, Christians and Jews are down at the bottom of our social “totem pole.”

Shabnam Assadollahi, migrants from China, dissidents from Poland and Eastern Europe. These people see the communist “warning signs” flashing brightly above their existence upon Canadian soil.

Old Stock Canada, Anglophones, Christians do not. CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star cover this off on behalf of the Liberal Government of Canada. The end game is a  trans-sition from a free and democratic nation to a Liberal-Trudeau-Third World dominated socialist state.



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  1. this page Brad needs to go viral …somehow it needs to be in the major medias…we are being duped and you are doing a great job and service in an attempt to save Canada …as we know it


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