PM, Cabinet Members Listed As World Economic Forum Affiliates: Investigation

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On February 19th, 2022, Conservative Party of Canada MP Colin Carrie posited a question in Parliament regarding the influence of the World Economic Forum on Canada’s political environment.

Before any form of response came back, he was cut off by New Democratic Party MP Charlie Angus, who stated that MP Carrie’s question amounted to “disinformation.”

Two and a half years later, the U.S.-based Malone Institute beg to differ:

Gathering up “data sourced from World Economic Forum (WEF) search engines and cross checked published lists, Wayback Machine archives, Wikispooks, and complementary sources,” the American non-profit organization has compiled a list of Canadian politicians affiliated with the WEF:

As published this week by Western Standard News, according to the Malone/Pharos list, the names of Trudeau Liberal cabinet ministers past and present who graduated from WEF young leaders programs include:

  • Chrystia Freeland (2000) Deputy Prime Minister
  • Justin Trudeau (2005) Prime Minister
  • Scott Brison (2005) Former Treasury Board President
  • Francois-Philippe Champagne (2009) Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry
  • Karina Gould (2010) Leader of the Government in the House of Commons
  • Melanie Joly (2016) Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Terry Beech (2017) Minister of Citizens’ Services
  • Maryam Monsef (2020) Former Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth
  • Sean Fraser (2022) Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities

At present, seven members of PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet are included on the list. As far as media dissemination goes, the list could include all 39 members, and it still wouldn’t be exposed in the pages of major media publications.

Not that the list is 100% federal Liberal Party in orientation. There are others:

* Jean Charest (1994) Former Liberal Premier of Quebec
* John Baird (2008) Conservative Cabinet Minister
Craig and Marc Kielburger(2007) WE Charity founders
Kristine Stewart (2008) Former Director of Programming for CBC
Pierre Karl Peladeau (2000) President and CEO of Quebecor Media
Sheila Copps (1994) Former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister
Naheed Nenshi (2011) Former Calgary mayor
Dominique Anglade (2014) Former Leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec

A thought-provoking list it is. When considered as a composite, CAP can’t refrain from stringing together the “woke ties that bind.”

Provincial Liberals, Quebecois politicians, Not-for-profit organizations, French-Canadian media, CBC, as well as former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Our takeaway? As reported, the WEF-affiliates constitute a cross-section of what it means to work the “woke” globalist agenda. Extent to which Globe & Mail, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star and the rest delve into this scenario?

Begin at zero, and don’t stop till you get enough. In this, we begin to understand a fundamental of post-modern Canadian society. To illustrate, let us consider the concept of what is commonly known as a “gut feeling.”

Ever get the impression that since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister, the general condition of society is one in which it feels like forces from beyond our borders are controlling our country?

Cultural Action Party [est 2016] cannot validate the concept with certainty. Still, our guess is that millions of citizens would agree. As in, those derived from Canada’s “Old Stock” communities.

Those of this ilk have what new arrivals lack: multi-decade, long term perspectives on the changing ways of Canadian governance. Newcomers from the 3rd World lack this perspective. Many arrive from nations steeped in non-democratic, authoritarian governance. As such, they have difficulty recognizing Canada’s transition away from democratic staples maintained during the first 150 years of national existence.

In our view, this qualifies as one of the primary reasons why PM Trudeau worships and adores 3rd world migrants, while at the same time maintaining an animus toward “old school” Canadians.

All of which rolls up into a hypothesis recognized early in the game by astute political observers:

Canada has become a hi-jacked society, and our PM has worked this agenda every day since gaining office in 2015. As facilitated by government affiliation with World Economic Forum. Check it for yourself, as found on the WEF website:

“In 2018, the Deputy Prime Minister[Chrystia Freeland] was recognized as Foreign Policy’s Diplomat of the Year. She is a member of the [World Economic] Forum’s Board of Trustees.

Then we have the man who should rightly be crowned “kingmaker,” Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada:

“As Leader of Canada’s NDP, Jagmeet believes that how we pay for and deliver services to Canadians must work everyone(sic).”

So what is our problem, fellow patriots? One is the fact that this situation exists. Another, and arguably even more pertinent, is the fact that this information is being hidden from the purview of 41 million Canadians. The idea that the sublimation is due to the Feds funding of media in Canada should not be lost on anyone.

Is Canada a hi-jacked country? CAP believe it, and here’s one reason why:

In our country, nation-transforming socio-political developments only come to be understood after the fact. Immigration. Diversity. Multiculturalism. Quebec Nationalism. Charter Rights. Systemic Racism. DEI, CRT, Transgenderism.

And in our era, the globalist assault on society via Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and their quasi-communist political parties.

Now, add World Economic Forum to the list. One day the “news” may arrive, yet based on historical precedent, we can guess how it will transpire. Once the damage is done and Canadian sovereignty is destroyed, media may spill the beans on the entire sordid affair.

O Canada– you most surely have been hoodwinked.

5 thoughts on “PM, Cabinet Members Listed As World Economic Forum Affiliates: Investigation”

  1. the communist/socialist ordeal is about world government. a liberal/progressive is basically another facet of socialist ideology.

    in other news, the water is wet.

  2. Treasonous and alarming to say the least. Incarceration with complete confiscation of all worldly possessions is the only truly important recourse. Reclaim what is OURS.

  3. Nothing will come of this,
    as per usual.

    A simple trip to the hardware store is always time well spent, however.

    One can fix anything with the right supplies!

  4. Not surprise one bit. Hr hides behinds WEF, media, Ind senators for the problem he purposely creates. And when he is confronted on a issue guess who he blames. He uses people to toss his problems onto then use them as an execuse that they started it and is unable tto do anything about. Justin does this rehularly.

  5. During the first election, when Trudeau said that Canada was an Olygarch, I thought people would question it, along with the books balance themselves, his pro-abortion (all members had to sign pro-abortion) but luckily they didn’t put a murder shop on every corner, I thought it might make people question things but they just listened to the canned messages.
    His sock fetish & wearing of costume, should have been a sign of his instability, but no, people thought it was fun – quirky!
    Thanks to this spoiled PQ who knows the whine gets the cheese, he’s used his whining to win over a section of the population who believe what he says, without noticing what he does.
    When he was elected, Canada was considered a Democratic country, but now is considered what he called it – an Oligarch, with his bosses at #WEF pulling his strings. There are too many #WEFpuppets in high ranking, public positions.
    #WEF is made up of unelected 1%ers, who think they have the right to run the world because they’re rich. They were born into wealth, then added to it from coercing the people with politicians.
    Sadly, most if not all believe in eugenics. Many don’t believe they’d be on the list, but they will be. Why I say that is that their list of people being allowed to live is smaller. They only want about 1 billion left on the planet. 500 mill of them and 500 million to do the work. The workers will come from China, etc because they are already trained to be servient.
    What about North America, Russia, etc. War has been help to these people in the past. They made a lot of money off of playing both sides during WW2.
    They are dangerous, hateful, people, who use the people like chess pieces or war games, while they reap the reward$. No one goes after them because for years, they say “conspiracy theory” and hide behind their facade of commitment toward improving the world. They are set to improve it for them but not for the people. You just have to look at what is happening in the world, then who is behind it, then if they’re a member of #WEF or a #WEFpuppet. Follow the money!
    Sorry for the rant! I can’t help myself sometiimes. I do enjoy your pieces and find that I agree with what you say.


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