Injustice: Trudeau Brands “Old Stock” Canadians Racist, Promotes Prejudice Against Anglophones

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Out of all the maddening activities of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the area of racial and ethnic community-related behaviours, one surely surpasses all.

The incredible, blatant hypocrisy of the racist “blame-game” he plays against Canada’s Anglophone communities. In this regard, it appears PM Trudeau has employed a tactic drawn from propaganda campaigns of dictatorships of the 20th century:

“Accuse your enemies of what you yourself indulge in.”

By way of strident accusations of “systemic racism” permeating Canadian society, our PM is tacitly telling the public that Anglophones– aka “Old Stock” Canadians— are intrinsically racist and bigoted.

What a blight upon our communities this is. One way to recognize his intended malevolence is found in the fact that no distinction is ever made between historical and present-day society.

Imagine, if you will,  a Prime Minister who neglected to distinguish between the rash of ISIS terrorist attacks between 2012-2017, and the general Muslim peoples of the world. Would this “fly” within hyper-politically correct Canada? Not in a million years.

So why then do Trudeau’s absurd generalizations make the grade in 2021? Is it reasonable to lump present-day Old Stock citizens together with early 20th century Canadians? Of course it isn’t–yet this occurs day-in and day-out within our academic world–as well as government.

Of course, it’s a whole lot easier to do when media fail to make any form of distinction on this basis. But just try and do so regarding our Sikh-Canadian communities, and watch the politically correct fur fly.

What a disgrace this is. The racial double standards inherent in 2021 Canada are a blight upon society. Yet somehow, hypocrisy never stands in the way of our Trudeau’s targeted animus toward Anglophone Canadians.

Our nation’s “three-headed hydra” of so-called progressive politics– government, media and academia– have a job to do. Their role is to knock the dignity and pride out of Canadian society. For what purpose?

If the goal of government was to preserve the identity of a nation, the antithesis of Trudeau’s behaviour would be employed. On the other hand, if the goal was to erode– and potentially replace national identity–then their methodology makes perfect sense.

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Which brings about an obvious question: what does the future hold for this tenuous national entity we call Canada? One thing we know for certain: Media never project upon the future status of our country.

Could this be fully intended? Is there a Canada coming down the pipe which is going to replace that which has existed since our country’s founding in 1867?

CAP will go all-in on this concept. The vilification of Anglophone Canada being one of the primary indications of a re-imagining of our nation as alluded to by Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern society” proclamation.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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