Indigenous Canadians Least Likely To Support Trudeau

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According to a recent Pollara survey,  the Conservatives Party has a 12-point lead amongst Indigenous voters in Canada.

“While the Liberals lead among most non-white demographics, the Conservatives have a five-point lead over the Liberals amongst the Filipino community and a 12-point lead amongst Indigenous voters at 31% compared to the Liberals’ 19%.”

Little uncertainty can be applied to the fact that non-white, or “racialized” Canadians as referred to by media, most prefer Justin Trudeau as prime minister.

Knowing that new arrivals from China, India, Pakistan, Iran and other 3rd World countries are the future of our country, Justin Trudeau has dropped “Old Stock” Canucks in favour of future Liberal Party voters.

Canada’s First Nations peoples certainly qualify as old school. As indigenous leaders inform us, our PM is all roses-and-sunshine on the surface. Yet, behind-the-scenes comes little more than Liberal lip service toward First Nations communities.

It may have taken a while, but the Indigenous have obviously clued into the deception. Just this month, PM Trudeau was met with a wave of boos while delivering opening remarks at the North American Indigenous Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This was no case of a few wallflowers standing out from the crowd. The boo chorus was living large, and Trudeau looked embarrassed by the reaction.

Good for them. As with Anglophones and other “Old Stock” Canadians, our First Nations communities have every right to view our Liberal government with suspicion.

“Even the NDP is outperforming the Liberals among Indigenous voters at 25%. These are numbers rarely seen in polls.”

Has Justin Trudeau caused Indigenous Canada to turn their backs on the Liberal Party? Holy Cow– even Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party are cutting more mustard with First Nations voters than the Liberals.

According to True North News, policy Analyst Melissa Mbarki said she “would have preferred a larger, more in-depth survey of Indigenous voters with a breakdown by region as well as First Nations, Inuit, and Métis identity.”

Mbarki said the numbers fall in line with the “sense of disappointment those voters have with the Trudeau Liberals.”

That makes two of us. Toss aside naive white snowflakes, and millions of Canadians of Anglo-European heritage feel the same. Unfortunately, the degree to which Liberal government strategists care about our concerns could fit on the head of a pin.

Following the federal election in 2105, nine-out of-10 Canadian Muslims told pollsters that they believed the new, Justin Trudeau-led Liberal government would be beneficial to their communities.

“Of those who said they had voted in the 2015 federal election, 65 per cent of [Muslim-Canadians] reported voting for the Liberals, with 10 per cent saying they voted for the New Democrats and just two per cent for the Conservatives.

So the Liberals pretty much have Muslim-Canadian voters “in the pocket.” After which we consider the motivation for PM Trudeau to prostrate himself before their communities to the point of embarrassment for the rest of us:

A report called The Future of The Global Muslim Population estimates that, by 2030, there will be about 2.7 million Muslims living in Canada, and they will make up approximately 6.6. percent of the population. Currently, Muslims make up about 2.8. percent of the country’s population.

It’s a funny thing about media presentation in contemporary Canada. Our press continue to have little to nothing to say about the future of Canada, particularly regarding our demographic destiny as a nation.

At the same time, behind-the-scenes, the Liberal government are obsessed with these issues. Make no mistake– Trudeau’s strategists spend copious amounts of time parsing out Liberal voter patterns according to ethnicity and religious identity. In the world of high-tech, it’s called “data mining.”

Muslims are the fastest-growing community in Canada. Another rapidly-growing community, also vastly over-represented in politics, are Sikh-Canadians, who arrive mainly from the Punjab region in India.

Has Justin Trudeau dropped our “old school” communities in favour of the future of Canadian society? Do the Liberals understand what the rest of us do not? As employed by the Feds, are legacy media hiding the destiny of our country from our general population?

Yes, yes and yes– in that order. Are we looking at a “divide and conquer” strategy, so prevalent in historical cases of national transformation?

“Old School” Canada versus “New Arrival” Canada? It may well be the case, but why would the Liberals exacerbate the situation through blatant favouritism toward specific communities?

Is PM Trudeau trying to worsen what was already a delicate balance within our pluralist society? Or does he just not give a damn? What’s up with this guy anyway?

CAP cannot provide a definitive answer. Media refuse to speculate– they won’t even approach these issues in the first place.

At the end of the day, perhaps the best we can do is to state that with this Trudeau character in charge, there’s always some form of  socio-political scheming at play that eludes our general society.

First Nations don’t want him, and in the main, neither do white Canadians. With his eye on the big prize, our PM chooses to go to battle backed by his coveted “new arrival” communities.

Based on what he knows— while the general public are kept in the dark— it’s obviously a gamble that Justin Trudeau is willing to take.

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