India, Pakistan Exposed As Meddlers In Election Victories For Trudeau

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According to Wikipedia, as of the year 2021, Sikhism in Canada had nearly 800,000 adherents who accounted for 2.1% of Canada’s population.

While this information is easily attainable, a related fact goes under-the-radar. Media won’t tell you, but within our political arena, Sikh-Canadians are by far the most over-represented identifiable community.

‘India, Pakistan attempted to interfere in Canada’s elections: CSIS’

April 5th, 2024: “Spy agency documents tabled at foreign interference inquiry show 2019, 2021 elections were targeted.

Not even Muslim-Canadians can boast about political representation at the level of South Asian communities.  A look at ethnic representation in government speaks to the issue.

Currently, there are three federal Liberal Cabinet Ministers who come from a Sikh or South Asian background.

At least thirteen MPs within the Liberal Caucus derive from Sikh/South Asian backgrounds. In terms of nations accused of federal election meddling(omitting China), Liberal MP for Scarborough Centre  Salma Zahid currently holds Pakistani citizenship, as does founder of M103 “Islamophobia” motion, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid in Mississauga.

In the South-Asian rich riding of Brampton, ON, all five MPs are Liberal. Four of them are Sikh, the fifth is Muslim-Canadian. Current Premier of Yukon, Ranj Pallai, is a Sikh-Canadian.

The provincial government of Ontario includes nine Sikh-Canadians, while the provincial NDP government of British Columbia includes eight Sikhs.

On a municipal level, the mayor of Edmonton, Amarjeet Sohi, is a Sikh who formerly served in the Liberal Cabinet of current PM Justin Trudeau. Mayor of Calgary is Jyoti Gondek.

Then there is Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, responsible for locking in PM Trudeau as prime minister of Canada until his term expires in late 2025.

All this political action is derived from a community comprising little more than 2% of our national demography. Now, we find out that along with China, India and Pakistan are allegedly responsible for placing members of their diaspora communities into political office.

“In 2021, the government of India had intent to interfere and likely conducted clandestine activities,” including the use of an Indian government proxy agent in Canada, according to an unclassified summary written by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).”

My, my– the things Canadians learn after the fact. If comprehended in proper context, this trend would be understood to form the essence of government-media relations in Canada.

“Never at the time when something can be done to prevent illicit political developments in Canada” should have been branded on the foreheads of establishment media decades ago.

In truth, it’s the “Canadian way,” as applied to social policies such as immigration, Multiculturalism, Charter Rights, and the rest of the leftist assault on national sovereignty.

“In 2019, “Government of Pakistan officials in Canada attempted to clandestinely influence Canadian federal politics with the aim of furthering the Government of Pakistan’s interests in Canada, CSIS wrote.”

Call CAP biased, but we speculate that there is a prominent politician in Canada who has never given a fig whether foreign political infiltration affects our country. That would be PM Justin Trudeau, who for eight years has promoted, funded and advanced foreign presence within our domestic political arena.

Why wouldn’t he, when it now appears that profound political benefit has been gained through these dodgy manoeuvers. No wonder the PM is being accused of coddling the Sikh nationalist movement, in addition to assisting those in Canada advocating for establishment of a Khalistani state.

It’s pure nationalism, and we know how much Trudeau hates this kind of thing. Within Canada, anyway. China, India, or any other foreign nation, and it’s all perfectly fine by way of our prime minister.

What a nasty piece of work this guy is. Seeing as legacy media “won’t go there,” they are relieved of speculation on the impact of historical social policy as advanced by a succession of Liberal governments.

Why would it be that a concept so simple as “import large foreign diaspora communities, import their problems” has never been touched upon by media?

Because to make such allusions suggests that immigration policy in Canada results in unprecedented political corruption. To connect-the-dots in this manner means that the Holy Globalist Grail of Multiculturalism (Pierre Trudeau, 1971) has led to an undermining of our political system by foreign entities.

Media in Canada don’t do this kind of thing. In 2023, our press work on behalf of the Liberal government, who also happen to be paying a significant chunk of their salaries.

“The government of Pakistan’s foreign interference in Canada was primarily to promote political, security and economic stability in Pakistan and to counter India’s growing global influence,” says one CSIS assessment.”

Beauty, eh? Isn’t it wonderful to know that the ruling government of Canada, mandated to work in the best interests of our citizenship,  has imported enough South Asians to transition Canadian soil to a platform for Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims to battle it out politically for issues which do not pertain to our country.

This is the true impact of Trudeau platitudes like “diversity is our strength,” “post-modern society,” and a proclamation that Canada has “no core identity.”

In the media, it’s called “diversity.” In the real world, a blight upon Canadian society.

“The stark assessments are contained in documents that were tabled as part of the federal commission of inquiry into foreign interference. The public inquiry is examining possible meddling by China, India, Russia and others in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections.”

The stark reality is that all this clandestine activity came to light decades after the seeds of political sedition had been sown. The original impetus being former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau’s decision to open political doors to communist China, accused of meddling in the 2021 to the tune of eleven propped-up Members of Parliament.

Can it be said that between Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau, national sovereignty in Canada has been relegated to the dust-bin of democratic governance?

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that. Yet, if any figures can be held most responsible, these two are the main culprits.

5 thoughts on “India, Pakistan Exposed As Meddlers In Election Victories For Trudeau”

  1. There are countries where immigrants can not seek political office. I’m Trudeau/Singh believe such a move would be even more racist. We should at least introduce a law that immigrants must be here a minimum of 10 years. Right now all I read is government funding for immigrants. Who do you think is demanding such benefits ? The very politicians your article speaks of.

    Who would put an end to out of Country protesting in our cities, not the East Asian government that controls our House of Commons.

    Look I’m sure there are Sikhs that support Canada and its citizens. But we have far too many who just want to help their homeland, while ripping off ” old stock ” Canadians

  2. you know this world isn’t paradise when “humans” are fighting each other over race and religion.

    “my religion is better than your religion” *sticks tongue out*

    at least china doesn’t involve belief systems in their politics.

    • Mr./Ms Meh: In China; the state is “god.” Communist China has suppressed all “competing” religions. Especially Christianity. Bible believing Christians must meet underground; in secret. Anyone caught is sentenced to hard time; especially pastors. Certainly this world isn’t paradise; the Bible makes that quite clear. It’s a spiritual problem. Differences….arguments, and fighting–over race and religion–are only symptoms. Christ: “And you are not willing to come to Me, that you may have life” (John 5:40).

  3. Photo: A beaming Trudeau and his dressed-in-pink bride; at their one year wedding anniversary. Brother-in-law on the left. Oh; what grand ideas for the bride’s homeland are planned under the sheets. Note: Five hundred of the bride’s extended family were at the wedding; in Canada to receive their permanent residency. O Canada!! A cornucopia of enviable benefits for new arrivals.

  4. He is working with Jagmeat to create an ethno Sikh state here in Canada. There has to be a reason why police leave the Sikhs alone at protests while they blazingly whip their swords around.


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