Incredible: Justin Trudeau Claims Higher Gas Prices “What We Want”

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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has slammed Justin Trudeau for policies which resulted in the largest 30-day increase in gas prices IN A DECADE.  Scheer has pledged to scrap Trudeau’s carbon tax, and pointed out how Justin Trudeau said higher gasoline prices were “EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT.”

“Canadians are struggling to make ends meet, and he’s[Trudeau] is making it worse with an unfair tax grab that punishes you while giving a MASSIVE EXEMPTION to Canada’s worst polluters. I will scrap his tax.” says Mr. Scheer.

Yes, Trudeau is known for nebulous comments, but this one takes the cake. Who are “WE?”  The Liberal caucus? Cabinet? Surely he CANNOT be referring to actual citizens. The fact is Canadian voters, as well as most Premiers, do not want the dreaded carbon tax, and most certainly do not want an increase in gas prices.

As the October federal election nears, rather than fine-tuning his messaging, Justin’s words and deeds become all the more bizarre. Does he ever refer to public opinion polls to assess the mood and attitudes of Canadians? Perhaps. But as informed voters understand, Trudeau does not like public opinion polls. Why? Because Justin does not like PUBLIC OPINION PERIOD. Interestingly, neither did his father before him.

For Trudeau family PM’s, the public are more of a nuisance than anything else–unless, of course, they agree that EVERY DECISION a Trudeau makes is worth its weight in gold. Megalomania– as well as a  penchant for dictatorial governments– have shaped  the thinking of Pierre, Justin and brother-in-the-shadows Alexandre–perhaps the most virulent socialist thinker of the three of them.

So it’s Trudeau in la-la land as the absurdist statements continue to flow. The only people who could possibly be gleeful from increased gasoline prices are members of cabinet and caucus of the Liberal government of Canada. The rest– a mere 99% of our country– are sick and tired of Trudeau bleeding them dry in order to gain additional funds for his globalist game of cultural decimation.




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