Increase In Racism Results From Trudeau’s Six Years As Prime Minister

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A recent Ipsos poll in Canada has found that a majority (60%) of Canadians believe that racism is a serious problem facing the country.

“Increased awareness of anti-Asian hate crimes during the pandemic, continued mistreatment against Indigenous Canadians, domestic terrorism against Muslim Canadians, and discrimination against Black Canadians have certainly contributed to the idea that Canada is not making much progress in tackling racism.”

Sounds like serious news. No surprise– Cultural Action Party has thoughts on the situation. While leftist factions lament racism within society, the retort from media remains monolithic:

The responsibility is found in the nature of society. Racism is “systemic”– it has permeated our nation in an indelible manner. In other words, the fault lies with the people, and not the government.

Worth interjecting is the fact that immigration intake quotas are at their highest point in history. For reasons unexplained, the quantity of new arrivals to Canada is omitted from discussion on racism.

To which CAP put forth a hypothetical. Instead of the one million migrants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved for 2022-2023, the number was five million. Maintaining this model for a full decade, the Canadian-born transition to a minority community. Would these citizens still be responsible for racism?

Furthermore, is it not possible that racism would do an “about-face,” transferring to the new majority advocating prejudice toward our new minority? Now, replace five years with a 50-year period. This is our national destiny. No wonder media refuse to speculate on our county’s future.

Let us add a second hypothetical. Suppose the Iranian government modified their immigration policy. Suddenly, millions of white Canadians and Americans are pouring into Iran. Who believes that the collective response among locals would be one of  bliss-infused welcoming of the new arrivals?

Not CAP. And not any Canadian with common sense. Would applying the scenario to Pakistan, China, India or any other of our top source nations for immigration result in a different outcome?

Canadian government and media– what do you have to say about these ideas? All readers should know the answer–nothing at all.

Rather, there is a singular reason for a rise in racism. Canada is a racist nation. A fossilized conclusion this has become,

Six in ten (60%) Canadians see racism as a serious problem facing our country. One-Quarter (24%) report an increase in racism in recent years. When asked whether racism has increased in their community during the past five years, a quarter (24%) of Canadians say there has been an increase, a four-point increase from May 2019 (20%).

“Diversity Is Our Strength” says Justin Trudeau. He is wrong– the data proves the opposite. Think of the number of times legacy media has referenced his erroneous conclusion– the correct response being never.

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What can be discovered from this information? For one thing, media refuse to place culpability on the shoulders of government. Immigration policy plays no role in racism. Broadening the context to international standards is out-of-bounds.

All responsibility is found in the attitudes of non-racialized Canadian citizens. Our controlling institutions say so– government, media, academia. Immigration lobbyists fall in line. Multicultural not-for-profit organizations concur.

Surely to high-heavens there is a message in all of this. How uniform and consistent is the big picture. A reason for it must exist. Chances of coincidence are nil. Is our country on the verge of a national reformation held back from public awareness?

Are Canadians are being punished as part of an agenda of national transformation?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

1 thought on “Increase In Racism Results From Trudeau’s Six Years As Prime Minister”

  1. Sixty percent believe that “racism” is a serious problem in this country? I guess P T Barnum was right. So too the old chestnut about repeating a massive lie often enough. Meanwhile; the chief racist/instigator/pot stirrer kneels before a foreign god; gazing lovingly.

    “Oh master moon god; forgive me for not importing more of your people. I shall repent, and immediately multiply the number. Would thou be pleased w/ ten million this year?” Sickening.


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