In Final Months Before Election Trudeau Finally Addresses European-Canadian Issues

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Four months previous to the federal election, Justin Trudeau, hero of the Third World and Homosexuals, will finally break out of his globalist shell to address historical wrongs against Italian-Canadians.

Naturally, it’s nothing more than an election ploy. More than any previous prime minister, Justin Trudeau has spent his time in office maligning Canadians of European Heritage.

Racists, says Trudeau regarding historical treatment of Sikhs and Chinese. Bigots, cries Justin regarding treatment of Muslims. Genocidal maniacs, says Mr. Trudeau in regards to First Nations oppression. As it happens, at the time of confederation in 1867, the Aboriginal population of Canada was 150,000 souls. Today, their population is 1.6 Million. Genocide, eh Justin? Don’t think so.

Now, the king of historical apologies turns his twisted mind toward the Italian community. Trudeau says during the war(WW2), Italian Canadian families and businesses struggled and no one was held responsible.

Struggled? That’s not an accurate description in the least. As a consequence of Italy’s alliance with Germany in the Second World War, Italian Canadians were designated “enemy aliens” and were the victims of widespread prejudice and discrimination. Men lost their jobs, shops were vandalized, civil liberties were suspended under the War Measures Act, and hundreds were interned at Camp Petawawa in northern Ontario.

Let us present what the establishment media will not. Justin Trudeau’s pending apology to Canadians is hollow. The true purpose is to offset the idea that all Mr. Trudeau cares about are non-Canadian peoples and political issues. The purpose is to FOOL Canadians into believing he cares about non-Third World Canadians.

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If he can accomplish this, it improves his chances of being elected for a second four-year term. That’s it–the ENTIRE purpose. Justin Trudeau has shown ZERO concern for any Canadian-European peoples or issues. During his tenure, this is the FIRST TIME he has even MENTIONED Canada’s European Ancestry. That is, out side of RUNNING these Canadians down and branding them  racists, bigots and xenophobes.

Do Cultural Action Party agree with the apology? Not in the least. Pourquoi? Because we oppose ALL the apologies. Why is this man so obsessed with the social black marks within Canadian history? He literally NEVER STOPS running down Canadian heritage.

Is this the traditional role of a prime minister. OF COURSE NOT. Last time CAP checked, the role of a PM is to develop pride within society. Justin Trudeau has done NONE OF THAT–except, of course, when it comes time to develop pride within Sikh, Muslim, Homosexual and Transgender Canada. Then, King Justin is all-in.

He’s a fraud. Most Canadians have woken to the globalist deceptions of Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet. This is the EXACT reason for the apology to Italian-Canadians, and nothing more. Tears are not enough, King Justin.



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  1. Trudeau is a traitor and I will be glad to see him gone. He doesn’t care about true Canadians, only the ones he brings in here illegally and such.

  2. I am waiting for the day that the Trudeau will apologize to the Germans for shooting at them and killing many of us at Paschendale.


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