In Desperation, Trudeau Advances Marxist Class Warfare In Canada

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“This is how socialists always end up,” writes conservative Canadian media figure Spencer Fernando in a recent column.

“Socialists do everything possible to rob successful Canadians of our hard-earned money, and once that robbery starts to wreck the economy, they blame the very same people they robbed.”

It isn’t difficult to throw around labels that brand individuals “socialists,” “communists” and such. To validate the claim is a trickier business. Several media articles of late, of which one can be considered “mainstream,” add credence to a branding of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as fit for the communist category.

We turn to the founder of socialist philosophy, Karl Marx [born May 5, 1818, died March 14, 1883]:

The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles.”

Toronto Sun, May 13th, 2024:

“Trudeau Declares Class War, Redistributes Wealth From Rich To Others”

“He may be calling it ‘fairness for every generation,’ but what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau describes in a video sales pitch for his new Capital Gains tax is wealth distribution — from the “rich” to everybody else.”

“It’s socialism being sold to a Canadian public who can’t vote on it until 2025 at the earliest.”

To which Cultural Action Party [est.2016] add a corollary:

If Canadian media were brutally honest, they would have enlightened media consumers that the history of Justin Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister is the history of a journey from democracy to neo-communist society. They don’t, primarily because Trudeau is paying their salaries.

“It’s politics of division,” says Toronto Sun journalist Joe Worthington. For that matter, so is the politics of socialism cum communism. PM Trudeau thrives on division, be it race-oriented or sexuality-based. Fragmenting our citizenship into silos of bitterness and resentment, the Liberal government advance their agenda of socio-political degeneration.

New in application, derived from desperation, comes the Feds latest incarnation of fragmentary neo-socialist politics: the rich against the poor, aka “class struggle.” Trudeau will break the back of our nation come hell or high water. Maintaining the high tide of neo-Marxism is post-modern partner-in-crime, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh and the bogus “supply and confidence” agreement.

Returning to Spencer Fernando’s assessment serves up more cutting commentary:

This is how it always goes with socialist leaders. When their garbage policies fail, they ruin their country trying to blame and punish others for that failure.”

“Having wrecked the Canadian economy through a combination of reckless spending, anti-growth eco-radical policies, and insane immigration increases, Trudeau is now doing what all socialists do when their failures pile up: blaming others.”

Much of the consternation deals with a current and future lack of home ownership potential, aka “private property.” 

“China is a socialist country, all land is subject to government ownership or collective ownership. In principle, municipal land is subject to government ownership and land outside cities is subject to collective ownership.”

We witness the morphing of Canada to the communist way-of-life. Close to the heart of the Trudeau family, our PM leverages Karl Marx’s economic blueprint. Add to it a federal NDP push for universal basic income(more socialism), and we come to understand the gameplan at hand.

“Canadian voters must realize that Trudeau is the enemy of every one of us who values freedom and prosperity, and his government represents an escalating danger to our economic future.”

Can you imagine? If a headline like this hit mainstream media consumers over the head, the Liberals globalist goose would be cooked.

“Wow. Instead of admitting defeat on this poorly thought out policy, Trudeau is now trying to turn it into a divisive culture war, tweets Anthony Furey, Executive Director of The Stronach Foundation for Economic Rights.

Truth-be-told, it’s been this way from day one. CAP allude to it frequently. Awareness of critical social developments being deferred until a point where nothing can be done to reverse implementation. Alluding to a covert partnership between and government and media[eg. Liberals and CBC], the dynamic has potential to destroy freedom and democracy in our country.

Here’s the thing about Justin Trudeau that media refuse to reference. He is one cheap s.o.b. Our PM hates to spend his own money, but is absolutely addicted to spending the money of Canadian tax-payers. In this regard, his backroom schemers perpetually comb through society looking for funds they can stamp with taxation policies. The latest example:

“MORGAN: Trudeau Has His Eyes On Your Home Equity”

The money-hounds in Ottawa are aware that a giant pile of money is sitting idly in terms of home equity accrued by Canada’s “baby boomer” generation, and Trudeau needs his fix ever so badly.

“As national support for the Trudeau Liberals continues to plummet, Trudeau has become more unprincipled than ever while desperation sets in. Trudeau is hinting at going after the assets of older Canadians in a wealth redistribution scheme that could tear the nation to shreds.”

“It’s becoming undeniable, his eye is turning toward the capital tied up in individual home ownership and he wants a piece of it.”

Returning to socialist ideology brings us to a term utilized in political science circles:

Cultural Marxism”

“A radical political ideology  promoted by left-wing activists with the aim of undermining or subverting western social and cultural institutions, ultimately resulting in the imposition of a progressive agenda on society.”

What is hereby stated is a standard of globalist World Economic Forum policy, as well as the essence of Trudeau-brand politics.

What it means is that a country like Canada is no better than a country like Somalia. Economic discrepancies should not exist between nations of the world. All countries should be on equal economic footing. It’s one reason why Trudeau is shipping billions of dollars to 3rd World countries every year.

As we said, Trudeau is addicted to spending other people’s money:

“Trudeau is implying that older Canadians are living the high life on the backs of younger, working Canadians. Trudeau is hinting at a massive wealth redistribution scheme. There is a giant pool of capital out there that sits like a plum, teasing and tempting the spendthrift prime minister.”

“That pool is the home equity of mature Canadians. The Liberal government has been poking around at the notion of taxing the equity of primary households for years.”

Beautifully articulated by Cory Morgan at Western Standard News. Now, imagine this wording being consumed by readers of Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, CTV, CBC and Global News.

In truth, that’s all Canadians can do– imagine it, because in socialist fashion, the Liberals now control the press, and this messaging will never cut the mustard in legacy media-land.

With NDP leader Jagmeet Singh keeping Trudeau and the Liberals locked-in, Canada continues its incremental transition to socialist nation status.

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  1. What a well written post.

    Like it was mentioned, the majority of Canadians will never read it.

    Sadly many Canadians are asleep at the wheel

  2. There are lots of masterminded radical people in the so call liberal HQ who are no more interested in justin Trudeau but are more in tune of changing canada to their specification by using Justin Trudeau to carry out their intentions. Ufor, Justin Trudeau allowed himself and canada be made fools of

  3. How about a comment directed at the turds sidekick on the picture …. She made a comment about Poilievre wearing more makeup than she does ….. I didn’t think she used any makeup as what’s the point in putting lipstick on a pig ….. she’s still just a pig 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  4. I cringed while reading this. The blatant ruining of our country is crazy to watch. Any young person who is left leaning that dosent see it is a shame.


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