In Canada, Where Parents Have To Protect Children From Government

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Which descriptive words best encapsulate the political power-play coming in the form of systemic LGBT indoctrination within Canadian society?

Obstinate. Irrepressible. Sanctimonious. How a cabal of LGBT advocates came to capture Canadian society is a question which should be front-and-centre among our citizenship.

It isn’t, and as to why, it’s mainly down to media. Of course, the press in Canada wouldn’t so vehemently support LGBT propaganda if not for government vigilance.

In PM Justin Trudeau’s Canada– that of the self-declared “post-modern” model, our press fully support ideological weaponry being advanced by our federal government.

Not that it should come as a surprise– the Liberals are paying CBC, CTV and the rest to work their will. As such, “Pride” and its various permutations have taken centre stage in the woke circus act currently dominating Canadian society.

Ironic as heck it is. Presently, in the wake of the Trudeau divorce, mainstream media are urging Canadians to respect our PM’s privacy and personal life.

This, while neglecting to point out that Trudeau and his Liberals do not follow suit. Systemically, as funded by the Feds, promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism are the apple of government’s eye.

That millions of parents prefer to treat this as “forbidden fruit” eludes media presentation. Did you know? A Muslim-Canadian man is currently assembling what he calls a million-person march” against LGBT indoctrination in Canadian public schools taking place next month.

Millions of parents of Anglophone heritage feel the same. They want LGBT indoctrination removed from school curricula. Upon which the “inclusive ones” respond in kind: “this is hate”-– end of chapter and verse.

Conflating dislike of homosexuality with a specific issue of LGBT/Transgender indoctrination in schools has is a woke liberal speciality.

Government fail to make a distinction. Media are the same. Our academic communities, long ago transitioned to hetero-bashing anti-Anglophone pundits, follow suit.

Can it be that the entire country is missing the point regarding a targeting of our children by the trans-pushers? Considering the state of media in Canada, it’s more than likely.

For what reason would government, media and other controlling institutions take such an approach? It’s one of deception, is it not?

For CAP, the answer is found in an intentional agenda of cultivating social discord for the purpose of “re-inventing” society, as Mr. Trudeau has referred to with his post-modern and “no core identity” proclamations.

What do you call the state-of-society in which millions of citizens–likely a majority– do not want what government is pushing down the throats of its citizenship?

Under what form of governance is this a standard condition? One only has to look toward the Trudeau families favourite form of governance, communism.

In China, government do not consider public opinion. Nor do they heed the will of the majority. No public input exists on social policy, or any other form of policy decision-making.

In China, what the government want is reflected in their media. How educators teach children, the messaging delivered to students,  must be government-approved. To deviate from the Chinese Politburo’s ideological belief system results in punitive damages from government, including potential jail-time.

Recognize the parallels, fellow patriots? They’re all over the map, while media hide away obvious parallels.

More irony abounds. China has no systemic LGBT indoctrination program. Not do Middle Eastern nations like Iran, Syria or Afghanistan.

Fact: The Pride/LGBT movement is exclusive to western nations. Why is this?  The movement detracts from population growth in Canada, particularly among those of us born on Canadian soil. New arrivals from Asia, Africa and the Middle East do not indulge in any manner comparable to “Old Stock” Canadians. The same applies to our Liberal government’s dual “holy grail” of Abortion and Euthanasia.

Way back in the year 1810, Ontario’s  Kingston Gazette summarized Canada’s approach to public education:

“[Canada’s] population is composed of persons born in different states and nations, under various governments and laws, and speaking several languages. To assimilate them, or rather their descendants, into one congenial people, by all practicable means, is an object of true policy.”

A “congenial people?” If this is the goal of our current Liberal government, Cultural Action Party will proceed to eat its hat. Canada’s national schoolroom has received a resounding “F” in this regard.

Today, under the Liberals, Canadians are more divided than ever before. As Trudeau drives social division toward the goal line, media rush in to kick a field goal. “Divided we stand” is where Canadian society sits at present.

In the early 1800s, the Upper Canada Gazette described public school education as “an institution focused on training children into the correct values and morals, which were those that supported the monarchy and Christianity.”

Let us not serve as sticks-in-the-mud. Progress is an inevitability, and no clear-thinking Canadian would expect  perpetual maintenance of values and morals espoused two centuries ago.

Conversely, however, Canadians didn’t expect government to take hold of traditional values, and strangle them to death. To associate Mr. Trudeau with these values would have to be someone’s idea of a sick joke.

Our PM is the complete antithesis of a national leader upholding any element of traditional values. The man has gone and wiped the ethical slate clean. We speak of a politician whose personal value system includes:

Abortion at any point in a 9-month term. Euthanasia for those who chose it for just about any reason. Transgenderism for all, regardless of age, or whether they have reached sexual maturity.

Other hot buttons include internet censorship, erosion of free speech, a decline in freedom of the press.

“In 1871, the Ontario School Act was passed, which legislated that  elementary schooling was to be provided for all. The Act focused on classical  educational instruction in subjects such as Grammar, Composition, Greek, Latin, History, Literature, and Algebra.”

Ah, the good old days. While no one can make time stand still, it’s nice to see that historical public school education focused on standards like “reading, writing and ‘rithmatic.”

Transitioning to 2023 brings a whole new ball of woke wax to the table. Today, teachers work to “open children’s minds” toward indulging in sex-change operations and dangerous hormone therapies.

When concerned parents object, they are branded as bigots. To even question the LGBT educational agenda is to be branded a hater and homophobe.

Inflexible, closed-minded, hyper-aggressive, the woke warriors of LGBT  believe they have a right to lord it over our children. Rather than defer to parents, or even consider their rights, educators have seized control of the sexual destiny of Canadian youth.

All across the country, parents are pushing back against trans-madness. Justin Trudeau and his woke Liberal cabal couldn’t give a fig.

Written-in-stone it is, as mandated from the organization Justin Trudeau works for. Look it up, and you will see the LGBT agenda reflected in the ideology of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

Media won’t tell you, but WEF is the baseline source for the LGBT propaganda being pushed upon Canadian society by our federal government.

Where’s the mandate from the people of Canada? It doesn’t exist. How many Canadians voted for the LGBT agenda? Try a total of zero, and go from there.

A light-bulb moment arrives. Systemic LGBT indoctrination is non-democratic. Enter Justin Trudeau, stage leftist. He loves this, to be certain.

No one asked for it, voted for it, or approved it. Just like Multiculturalism, as originally forced on society by founder Pierre Trudeau. As it is with mass immigration, it is with the LGBT movement in Canada.

As it is in the nation Justin Trudeau most admires. In case you’ve been sleeping for the past 8 years, that country is China, not Canada.

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