In Canada, Where Parental Values Are “Far-Right”

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“Let me make one thing very clear: Transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia have no place in this country.”

— PM Justin Trudeau

Bringing forth a relevant question: what forms of intolerance have a place in this country?

Intolerance being a two-way street. As far as CAP can tell, the “big three”– government, media and Canadian academia– have little to no tolerance for certain segments of our society.

Heterosexuality is certainly low on the charts. Christianity is off-limits. Conservatism in all its forms is perpetually belittled by the powers that be.

In their stead come post-modern “values” as perpetuated by the controlling institutions of Canada. Euthanasia to rid unwanted elderly Canadians posing a burden on healthcare. Abortion limits reproduction of natural-born Canadians. Transgenderism sterilizes youth, transitioning them to sexless beings incapable of human reproduction.

So-called “conspiracy thinkers” refer to such measures as “population control,” of which the government of China stand as innovators.

To make up for a population shortfall, a condition which government had five decades to rectify, is dealt with through a panacea our Liberal government call “immigration policy.”

Over the next three decades, these circumstances are certain to transition white Canadians into a minority community. Notice how mainstream media never breathe a word about this?

It’s entirely planned and pre-meditated. In 2023, our Liberal government prop up the media industry by providing them with billions of dollars annually. CBC alone receive a bursary of $1.2 million dollars per year.

All this results in the Canada we live in at present. Government has with full intent fragmented society into distinct divisions. Largely based on ideological beliefs– also known as societal values– Canada is today a society divided.

Within this context, LGBT and its transgender offshoot stand at the pinnacle of social divisiveness. In many respects, it comes down to a matter of “values,” both personal as well as within a larger societal framework.

In terms of government-endorsed and financed LGBT rights, the overall “vibe” coming from Canada’s woke warrior contingent can be summarized by the following:

“Parental values are far-right.”

Did you hear? Parental rights are now a “far right” political issue, as stated by Justin Trudeau. 

“It may be that the prime minister didn’t mean to disparage millions of parents by lumping them in with other far-right radicals like white supremacists and fascists, but that he did so speaks to his tendency to shoot from the lip.”

One thing that can be held as a truism stands as follows: never do mainstream media speak of ideological sources for such a twisted position.

To be sure, LGBT politics are a post-modern phenomenon. A look back in history delivers no precedent for such a movement. Tossed aside by media is the fact that from an ideological point-of-view, tangible precedents do indeed exist.

All of them are found within authoritarian societies of history. Communist China, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, as pertinent examples.

Leaders of communist revolutions of the 20th century– Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, advanced family-oriented ideologies rooted in Marxist philosophy.

The family unit, and therefore children, are “properties of the state.” The very same “value system” is today advocated by LGBT activists, as supported by Canadian government, media and academia.

We begin to recognize the parallels. Not viewers of CBC, or readers of the Globe & Mail, but rather a community of astute political observers who have exercised due diligence in getting to the root of the socialist assault on Canadian society.

Western Values generally include unity of family, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, democratic governance, rule-of-law, civil rights, individual liberties, right to protest, freedom of religion.

Marxist Values generally include: submission to the state, no private property ownership, anti-capitalism, cultural relativism, disillusion of class structure, social revolution.

Let us consider these values within the context of LGBT activism in Canadian society, particularly as they apply to our country throughout the eight-year period in which Justin Trudeau has ruled our nation.

LGBT transitions responsibility for children from parents to the state. Our Liberal government internet censorship laws eradicate freedom of speech.

While private property ownership exists, it is more difficult than ever for Canadians to afford a home. As a result of carbon taxation and farmland fertilizer impediments, affording farmland in Canada is more difficult than ever.

During a three-year run of Covid  as disseminated by China, individual freedoms were sublimated by our federal government. The right to protest publically– a standard of western democracy– was met with militancy by Trudeau and the Liberals, including a Charter-breaching freezing of bank accounts for a number of citizens who participated.

Covid also brought erosion of rule-of-law, whereby invocation of the Emergencies Act by the Trudeau government temporarily suspended a fundamental of democracy.

Again with China’s Covid, freedom of religion was suspended as it applies to Christian communities. Pastors were arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges. Christians in China have been persecuted for decades.

Any of this ring a bell for readers? Is what we describe not eerily reminiscent of authoritarian states of 20th century history.

In every case of communist revolution and totalitarian political seduction, government-sponsored programs existed which set their sights on youth populations within their societies.

“In an effort to return China to its communist roots, Chairman Mao Tse-Tung turned to the youth of the country to help start the “Cultural Revolution.” Mao called on young people[Red Guards] to take down leading intellectuals, party leaders, and their own parents.”

Talk about scoring a bulls-eye. Too bad  erudite intellectuals in media don’t think so. Not once have Canadian eyeballs stood witness to any form of theorizing that falls into an historical analysis of the development of neo-socialism in Canada.

We draw our conclusion: eight years of Justin Trudeau as prime minister, eight years of an undermining of freedom and democracy.

Eight years of erosion of freedom of expression. Eight years of covert transition from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship. Eight years of establishment media cover-up of the entire phenomenon.

LGBT and its various permutations fit neatly into a 50-year socialist seduction of Canadian society. Keep in mind that communist always play the long game– as China does in terms of its geo-political seduction of western nations like Canada.

LGBT/Transgenderism is in no manner an organic development. The movement is a socialist construct designed to undermine western values.

“Parental rights are far-right” is media propaganda. Just because the “far-left” say so, in no way makes it factual.

Pitting community against community, Canada’s “woke revolution” continues to divide society into opposing factions. Karl Marx would have been deeply impressed.

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  1. from johnsHopkins medical:
    A phobia is an uncontrollable, irrational, and lasting fear of a certain object, situation, or activity. This fear can be so overwhelming that a person may go to great lengths to avoid the source of this fear. One response can be a panic attack. This is a sudden, intense fear that lasts for several minutes. It happens when there is no real danger.

    all those folks out there who run around calling everyone else phobic are just showing us their low I.Q. Show me the people who are phobic of homosexuals or muslims or transexuals. They only exist in the delusional minds of morons and idiots. To not agree with someone or something is not a phobia. It is the sort of language habitual compulsive chronic patholigical liars use. You know, commies.


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