Immigration The Only Re-Election Card Left in Trudeau’s Bag Of Tricks

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January 11th, 2024: “The latest poll from Abacus Data shows Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives with a 17-point lead over Trudeau’s Liberals. The Conservatives lead among every demographic group and in every region except Quebec.”

A wise man once said that if you build a house on sand, it will eventually wash away– or something close to this. Applying the idea to contemporary politics in Canada offers quite the revelation.

Over the past year, all foundational elements of Liberal Party support have taken a free-fall. Well, perhaps not all. Paid pundits in Canadian media remain supportive. Why wouldn’t they? The Feds funding of major media outlets, as opposed to de-funding policies promised by the Conservative opposition, result in ubiquitous media bias toward the Liberals.

Apart from this, Trudeau’s other stronghold is found in Canadian academia. Extract these institutions from the political picture, and what remains? Try a not-so-benign composite of government-funded Immigration and Multicultural non-profit groups.

At the top of the heap of influence are organizations like Nation Council of Canadian Muslims, who presently wield major political influence in Ottawa. NCCM push for the M103 “Islamophobia” motion, and government approve it. A push for 1000 Palestinian refugees to enter our country receives a thumbs-up. Dissatisfied, an immediate request to expand the intake program is immediately tabled.

Shifting toward the desires of general society reveals much to be learned about our current federal government, particularly in the area of immigration policy. Plainly stated, Trudeau’s Liberals couldn’t give a flying fig what our nation’s “antiquated” Old Stock communities want for their country.

Among the public, support for immigration has dropped like a bomb. While media beat-around-the-bush, multiple polls inform government that our general population is not buying what Team Trudeau are selling– if they ever were in the first place.

“Federal public servants warned the government two years ago that large increases to immigration could affect housing affordability and services, internal documents show.”

So the Liberals knew what was coming down the pipe, but did nothing to prevent an inevitable housing crisis fueled by immigration intake. Why? Because immigration is front-and-centre in a nefarious political agenda? The policy exists as a “silver bullet” of re-election potential for Trudeau and the Liberals.

Expanding the concept brings us to what CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail et al refuse to articulate: the Liberal victories are intended to continue forever. Immigration from India, China, Iran, Pakistan and other leading source nations include a potential to transform Canadian society for all-time.

Not only in demographic terms, through a transition of white Canadians to a minority community. The ultimate elixir is found in the potential to lock-in the Liberals as government-for-life. Also known as a pre-meditated plot to transition Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

It’s this unspoken goal– eschewed by mainstream media– that our population desperately needs to understand. They don’t, because the press are hiding a political truism from the public.

“The federal government ultimately decided to increase the number of permanent residents Canada welcomes each year to 500,000 in 2025, a decision that drew considerable attention and scrutiny.”

“That means that in 2025, Canada will welcome nearly twice as many permanent residents as it did in 2015.”

Entirely against the will of the people, as it is in Justin Trudeau’s hero-nation of China.

“Immigration accounts for nearly all population growth in Canada, given the country’s aging demographics.”

A succession of federal governments had decades to address this “aging population” crisis, but never did. Instead, they chose a panacea called immigration policy. Canadians have now turned their backs on the entire charade, with good reason. Our quality of life is dropping. Healthcare systems are failing. Housing in Canada is unaffordable for young Canadians looking to start families.

The Liberals care not. All they care about is maintenance of power– by any means possible.

Nationally, the Conservatives have the support of 41% of voters, the Liberals are in second with 24% support and the NDP in third at 18%. It’s the regional and demographic numbers that tell the real story.”

“In Atlantic Canada, 41% of voters in this former Liberal stronghold now say they will vote Team Blue with just 31% saying they still back the Team Red. The Red Wall has not only crumbled in Atlantic Canada — in Ontario, where the Liberals currently hold 78 seats, the Conservatives lead 41% to 29%.”

Translation: Canadians are dying for an election. It isn’t happening, for one reason. Or shall we say, because of one individual:

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, and his supply-and-confidence agreement with the Liberals. If establishment media were to come clean with the people of Canada, they would lay a fact on the line. They never do, because indirectly, they are working for Jagmeet Singh, in addition to Justin Trudeau.

With the immigrant vote being the only hope for continuation of a Liberal pseudo-dictatorship, Trudeau is down to playing his final card of democratic destruction.

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  1. Will the Conservatives under PP come out and make a statement on their immigration policy that is clear and concise?
    They haven’t yet, have they?
    Why are they waffling?

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    He almost looks a man here. Next to the badass bearded warrior…
    What is he wearing anyways? Was a pyjama party or something?
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