Immigration Support Rapidly Eroding– But Trudeau Needs The Votes

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The will of the government  versus the will of the people. The longer PM Justin Trudeau controls Canada from his walled-off woke perch, the greater is the divide.

Not that division is a benign tool in the hands of Canada’s ruling government. For the past eight years, Trudeau and the Liberals have done a bang-up job in cultivating social division within our nation’s pluralist society. Integral to their program of nation transformation, staples of democratic governance continue to be washed away.

“Will of the majority” being target number one. In 2023, it’s the will of the fringe that rules Canada’s political roost. LGBT, Transgenderism, Political Islam, Communist China, Sikh Nationalism.

All have been imported to Canada by a succession of federal governments. Ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982) set up a society in which, over time, “special interest” communities could steam roll over the will of the majority.

“Aaron Wudrick: It’s Time For A Grown-Up Conversation On Immigration”

January 10th, 2024:

“What was once a fairly organic process that allowed for integration over years, if not generations, has been supplanted by activist government policy that preaches an official doctrine of big-M Multiculturalism, which fetishizes and subsidizes cultural differences while simultaneously erasing and downplaying Canadian history.”

Thus speaketh the writer regarding the “greatest Canadian story never told.” Why is it that in a fifty-year period since the introduction of a nation-transforming policy, media would offer nothing more than a cursory analysis of its contents?

If due diligence were to be applied, a majority of citizens might come to understand the divisive nature of Multiculturalism, and  “best girlfriend” Diversity.

In a nutshell, Multicultural policy extracts giant money from the majority population and deposits in the bank accounts of thousands of “multicultural” non-profit organizations.

According to its tenets, the monies are to be used to promote the culture, religion and languages of the nations from which new immigrants derive. As it played out, the most populous, best-funded and best politically-organized communities rise to the top of the diversity food-chain.

As alluded to in the source article, these communities have been granted free will to advance socio-political agendas within general society. So much so that in time their collective power is bound usurp that of communities who came to Canada before them.

CAP opinion on the matter: Justin Trudeau loves this, as does new Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh. While media refuse to speak of the developments, political leaders and their parties pursue these goals with diligence and discipline.

 “75% of Canadians say higher immigration is making the housing crisis worse. 63% said volume of newcomers adding pressure to education systems.”

“This signals a shift in public sentiment on immigration as the country grapples with affordability challenges and problems with the delivery of public services.”

As if Trudeau gives a damn. For him, immigration policy exists as an instrument for re-election. The more immigrants, the more Liberal voters, as new arrivals and their families vote for the party in power at the time of their entry to our country.

As expressed by Mr. Wudrick in a new article published by The Hub, immigration policy exists as a critical element of social division:

“This is particularly true of Canada’s large diaspora communities, including those from China, India, and Iran, which have increasingly impacted Canada’s international relationships and given rise to interference by these countries on Canadian soil.”

Right. By way of the highest per-capita immigration intake quotas on earth, the problems of the Middle East, Punjab and China transition to Canadian problems.

As if those Liberal Einsteins in Ottawa couldn’t anticipate this outcome.

“In the 21st century, the challenges associated with immigration are vastly different from those of 50 or 100 years ago, and until recently policymakers have been unwilling to discuss immigration policy accordingly. These challenges can be broadly categorized into three areas: economic impact; infrastructure capacity; and cultural friction.”

A beautiful synopsis it is. CAP marvel at the hypocrisy inherent in Liberal government rhetoric. Branding themselves “progressives,” related social policies haven’t changed in decades.

Despite its profound impact on demographic composition of Canada, immigration policy has yet to be revamped in any form. Not so for Australia and Britain. The former recently announced measures to reduce immigration intake by 50%.

In Canada, one pending outcome of current immigration policy is a transition Anglo-Europeans to minority community status. Media say nothing.

Multicultural policy is also set-in-stone. It’s a policy which conveniently lacks a  demarcation point at which diversity is declared a success. In other words, multiculturalism can go on forever. To the point that society inverts, as 3rd World communities usurp power formerly held by “traditional” Canadian communities.

That’s not equality– that’s domination. Government say nothing; media stay mum, while our socialist academic institutions bask in the joy of the development.

“While concerns about immigration’s impact on our economy and infrastructure have slowly begun to attract more attention and public discussion, the issue of cultural friction remains largely taboo.”

Not according to Cultural Action Party [est. 2016]. With millions of clicks over the course of our existence, a significant volume of Canadians know that our organization has been laser-focused on these issues for years.

The taboo exists on the part of mainstream media, today paid to tow the woke globalist line dangling on the fish hook of woke Liberal government propaganda.

“Recent opinion polling suggests that this consensus is rapidly eroding, if not already gone. We are long overdue for an honest, constructive, and robust debate about the way forward on immigration.”

“We owe it to Canadians—both present and future.”

As in, our government owes it to Canadians. As controlled by the Liberals, it’s not going to happen. At the end of the political day, one issue reigns supreme:

Trudeau’s Liberals are using immigration in an attempt to become Canada’s government-for-life.

With their “progressive” social policies set in tablets of woke stone, Team Trudeau hold the fate of our country in their neo-communist hands.

2 thoughts on “Immigration Support Rapidly Eroding– But Trudeau Needs The Votes”

  1. “We owe it to Canadians ” …………… What Canadians ? Are there enough of us
    left ?
    Trudeau/Singh have broken this Country into a variety of nations all wanting to bring their outrageous lack of values and decency to Canada with them. Many of these new immigrants are here to fight for issues in their homeland and will only support politics that resemble them……… in thought and colour. The best example is currently live for everyone to see. Daily protests by Palestinians that are forcing people to change their daily lifestyle. I don’t need a bunch of idiots walking down main street forcing me to find an alternate route.
    The Charter of Rights allows municipalities to control where demonstrations will be held. Force these unwanted idiots to a nearby dump.
    Immigrants are coming here and are being coached on how to apply fir government funding or which local n on profit must fill it’s ” diversity ” quota for a financial grant it has recently received. Look at all these local non profit agencies, all doing the same thing and advocating for ONLY their own kind.
    Immigration is ruining this Country and bleeding heart Canadians keep believing the Trudeau/Singh message that we need more.
    Problem is, those same Canadians never read news stories like this:
    ” But before one jumps to the conclusion that our immigration system is working as it should, providing Canadian companies large and small from coast to coast with the skilled employees they would otherwise lack, one must pose this question: how many of those skilled immigrants are simply being added to the already massive number of federal, provincial and municipal government employees? The answer to that question is alarming. ”
    So while private companies are basically not in need of all these immigrants, somebody is : ” between February 2020 and June 2023 – a period spanning from just before the pandemic set in, across the hard times of Covid-19, and onward for a year after it faded. During this time, the number of government jobs increasing by 11.8 percent compared to just 3.3 percent in the private sector – a whopping total of 446,000 government bureaucrats added. ”
    But …. But …. the Feds say we need more immigrants ?
    ” more than 1 million per year? Of whom tens if not hundreds of thousands have probably ended up on the public payroll, i.e., going straight to being consumers of public resources rather than ever being productive contributors.”
    And how many are collecting Social Assistance ? The money that provides them airfare back home so they can share with family or purchase goods they don’t want to buy in Canada.
    And if your ” black ” and in the Toronto area and of course you support another Muslim you can get a new home ” The Canadian government is committing $10 million in federal funding to help 200 Black families in the Greater Toronto Area purchase their first home.
    Ahmed Hussen, the minister of housing, diversity and inclusion, made the announcement during a news conference ”
    Just think, a friend of mine and I are both living with serious disabilities and yet I’ve never heard a politician suggest a plan to help us with an accessible home.
    And because both of us have wives that still work, we have to combine our wages so that means we don’t qualify for any government financial bonuses like GST. Yet we have to spend thousands a year on medical equipment like a new wheelchair. I guess we should kneel to the government because there no taxes on medical equipment. My wife tells me she will be happy to retire in a few years and not have to pay all those taxes that are being spent on new arrivals who receive all the benefits without working for 50 years.
    Yes it’s time Canadians had a serious talk about immigration. A discussion that is not filled with bias by advocates who just arrived.

  2. “With their “progressive” social policies set in tablets of woke stone….” That brings to mind the image of Moses descending Mount Sinai with the two tablets of commandments; written w/ the finger of God. In this case; Trudeau met with Satan in the PM’s residence, and appeared with the Woke Commandments. (Did his alleged father do the same? He descended with all of the “isms.” (Multiculturalism; etc.) The second tablet spelled out the nefarious “Charter”; which was to be unveiled at a later time.

    Unlike the twelve tribes dancing riotously around their golden idol; the Trudeauites prance around a “golden” wind turbine; representing Diversity; Inclusion, and Equality–That’s an acronym for “Canada DIEs…..” (Done like dinner; Under the new “Moses.”) Actually; Trudeau gave away all of our gold to China; the DIE people dance around a green; sustainable; whirling idol. Thousands of pollinator bats are sacrificed yearly; in the whoop-whoop-whooping blades of these useless; expensive eyesores .


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