Immigration Policy: To Improve Life– Or Set Up A Liberal Government For Life?

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There are elements of Canadian society which one cannot help but find peculiar. That is, if citizens were to become aware of the circumstances in the first place.

According to federal government policy, there are two related issues which justify Canada maintaining the highest per-capita immigration quotas on earth. The first is an aging population, based on the post-World War 2 “baby boomer” phenomenon. This co-exists with a need for people to fill employment gaps resulting from our aging population.

What has never been posited by government or media is simple in conception: why did a series of federal governments permit a population erosion to occur? Are citizens in 2021 to believe Canada’s leading institutions could not predict the inevitability of a shrinking population? This kind of thing doesn’t occur overnight. There were decades upon which to establish policy to rectify a demographic shortcoming.

Government never did it. A program could have been in place for the past 40-years which offered financial incentives or tax deductions for each child born into a Canadian family.

It never happened. Why not? It is a simple concept. And we are to believe both Liberals and Conservatives lacked the vision to establish such a policy?

How strange it is. Not that a remedy didn’t exist in the form of importing the children from nations around the globe. Thus it was that immigration policy has been used to rationalize mass immigration intake from 3rd World countries.

Call CAP cynical, but while there is limited justification, the true reason lies in something different. What mainstream media has eluded for decades speaks to the heart of the matter.

We speak of the political implications. How has importing 10 Million people over the past half-century affected society from a political perspective? A mighty big question indeed. Therefore, citizens might believe it logical for this to be addressed in a broader social context.

It has never happened. To fill in the unknown, CAP offer our theory:

The purpose is to lock the Liberal Party in as government for life. If you care to notice, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals do not simply establish policy. Rather, they have established the entire social “zeitgeist” of the modern era. Propaganda campaigns being effective in this regard.

Thus it is that Liberal Party issues are Canada. Diversity, Immigration, Multiculturalism, Abortion, Euthanasia, “Minority” Rights, et al. What occurs when a challenging political party neglects to tow the line on even one of these core competencies?

They are ripped to shreds by mainstream media. Conservatives are racists. Voting for the right-leaning People’s Party of Canada will cause the CPC to lose the election. There is only one way– the Liberal way, and any deviation thereof is political blasphemy.

“Winning over Ontario voters in the hotly contested and vote-rich 905 region is imperative for any Conservative path to victory in this year’s federal election,” experts say.

What experts do not say–and neither do media–is that the “905” has the highest concentration of new arrival voters in Canada. Nor do they speak of an affinity between 3rd World voters, and 3rd World Liberal MP winners.

Despite media obfuscation, the influence is profound. So much so, it can function as the difference between a minority and majority federal government.

How did this come to be? The answer is easy-as-pie: immigration policy established the phenomenon. Media say nothing. Wonder why they are so afraid to expose the connection.

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CAP wish the buck stopped here. It doesn’t. Liberal Party strategy moves beyond concentration on Greater Toronto Area(GTA) ridings. What Trudeau’s strategists are really pushing is for immigration policy to result in the Liberals never again losing an election.

Let’s say the Liberals win eight elections consecutively. What then is the purpose of elections? For challengers to waste tens of millions of dollars in a futile endeavour? What logically results from this scenario? How about the idea that elections cease to exist?

Such it is that Canada transitions into a form of dictatorship. Now see why China is so damn interested in Justin Trudeau being re-elected as prime minister.

No wonder media never speculate on Canada’s future. Our national destiny is not something our ruling government want the people of our country to understand.

If CAP were them, neither would we.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

2 thoughts on “Immigration Policy: To Improve Life– Or Set Up A Liberal Government For Life?”

  1. It’s not a real immigration policy for the right reasons. It’s importing Liberal voters to keep the pretender in power. One doesn’t have to be that smart to see that if one has an open mind and some intelligence. Anyone who votes for Trudeau this time must live in a bubble not to see what he’s done to a wonderful country, the man is totally corrupt, closes down any investigations into his actions. Wake up voters unless you prefer communism and a dictatorship worse than it is now.


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