Media Cry “Long Term Danger” as Immigration Rates In Canada Plummet From Covid-19

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The Liberal government will miss its record-high immigration intake quotas for the year 2020, Royal Bank of Canada has reported.

Royal Bank of Canada describe the development as a “disruption that will reverberate across the economy.”

The report warns of a long-term danger if global immigration is scaled back for years as a result of the pandemic.

In other words, Canada’s banking industry continue to  position immigration to Canada as a “magic solution” from which all social and economic challenges shall be resolved. How typically “Trudeau” this is.

Is this really the truth of the matter? CAP note that there has never been a government-supported study—or any study for that matter—which provides conclusive evidence that a growth in immigration to Canada results in a corresponding growth to the Canadian economy.

As it happens, this “globalist” attitude of Canada’s major banking institutions is 100% aligned with attitudes of government and media.

Immigration is an essential component of Justin Trudeau’s trans-formation of Canadian society. As our readers may realize, CAP believe the purpose of immigration policy in Canada is as follows:

Immigration to Canada is a political weapon. This area of governance is integral to the transformation of our country from a well-functioning democracy to a pseudo-socialist society.

The political figure who most influenced this incremental transition is three-time Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. The person assigned to complete the transformation is two-time Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

This is the exact reason why CBC, CTV, Global News, National Post and Toronto Star are “crying wolf” at any sign of rejection of the largest per-capita immigration quotas on planet earth.

CAP has actually been through this previously. In 2016, we requested any form of evidence  that verifies a correlation between immigration intake, and federal economic growth.

It doesn’t exist. Still, according to 3rd World migration-pusher MP Ahmed Hussen, all Canada’s “trials and tribulations” will be resolved through never-ending 3rd world migration to the former “Great White North.”

True or False: Previous to Pierre Trudeau’s unilateral trans-formation of Canada into a “Salvation Army Nation” For the Third World, our country was a stable, safe, clean and well functioning western democracy. 

While high interest rates were the order of the day, at least Canadians has the privilege of avoiding the following:

— The government of Canada re-instating citizenship for terrorists.

— The government of Canada informing Anglophone Canada that we are a collective of racists, bigots homophobes and xenophobes.

— The government of Canada deciding to erode Christian Canada and replace it with Islamic Canada.

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Think on this a bit– it was one man— Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau—who made a decision on behalf of all Canadians that the existing social structure of Canada was simply not GOOD ENOUGH. In the meantime, no one had actually complained!

Single-handedly—with a passive Parliament ready to work his will— Trudeau Sr. implemented legislation to disempower “Old Stock” Canada, and transition that power to 3rd World Canada.

Two pieces of legislation were instrumental toward this goal– Pierre Trudeau’s  Charter Of Rights and Freedoms(1982), and the Anglophone-disparaging Multicultural Act of 1988.

Why did Pierre do this? Talk about a question which has NEVER been addressed by Canadian media since the moment “multiculturalism” was forced upon our society.

For those who paid attention, there are a variety of theories. The accepted theories includeTrudeau’s desire for social and community equality among all Canadian citizens.

Non-accepted theories such as that of Cultural Action Party of Canada state that Pierre Trudeau had a “giant chip on his shoulder” regarding the colonial founding of Canada by way of British migrants.

We also posit that Justin Trudeau hates Canada’s colonial “foundation” infinitely more than father Pierre. The man is gunning for his “pound of flesh” as he decimates what Canada represented before he came along.   

That is, unless Covid-19 derails the agenda. CAP recommend betting your bottom dollar that Justin Trudeau will do everything in his power to keep Canada on track as the number one nation on planet earth for immigration intake.

It is now obvious to CAP that Justin Trudeau will kill Canada…or die trying.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP.

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