Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen Deporting Christian Family To Africa, “Certain Death” Says Canadian Charity

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According to CitizenGo, the Ogunkoya family has been ordered to appear at an Immigration Office on Sept. 19th in order to make arrangements for their imminent departure to Nigeria.

According to Sonya Wierenga of registered  charity organization, Rose City Kids, “It’s a death sentence for them to go back.”

Welcome to the Justin Trudeau-Ahmed Hussen “Three Ring Circus of Liberal-Globalism.” Have these two cultural assassins not imported dozens of convicted Islamic terrorists?

Yet, when a Christian refugee family are possibly facing death upon return to Islamic-dominated Nigeria, snarling  refugee pitbull Ahmed Hussen says “no-go”

Why? Please, CAP readers: If this family was Islamic, would they be facing the same fate? We guess not a chance. National Council of Canadian Muslims would simply pick up the phone, hit the speed dial, and MP Iqra Khalid would be screaming “Islamophobia” faster than Justin hustles down to a local mosque during Eid.. Or just as likely, a direct call to our demographic destroyer, Hussen himself.

Witness the power of Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. Common sense Canadians may be wise to ask themselves the following.:

Would half-Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 motion not provide impetus for the above scenario? Difficult to deny, isn’t it? After all, the Nation of Islam is the singular religious community named within M103. There is no articulation of anti-Christian or Anti-Jewish behaviour within the motion.

Result? Benefit, Nation of Islam. If M103 contained verbiage on “Christophobia” would the situation differ? Would this Christian convert family not have additional leverage to keep them from being deported?

CAP Conclusion: Islam is Canada’s singular privileged religious community. The only religion to be singled out in this “anti-racism” motion.

Who benefits as a result? Islam. Sikhism. Third World migrants, multicultural organizations, immigration lawyers, and the rest of the usual suspects.

Who suffers? Anglophone Canada, Christian Canada, OId Stock Canada. Then, the social justice warriors turn around and inform our society that the singular form of ethnic and/or religious supremacy are “white Canadians.”

How truthful is this? Zero, nada, nothing at all. The privileged are those claiming to be persecuted, and the persecuted are those Trudeau & Co. claim are the oppressors.

Think this to be random or spontaneous? Not a chance. This is Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada in the flesh. Remember, Canada once had a core identity as a bi-cultural English & French nation. Father Pierre Trudeau single-handedly cancelled this, forcing multiculturalism upon society with no public buy-in whatsoever. In retrospect, thinking Canadians realize this was the beginning of the end of English Canada.

Then, some forty years later, son Justin Trudeau cancels Canadian identity in totality. Two Liberals out of a current population of 37 million Canadians. Culture hi-jacked, canceled and in time, eradicated. Pierre & Justin Trudeau–destroyers of English Canada.

Yes, it may take another 50 years to occur, however this is where our nation is headed–unless things change, and change fast. Could it happen? Yes, by all means. But not if millions of Anglophones remain within the diversity prison the Trudeau Dynasty has placed us in.

Why have we been successfully muzzled by the globalist invaders? Simple: The accusation of racism. Who in government most indulges? Justin Trudeau,Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra. 

Who within the world of ethnocentric multicultural not-for-profit organizations? National Council of Canadian Muslims(they never stop). Sikh non-profits(Komagata Maru in 1910); Chinese non-profits( Head Tax in 1905); Add LGBT/Transgender-pushers to the mix.

Which media entities are in support? CBC, Globe & Mail, Torstar, Global News-– all managed by Old Stock Canadians, all fully dedicated to the protection of the Liberal-Globalist agenda. Bizarre, eh?

“Now facing deportation to their homeland, their lives have been turned into disarray, with uncertainty and fear tormenting them day in, day out.”

Are the ISIS killers that Justin imported to Canada in a similar position? Are they living in fear of being deported and murdered at will? Nope. Trudeau’s hand-selected Somalian-Islamic Refugee Immigration Minister insured this is not the case.

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Morufat and the children, Victor, 16; Hephzibah, 14; and Rejoice, 10, dread going back to Nigeria because of consequences of her decision to convert from Islam to Christianity. They were faced with persecution and physical harm by Morufat’s father who, she said, is an Islamic extremist who issued a fatwa(death decree) against them, placing them in grave danger at the hands of extremists in Nigeria.

“Oh Canada– our MP Ahmed Hussen-dominated land!”

Send this drop-in citizen from Somalia back to his home and native land. Did you know? While this Hussen huckster demands the dilution of English Canada by way of  immigration and multicultural policies, Somalia has:

–No immigration(who would be so insane)

— No multiculturalism(98% ethnically homogenous)

— No refugee intake(what would be the point?)

No Christianity(99% Muslim)

CAP Conclusion: We hate this man. We want him removed from government. Same for boss-man Justin. Patriots want Hussen deported back to Somalia. Bye now, we have had enough. We will even pay for your plane ticket. Anything to seize the power King Justin handed this religious supremacist-type, and return Canada to the semblance of social sanity Canada’s maintained prior to the entrenchment of King Justin of Canada.

Ahmed Hussen— true Canadians want you out of our country.








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  1. Yes I agree we Canadians have had enough of the Liberals and their crazy politics they should all be shipped to Nigeria or prison . Great article and thank you ..


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