6 thoughts on “Immigration Minister Hussen Brands Canadian Nationalists “Racist””

  1. I’m a Nationalist and proud of it! My father fought for the freedoms we enjoy. The only reason there is intolerance, fear and division is because of the LOW QUALITY of people being allowed into my country. I’m not anti-immigrant but we need more of the kind of people who built Canada – White people with values, morals and commonalities, NOT savages who kill people randomly for their beliefs or lack thereof.

  2. The only thing your party & you have done is attack every Canadian including immigrants that are trying to get into the country LEGALLY. I’m a proud Cavadian. My family fought in both worlds wars to keep us from dictators & racists like you cabinet members. You have destroyed our very generous immigtsimmi system allowing ilkegail to cross our borders. The only fear mongering is coming from your party. Your divisive behaviour is appalling. Attacking Canadian citizens at every turn. The only ones that seem to have issues with LEGAL immigration is the Liberal Party.

  3. I’ve been a citizen of three countries, spoke five languages, have various races and nationalities in my family and have found that normal people don’t think of racism, or of races. It is people who accuse others of racism are usually racist themselves. I have lived in Canada on and off since before WWII and have noted with sadness how crime, which was practically non-existent in Canada in the past, has grown dramatically because the wrong immigrants have been allowed into the country. Statistics cannot lie but they can appear racist to those with a phony agenda who want to wear blinders.


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