Immigration Minister defends Canada’s response to refugee crisis

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Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is resisting calls for Canada to do more in response to the international migrant crisis, even as some of Canada’s closest allies boost their efforts to bring in more Syrian refugees.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced new measures at a news conference Sunday, stating that he was moved by the horrific images of young Alan Kurdi’s dead body washed up on a Turkish beach. In addition to taking more refugees, Australia immediately dispatched its Immigration Minister to Geneva in order to learn “what more” could be done.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Canada needs to take inspiration from countries like Germany and accept more refugees.

“The fact is, just this weekend Germany’s putting us all to shame with 7,000 yesterday, close to 10,000 today. That’s what you can do when you have political will,” he said at a campaign event in Laval, Que.

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