3 thoughts on “MP Ahmed Hussen Visits Australia, Lies in Speech On Multiculturalism”

  1. This creep will get away with murder. Trudeau will see to it. But if the situations were reversed you can bet the white guy would get the book thrown at him . There are 3 sets of laws in Canada. One for the politicians, one for the Muslims and one for the rest of us. And guess who comes out on the tail end.

    • … AND has to pay for all the others! Margaret, your post is proof that Canadians are done with this. NO ONE wants more immigrants and certainly not illegals or muslims when we see what they’re doing to Europe and Great Britain. Our health care system and infrastructure are strained past the limit of their capacities. If we have immigration, numbers should be cut to 60,000 a year and they must be ONLY of healthy, well educated, skilled workers who will obey our laws and integrate. All others are NOT WELCOME and will not be treated well here.

  2. Honestly in isn’t ALL immigration we have a problem with. I don’t mind VETTED refugees that go through the process. I dont agree with what he is doing now. Let’s all just call a spade a spade it isn’t immigration we have problems with but the type and places he insists on taking these people from.


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