Immigration is now on the verge of destroying UK, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY

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As our national identity is eroded, the political class still refuses to admit the scale of the catastrophe.

When the bloodthirsty Islamist brute nicknamed “Jihadi John” was exposed as a London computer graduate and terror suspect called Mohammed Emwazi, the cry went up, “How was he allowed to slip through the net?”

But it was an absurd question.

There is no net.

The last remnants of that tattered fabric have been torn away by a gang of unpatriotic, self-serving politicians who have imposed a destructive social revolution on our country without any consent from the British people.

The scandalous ease with which Emwazi was able not only to practice his violent fundamentalism but also to embark on his global jihadist travels is a graphic symbol of the collapse of our national integrity.

Fixated by the ideology of multi-culturalism, our rulers are unwilling to uphold either our borders or our British way of life.

Their cowardice was further highlighted last week by the release of the latest immigration figures, which revealed that, far from reducing the foreign influx as promised, the Tory-led Coalition has actually increased it.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), no fewer than 624,000 people immigrated to the United Kingdom in the year ending September 2014, a rise of 94,000 on the previous year.

The real impact of mass immigration could be far higher, for the total of National Insurance numbers dished out last year to foreigners was 768,000, an increase of 24 per cent on the previous year.

Moreover the ONS report does not of course include the huge wave of illegal migrants who surge through our porous borders every year.

Even on the most cautious basis, the statistics are truly shocking.

Every year, the equivalent of Manchester’s vast population is now settling here.

This accelerating floodtide represents an epic failure by the Tories, who promised in the 2010 General Election campaign that they would achieve a significant reduction in the numbers.

Predictably, the Conservatives have tried to downplay this political bankruptcy.

One of their favourite ruses is to emphasize net, rather than gross, immigration.

Cultural diversity is code for national suicide

By subtracting the number of people leaving Britain (327,000) from the total of new arrivals (624,000) last year, they conveniently come up with the much lower figure of 297,000.

But net immigration is a meaningless figure. It gives no indication of the nature of social upheaval within Britain.

What is really happening is an exodus of talented, experienced, ambitious and wealthy Britons, with their places increasingly taken by low-skilled, often welfare dependent foreigners.

Indeed a recent report from University College London showed that 10 per cent of all highly skilled Britons now live overseas, while a quarter of working age adults with poor numeracy skills are immigrants.

Another devious stratagem is to pretend that the rise is all the fault of the European Union’s free movement policy.

That is certainly a problem that will not be resolved until Britain leaves the EU, but the fact is that majority of immigrants in 2014– as in all recent years – actually came from outside Europe, so the Government could have controlled these numbers if they wanted.

Impotence is an act of political will. Equally phoney is the pretence that burgeoning immigration is a tribute to the Coalition’s economic success.

Actually, less than half of the new arrivals, only 271,000 people, moved here for work.

Rates of welfare dependency, joblessness and economic inactivity are all significantly higher among immigrants from outside the EU than among people born here.

Damningly, last week’s report from University College London demonstrated that migrants are six times more likely never to have worked than native Britons.

That is a prime reason why, despite all the tough measures in the Government’s welfare reform programme, social security bills keep on rising.

Economic fabrications are just part of the official barrage of misleading propaganda aimed at disguising our national demise.

So we are constantly told that our public services would “collapse” without migrant labour, even though we managed to become a great industrial nation and create the NHS without it.

I n reality, far from propping our civic infrastructure, mass immigration has imposed an intolerable strain on the state, with every migrant costing on average £8350 in terms of education, healthcare and benefits.

Just as offensively, the politicians like to claim that mass immigration is somehow part of our heritage, with Britain portrayed as nothing more than “a gathering of countless different races and communities,” to quote the words of the late Labour left-winger Robin Cook in 2001.

His statement was historical nonsense.

Until recently, Britain was one of the most homogenous nations in the world.

In 1940 there were just 238,000 foreign nationals in Britains, little more than a third of the current annual influx.

How we have changed.

Cultural diversity is code for national suicide.

Tragically, as last week’s figures show, that process of disintegration can only accelerate under our current supine, dishonest rulers.



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