Immigration: Financial Burden Of $5300 Per Canadian Tax-Payer, Costs $30 BILLION In 2018

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Yet, according to Immigration Minister, Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen, immigrants to Canada are worth their weight in gold. Incredibly, this dual citizen drop-in informs us that unemployed, uneducated illegal refugees are the same–also worth their weight in gold.

Logic tells us that  if it is false for the average immigrants it must ipso facto be false for illegal and even legal refugees. Conclusion? MP Ahmed Hussen is lying.

According to government statistics, in 2010 the number of recent immigrants (since 1985) was about 3.7 million. Multiplying this number by $5,300 brings the estimated fiscal burden that year to $20 billion. Since then the stock of immigrants has increased by 250,000 a year and raised the annual fiscal burden in 2018 to over $30 billion.

How sweet. The things we learn when the results of an independent, non-governmental study is reveal the facts to Canadians. Then, we have Ahmed Hussen, and boss-man Justin Trudeau.

Considering their goal of transforming traditional Canadian communities in numerical minorities, we can understand why they would refrain from admitting any form of downside to their demographic assault upon society. These two will do anything to prevent 37 million Canadians from comprehending the fiscal reality of immigration to Canada.

The most blatant example of this related to an earlier study from Yale-educated economist, Herbert Grubel. In this report he informs Canadians that the controversial Family Reunification Program is largely responsible for the fiscal debt. After all, elderly parents and grandparents contribute little to our economy, while soaking up massive amount of health, medical and dental resources.

In an article entitle “The Invisible Price Tag Of Immigration,” Mr. Grubel states: “In 2009, family-class immigrants made up 22.1% of all immigrants who entered Canada that year. Those who were selected by the federal government on the basis of their occupational skills and other characteristics contributing to their economic success accounted for only 16.2%.

In  other words, these new Canadian are a fiscal burden upon society. How does Justin Trudeau and snarling pitbull refugee-pusher, Ahmed Hussen, respond to this? Why, that would be by raising the Family Reunification quotas by 400%. 

Why? Good question–and therefore one establishment media have never addressed. What a shock. It is CAP’s opinion that the reason is two-fold:

First, to please Third World Canada. Second, to gain the votes of Muslim, Sikh and Chinese communities, as well as their new arrival relatives. Media have yet to inform Canadians of a critical element of the equation. New immigrants tend to vote for the party in power when they are permitted to enter our country. Likewise, Third World families tend to vote in bulk. Also, these families tend to be large in numbers.

These are the reasons Trudeau and Hussen push these people upon our society. Nothing at all to do with humanitarian issues. For those who think Family Reunification is limited to Parents and Grandparents– think again.

Rather, an immigrant can  sponsor parents’ and grandparents’ spouses, or conjugal or common-law partners. They can include your brothers and sisters, or half brothers and sisters, if they qualify as dependent children.   Your father, your step mother and their son are also good to go.  In other words, the berth is wide-open for use and of course, abuse.

On the topic of taxation as related to income and wealth, such as the GST and capital gains taxes, Mr. Grubel  concluded that in 2008-09, recent immigrants on average paid $13,100 in tax compared with $18,000 paid by other Canadians, yielding a SHORTFALL of $4,900 per year

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Bottom line: New arrivals to Canada pay less taxes than long-term Canadians, yet utilize more government resources than long-term citizens. Naturally, it is generational Canadians who foot the bill for the new arrivals.

These are fiscal realities of migration to Canada. Then, we have the fairy dust Trudeau and Hussen sprinkle upon society. Canada would “go bankrupt” without Canada maintaining the highest migration quotas per capital in the western world. These people are essential to off-set an aging population and workforce.

Of course, government could have and should have thought about our demographic decline decades ago. After all, this is their job. Incentive programs to have additional children could have been set up in the 1970’s and 1980’s which would ease the pressure on a aging population. Successive Canadian governments–both Liberal and Conservative–did no such thing.

Basically, Ahmed Hussen and boss-man Justin Trudeau have lied to the people of Canada. In their deception, they have trans-formed the fiscal burden of immigration and refugee status into something it is not: a financial, or fiscal benefit to our nation.

This is what can occur when a government with an ideological agenda–the transformation of Canada away from a democracy and toward a pseudo-dictatorship-– overrides fiscal and economic growth and stability.










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