Immigration Canada Processes 4.8 Million Applications In 2022

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Canada Marks Record-Breaking Year For Processing Immigration Applications:

“Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has processed 4.8 million applications— nearly twice the 2.5 million processed during the same period last year.”

Pulling out our pocket calculator, this means that 7.3 million applications have been processed in a two-year period. This equals a whopping 19% of Canada’s total  population within a 24-month time frame.

This is fascinating on a number of levels. First, we have Canadian media’s failure to expose the information to our citizenship.

Officially, Canada’s annual immigration intake quota stands at approximately 500,000— the largest in national history. In reality, the number of actual immigration applications processed is just under 10 times this number.

CAP turn toward our endless obsession: how these statistics impact Anglophone citizens, and others of European origin. At this rate, our transition to minority community status will surely arrive faster than anyone could imagine. Of course, very few imagine it, because legacy media choose to hide this from our knowledge. No doubt that our federal government told them to do so.

More, More, More–How Do You Like It?

Our Liberal government remain on track to meet its goal to “process 80% of new applications within service standards,” while continuing to make strides in achieving  shorter wait times for new applicants.

80% of 4.8 million is 3,840,000 migrant approvals within a single year. This number constitutes 10% of Canada’s current population.

“For study permit processing, Canada is on pace to set a new record this year. As of November 30 this year, IRCC had processed over 670,000 study permits, compared to more than 500,000 during the same time period last year. As a result of these efforts, most new study permits are now being processed within the 60-day service standard.”

Translation: Canada is being absolutely flooded with new migrants. While official Liberal media output focuses on statistics, they neglect to inform Canadians of the top sources nations for immigration.

Let us think about this for a moment. How often have you read a mainstream media article stating the following:

The top sources for immigration to Canada in 2021 are:

India, China, Philippines, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, United States, France.

Is this not pertinent enough to be exposed for all Canadians to comprehend? Why isn’t it done?

CAP will take a wild guess. One primary reason relates to the impact on English Canada, and its Anglophone communities. Plainly stated, this social phenomenon is going to transition white Canadians to a minority community.

Anglo-European citizens deserve to understand our eventual fate. CBC say nothing, Toronto Star print nothing. But they do tell us the following:

“The last time that such a high proportion of immigrants came from a single place of birth was during the 1971 census, when 20.9 per cent of all recent immigrants came from the United Kingdom, Statistics Canada said.

Concerned Canadians can kiss this one goodbye– it will never occur again.

The next-largest Asian source countries for new immigrants were the Philippines, at 11.4 per cent, and China, at 8.9 per cent.

Between 2016 and 2021, 218,430 new refugees were admitted to Canada as permanent residents. More than one quarter of those, 61,000, came from Syria.

Iraq, 15,505, Eritrea, 13,965, Afghanistan, 9,490, and Pakistan, 7,810, were the other most common countries of birth for new refugees from 2016 to 2021,” the report said.

After which a light-bulb moment goes off in CAP’s head: So this is what Justin Trudeau means by our “post-modern” society. During the pursuit, Old Stock Canadians are to be reduced to a blip on our nation’s demographic map. Due to government-media coordination, it is being hidden from our awareness.

If you are going to decimate the founding communities of Canada, at least have the decency to tell us what is going on. But they won’t. Instead, a related agenda is being cultivated behind-the-backs of Anglophones.

The preservation of French Canada by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. In contrast to an assault on English Canada, our Quebecois PM is quietly approving French-Canadian nationalism for the province of Quebec.

Trudeau does this because he understand a concept hidden from millions of Anglo-Canadians. While our existence is being systemically decimated, the Liberals  are supporting the maintenance and advancement of Quebecois culture. French language rights are being reinforced as we speak.

Bill C-13 seeks to foster and protect the use of French in federally regulated private businesses in Quebec,” as written in Section 54 (4).  Some fear that the promotion and protection of French comes at the expense of English.

CAP quickly compile a list of Trudeau government priorities:

Quebecois culture and sovereignty, French language rights, Muslim and Sikh communities, Syrian and Afghani refugees, Foreign aid to Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Iraq, and Pakistan, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations, China, Saudi Arabian oil.

Shall we go on? Let’s not, and turn the tables toward our Liberal government’s approach to Old Stock Canadians:

Attack on Oil/Energy Industries, attack on Farmers, Truckers, Conservatives, Albertans, Western Canadians. Advancement of abortion and Euthanasia. Immigration policy(Quebec is the only province has jurisdiction over Immigration). Increased taxation(Climate Change).

The Running Of The Anglophone

Seven years of branding our communities racist, homophobic and transphobic. Government training materials claiming that prejudice against Anglophones cannot be considered racism. Accusations from PM Trudeau that our people are genocidal. The branding of the Christian church as genocidal. Punitive Covid-related measures against Canadian churches, while other religions remain exempt.

Quite the laundry-list of punitive measures, eh? At the same time, Trudeau claims “white privilege” is endemic within society. New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh tells us that we are genocidal against First Nations. As in, at this very moment.

Back at media headquarters, publishers, editors and journalists– Anglophones in the main– steadfastly refuse to articulate even one element of what we speak.

Only to find out under-the-table that the Liberal government has processed nearly 5 million migrant application in 2022 alone, equating to 12% of Canada’s population.

If all this is privilege, then Saddam Hussein should have been chosen as Pope Pius the 88th.

4 thoughts on “Immigration Canada Processes 4.8 Million Applications In 2022”

  1. How the Hell can government employees process that many immigrant applicants when the can’t process day to day passport applications for everyday Canadians??

  2. “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has processed 4.8 million applications— nearly twice the 2.5 million processed during the same period last year.”

    CAP: “Pulling out our pocket calculator, this means that 7.3 million applications have been processed in a two-year period.”

    How lovely. Meanwhile; Mainstream Canadians wait until hell freezes over–For passports/passport renewals. (One wonders if they’re prioritized….By surname.) LaFramboise? Mid-Eastern? Chinese? Top of the pile. Erickson/Smith/Burns? Bottom of the pile. Wouldn’t put it past these Federal; anti-White racists. They likely spent $50 million for [surname sensitive] “Passport Expediting Technology.”


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