Immigration Boss Ahmed Hussen “THRILLED” Convicted Terrorists Keeping Canadian Citizenship

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“Thrilled 2 see Bill C-6 pass in the Senate Protecting your citizenship is our number 1 priority. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

So stated Canada’s Somalian-Islamic Minister of Immigration, MP Ahmed Hussen. The legislation repeals a provision that strips dual citizens of their Canadian status if convicted of terrorism, treason or espionage.

Does this not speak volumes regarding this dual-citizen’s attitude toward immigration, religion, and Canadian citizenship? Please do tell–what is so fantastically wonderful about convicted terrorists retaining an ability to keep their Canadian citizenship?

Here at CAP, we cannot think of the single benefit which results for the Canadian people. Logic suggests the only benefit goes to the convicted terrorists, and their supporters.

Upon Justin Trudeau’s victory in 2015, another sketchy half-citizen from the Middle East, MP Omar Alhagbra, was quoted saying the win was “a victory for Islam.”  Perhaps this sheds light on Hussen’s overwhelming glee regarding re-instating citizenship for a motley crew of terrorists and murderers.

As it happens, since Mr. Trudeau seized control of Canadian society, the victories for Islam in Canada has grown exponentially. Anyone remember a time when the geo-political interests of the Nation of Islam were not front-and-centre within Canadian politics, and general society?

Seems like a long, long time ago, eh? Well, in fact, pre-Islamic Canada is just four years old. It began the day Justin crowned himself “Globalist King Of Canada.” Since this time, Islam has been protected from criticism by half-Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid, and her government motion M103— a measure which arguably places Islam on a protected pedestal no other religion in Canada is privy to.

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So Canada has a terrorist-friendly prime minister and immigration minister. The Liberal MP handling the Minister Of Status of Women is a known Sharia-law supporter, Maryam Monsef.  Upon election in 2015, Trudeau gave the Deputy Foreign Minister portfolio to a rumoured ex-Muslim Brotherhood member— MP Omar Alghabra.

Getting the picture, folks? Simply stated, Justin Trudeau has infused the Nation of Islam into both government, and general society. Hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing through to Third World multicultural organizations.  Billions have been handed to despotic and theocratic Middle Eastern governments.

Meanwhile, neither Justin, nor his “third world posse” in government have issued a single sentence which challenges or criticizes any aspect of Islamic ideology. Not Sharia Law, Not a word on female genital mutilation. Total silence on child marriage. Not a peep of condemnation of ISIS, or Islamic terrorism in general.

What the heck is going on here? CAP will inform: Establishment media in Canada are covering-up a truism: Under Justin Trudeau, Canada is a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian nation.

Who voted for this? The very same Canadians who voted for multiculturalism– no one at all. Such Trudeau-isms!  Democracy?  “We don’t need no stinkin’ democracy.” We are the Trudeau Dynasty. We are Pierre, Justin, and commie-in-the-shadows, brother Alexandre.

We own the consciousness of Canadian society, and if we want Islam as a core of society, we will damn well do so. This is the true essence of the Trudeau gang. What media portray is a lie. The Trudeau family are not dedicated to Canada–they are dedicated to Communism, China, Iran and Islam.

A question CAP chew on to the point of obsession: WHY does a media comprised of Old Stock, Anglophone, Francophone Canadians–as well as secular or religious Christians, protect an agenda which erodes and marginalizes the very communities these people come from?

Talk about building a mystery. If the publisher of the Globe & Mail was Muhammed Hussein, we could understand why this would be the case. Are CBC’s executive comprised of migrants from the Middle East? Nope. Is Toronto Star a division of Al-Jazeera media corporation?

Then why do they hide this giant social deception? There has to be a reason. This is where the shadowy globalist agenda comes into play. Who are pulling the strings to pull the wool cap over the eyes of the people of Canada?

Big questions–no answers. Last time CAP checked, Canada was not created for the purpose of accommodating the Nation of Islam. Yet, in 2019, this is how the Trudeau government operate.

Clearly, something is very,  very wrong within our society. Yes, elements of this have existed for decades– a natural result of the non-democratic policy of Anglo-bashing multiculturalism.

Yet, no previous PM has gone as hog-wild over the whole affair as Justin Trudeau. CAP would describe Justin’s state-of-mind on these issues as “manic.”  As in, straight out of the genes of mother Margaret, and into Trudeau’s narcissistic brain.

Get him out. If this globalist assassin gets re-elected for another four year term, what will trans-pire? CAP will tell you: the very same thing which has gone on for the past four years.

Trudeau doesn’t change, and he never will. Nor will his chosen people, and their approach to western society. Cast-in-stone, all of it, for all-time.

This is what Justin Trudeau has done to the former “Great White North.” Four more years should finish off English Canada for good. “Mission accomplished,” bellows Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen.





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  1. Sooooo,,,,, it’s ok if Canadian idiots join Isis and kill Canadian soldiers! Then they are allowed back into this peaceful country!!? No Fucking way! I am a vet and I disagree with this bullshit!

  2. I can only say one thing.. GOD SAVE CANADA, coz they wanna make Canada 58th Islamic state to finish USA and North Americas


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