Violence Results As IMAM Forces Teenage Canadian Girl To Marry Adult Man, Police Intervene

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“The teenager broke into the apartment of the Al-Atrash family without knocking. People were chasing her. She seemed terrified, out of breath. She needed a place to hide.”

“My family wants to hit me, my family wants to hit me, she repeated. Residents of the place wanted to calm her, offer her a glass of water. They could not understand why she broke into their home. But they could see that she had left in an emergency, without even taking the time to put on her shoes.

Then the front door opened again. Six people broke into the modest housing following the girl. His mother, his brothers, his fiancé in his twenties, and two of his friends. They seemed furious, enraged, aggressive.

The fleeing teenager rushed into a room and locked the door. His mother cried, “I want my daughter! Her fiancé took off and started beating in the door of the room, which he managed to smash.

The hunted girl was holding on, leaning her back against the broken door and pushing with her legs on the bed in front of her to block the entrance.” 

As this occurred, Justin Trudeau took to the stage to inform Canadians that “diversity is our strength.” Doesn’t seem like much of a strength for this fundamentalist Islamic family. For CAP, it sounds a lot more like chaos, anger, misogyny, child abuse and violence.

Speaking of anger, how bitter the people of Canada will be when this is reported on CBC News. Of course, it hasn’t been reported by this media outlet, or any other establishment news outlet.

Why not? Because it would reflect poorly upon the Nation of Islam. In Trudeau’s Canada, we do not indulge in such a thing. M103 was created for this very purpose–to provide Muslim-Canada with a leg up over all other religions in Canada. This identifiable Canadian community enjoys a singular privilege above and beyond the others–it is Islam alone which is verbally referenced within M103. No “Christophobia” or “Jew-a-phobia” is contained within–“Islamophobia” only. Nice for them, eh?

The patrol officers of the Victoriaville, Quebec station, who were on the scene, had a hard time understanding what was happening.

“The police were called for an altercation involving about twenty people,” says sergeant Ingrid Asselin, spokesman for the SQ. Other members of the community were involved in the dispute. The situation was confused.”

Almost daily, Cultural Action Party of Canada uncover sordid stories of this nature which have been hidden away by mainstream Canadian media. If this occurred sporadically, that would be one thing. On this basis, it could be thought of as a random occurrence to some degree.

However, when we experience this day-in and day-out, it delivers a profound message to Canadians–our media are working to cover-up crimes and violence related to Islamic Sharia Law.

CAP Conclusion? The Trudeau government is a Sharia-friendly government. It should come as no surprise, really. Both Justin Trudeau and his Women’s Minister of unknown origin, Sharia-advocate MP Maryam Monsef ignore child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Why? Because they are Islamic religious practices. What other reason can there be? Let’s ask ourselves– if the mutilation of a teenage Canadian girls body was not rationalized by Islamic law, would this be acceptable to government, as well as society in general?

The answer is…yes! Because physical abuse is also sanctioned under another Trudeau-supported agenda: transgenderism for children.

Okay, that’s two areas– both are Justin Trudeau and MP Maryam Monsef approved communities. Therefore, if the liberal-globalist agenda was not a factor, what would Canadians have to say regarding the physical mutilation of our children and teenagers

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Conclusion: These Charter breaches and illegal/immoral behaviours only exist because of political correctness. The perpetrators are HIDING behind their religion.

Did you know? FGM in Canada is illegal, and so is child marriage. Yet, when occurring in the name of transgenderism or Islam, these people are 100% off the hook.

Why? What is it about Justin Trudeau’s Canada which makes our country so incredibly skewed toward the Nation of Islam, and the Nation of LGBT?

A giant question in CAP’s mind. Therefore, by default, a question which establishment media will never answer.

Both are anti-Christian. This is a start, for Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, and MP Iqra Khalid fall into this categorization. In general, the LGBT industry is also anti-Christian. Here we begin to gain the necessary insight which Andrew Coyne, John Ivison and Chantal Hebert will never inform us of.

What this IMAM has done is against Canadian law. Will he receive due justice? Doubtful–he is a member of Trudeau’s chosen community. Will this story be exposed within the Globe & Mail? Doubtful. After searching the web to find Canadian articles on the story, CAP find nothing within mainstream media. Shock Of The Century, eh?

Let CAP cut the crap and lay it on the line: A Canada with Justin Trudeau as prime minister is a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian nation. End of story–for the moment.






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  1. Same thing being played out in 30 other countries unanimously. It is a jihad by Islamic trash yet again, and protected by socialists just as they did in WWII. Largest nazi regiment was the cream of Islam. Socialists and Islam work together and have been since 1925.

    • I have a two VHS video called”Exodus”..the story of a ship called Exodus that was going to Tele Viv filled with Jewish people..they got hung up in Greece by the British..finally were allowed to the end of the movie, 1947..this is a movie based on a true showed how the Muslims were in cahoots with the Nazi regime..and still today, they are the same evil radical terrorists that they were back in the 1940,s..It was directed by Otto Preminer and starred Paul Newman..based on actual events..

  2. This needs to get shared as much as possible to DEFEAT THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT and Trudeau’s socialist agenda for Canada. Wake up and get all the truth before the election. This is a sad day for common sense legal Canadians.


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