IMAM Claims Trudeau Govt Advocate Sharia Law, Denies When It Goes “Viral”

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According to CBC News, Canadian IMAM Mufti Aasim Rashid is quoted on video as stating the following:

“The Canadian government wanted the Muslims to be able to regulate their own issues of marriage and divorce and set up systems of mediation and arbitration to solve their problems amongst themselves through Shariah law so that it’s not a burden on the court system, which is already so bogged down,” he said.

Seems like a straight-forward statement to CAP. Yet, now that hits on the video are in the tens of thousands, this IMAM fellow is retracting his statements, or at least informing Canadians the statement was taken out-of-context.

The video itself includes a short section from a speech about Islam delivered by Mufti Aasim Rashid in Kamloops, B.C., in October 2017. It also features a picture of Justin Trudeau praying at a mosque and ends on a clip of Trudeau championing diversity, which is then covered up by a photo illustration of a small child wearing a “Make Canada Great Again” hat.

Right. Make Canada GREAT Again. In order to achieve this, Canada MUST have a prime minister other than Justin Trudeau. Pourquoi? Because Trudeau is working AGAINST the will of the Canadian majority by advancing, funding and indemnifying the Nation of Islam within Canadian society.

This IMAM can retract statements until the cows come home. All the backtracking in the world cannot negate the fact that Justin Trudeau is wholly dedicated to the Nation of Islam.

Remember the shock Canadians had when Mr. Trudeau ANNOUNCED his campaign promise to integrate Islam into the fabric of Canadian society? NOT!  See the way the Trudeau family operate? Papa Pierre was the same. Not regarding Islam specifically, but rather in the manner he personally CANCELLED Canada’s former English and French bi-cultural identity.

How so? Because the decision was made by a SINGLE Canadian– one who happened to be prime minister. CAP say that NO INDIVIDUAL citizen –regardless of their position within society– should have so much power they can unilaterally ALTER the identity of our nation.

Yes, Pierre Trudeau HAD this arrogance. Forty-odd years later, son Justin Trudeau replicates this tendency by SINGLE-HANDEDLY integrating Islam into society.

CAP Conclusion? The family of Pierre Trudeau are the most dangerous and damaging Canadians who ever lived. Third place goes to the man hired to decimate Anglophone Canada, Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen.

These IMAM’s can scream until they are blue in the face, but NO ONE can deny the Liberal-Trudeau-Islam-China cabal of globalist assault.  They will try, of course. This is accomplished by way of media manipulation. CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest have been assigned their task: Protect, hide and obscure all aspects of the globalist agenda for the permanent TRANS-formation of Canada–

Pre-Trudeau Dynasty:

— English & French bi-cultural nation, 95% of immigrants came from Europe, true liberal democracy, freedom of the press, MINIMAL racism.

Post-Trudeau Dynasty:

Cancelled English Canadian identity, 90% of migrants from Third World, integration with communist China, embracement and promotion of Islam, repressive religious laws(M103), ESCALATION in racism, ISIS terrorist citizenship,  proliferation of Mosques, Sikh nationalism, FAKE socialist liberalism.

What a difference a “day” makes. And, despite these axiomatic changes–not to mention an inverted carbon copy approach to homosexuality and transgenderism, the majority of Canadians have little clue of the globalist trajectory that has  SEDUCED our nation

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CAP theory tells us ALL OF THIS was planned out decades in advance. Consider this thought:

Multiculturalism, a no-questions-asked policy which has dramatically and profoundly transformed our nation, is a “cornerstone” of Canadian society. Yet, for a policy so impactful, Canadians have little to NO IDEA where this ideology came from. Did Pierre think it up on his own?  Did he get the idea from someone else? How CURIOUS that the roots of diversity have NEVER been explored within Canadian media.

Fact: Multiculturalism must have come from somewhere. CAP opinion: It was conceived during a set of meetings between Pierre Trudeau and Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China.

Pierre sits down in 1970 with Chairman Mao. He explains his problem– Canada is a giant land mass with a small population. Considering the man’s penchant for lofty political theory and Marxist ideology, he explains that Canadians are an unsophisticated lot who could use a dose of “international” worldly sophistication.

Solution? Multiculturalism. Trans-form your backward nation into the globalist capital of the world. Rid our country of its colloquial, plebeian nature. Bring the world to Canada. Of course, being the leader of China, what Mao was really thinking about was the benefit FOR CHINA.

Fast forward a generation, and son Justin Trudeau is DRIVING a free trade deal with the behemoth, human rights-abusing communist nation. See the way the Trudeau’s roll? Witness what this trouble-making socialist family has delivered to  OUR NATION.

Trouble. This is all Pierre, Justin and commie-in-the-shadows brother Alexandre have been for English Canada, and its Anglophone and Christian peoples.

Perhaps, one day this will all come out. Naturally, it will be WELL AFTER the fact. Globalist agendas  operate in the following manner: Inject the social malignancy DEEP into the body politic, so deep it can never be extracted. Then, subsequently, the general population begin to catch wind of the plot–but ONLY when it is too late to reverse the process.

This is globalism. It is Justin Trudeau, and pit-bull refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen. It is the advent of Islam, as well as the transgender industry. All are aspects of a SINGULAR agenda.

In Canada, the ideological figure head of the globalist seduction of our nation is the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.







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  1. Your article is misleading. The concept of multiculturalism was introduced by Pierre Trudeau, but it was Mulroney’s government in 1988 that enacted and passed the Canadian Multiculturalism Act.

    • Pierre Trudeau/ Brian Mulroney dynamic regarding multiculturalism has been expressed by CAP dozens of times. Multicult Act was passed by Mulroney Govt, however the ideology itself comes from Pierre. It wouldnt exist of not for this commie traitor to his nation.


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