1 thought on “Illegal Migrants To Canada Costs Taxpayers As Much As $33,000 Per Person”

  1. This is only going to get Worse.

    In December, Justin “The JUDAS” Trudeau is committing Canada to the abomination that is the United Nations Compact on Migration.

    To have a better understanding of what this entails and the impact it will have on Canada, please listen to this Podcast.

    The Quiggin Report | Episode #45 – The UN Global Compact on Migration

    Is this about a Global Compact or is it about Global Governance? The UN Compact on Migration and the new Declaration are a not-so-secretive attempt to advance the principle of global governance under the auspices of the UN. the UN itself is now largely driven by corrupt, dictatorial and massive abusers of human rights. The key impact of this will be to move, literally, hundreds of millions of people from areas of Africa, the Middle East and Central America into Europe, North America and East Asia.



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