Illegal Immigration Rises 1300% Under Trudeau Government

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“Illegal immigration to Canada is the act of a person who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident entering or remaining in Canada in a manner contrary to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and its associated regulations.”

It is under these circumstances, inclusive of illegality, that CAP reference a social trend incongruous not only with Canadian law, but with the very meaning of citizenship in a western democracy.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the name of the Canadian federal department that facilitates the arrival of immigrants to Canada. According to their data, 143,830 people entered Canada illegally and applied for refugee status in 2023.

According to a report from True North News, “the Trudeau government changed visitor visa rules to make it easier for anyone to come to Canada, allowing bad-faith actors to come under false pretenses and take advantage of Canada’s generous landed refugee program.” 

Why? What is the message delivered to Canadians when government deviate from a law that serves to protect our society from infiltration by “bad actors under false pretenses?”

It’s a phenomenon worthy of serious scrutiny. For the benefit of our Liberal government, mainstream media view the issue through rose-coloured glasses, obfuscating the impact of tens of thousands of illegal migrants entering our country.

Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] have much interest in both ramifications of this development, in addition to government’s motivation for illegal refugee entry. Readers may well anticipate that the topic of “globalism” will colour the palette of our viewpoint.

The Liberals have been in power for approximately eight years running. When Justin Trudeau began his tenure in 2015, he appointed John McCallum as immigration minister.

Having deep personal ties to China, McCallum was eventually fired from his position as related to his stance on deportation of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou. It was McCallum who spearheaded a Liberal government plan to import 35,000 Syrian refugees to Canada.

We begin to zero-in on the “vibe.” On a colloquial level, McCallum served as a “stooge” for the government of China. He also oversaw Trudeau’s ground-zero project for the importation of Syrian refugees, which in retrospect would serve as a catalyst for what was to come.

His position was filled by Liberal GTA MP Ahmed Hussen. It’s at this point that a dramatic increase in illegal immigration intake began. Hussen, refugee from Somalia, took a series of trips to the Middle East and Africa.

“Minister Hussen announces $65.8 million in funding for international development projects in Mozambique and concludes trip to southern Africa.”

Visits to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Morocco, Tanzania and Nigeria and others took place as Minister Hussen, currently a half-citizen of Somalia, developed diplomatic ties. In 2022, Nigeria was the fourth largest source of immigrants to Canada.

In the spirit of Orwellian dialect, the term “illegal” migrants was transitioned by government to “irregular” migrants. A dilution of verbal impact speaks to the Feds desire to “soften the blow” of illegal entry to Canada.

Hussen was followed by Liberal MPs Marco Mendicino and Liberal MP from Nova Scotia, Sean Fraser. Five Immigration Ministers in, the portfolio is presently held by Quebecois Liberal MP Marc Miller.

In 2023, the Liberals spent three-quarters of a billion dollars on accommodation for refugees and illegal immigrants, in addition to health care, dental care and welfare payments.

Fair to say Team Trudeau are treating law-breaking border-jumpers better than they do millions of Canadian-born citizens? Of course it is– the transition encapsulating the essence of what it means to be a Liberal politician in “post-modern” Canadian society.

Moving from the pragmatic to the philosophical, let us contemplate the result of bursting the bubble of legal migration to our nation. What are the main repercussions?

For one, a dilution of what it means to be a Canadian. Another would be a devaluation in the meaning of holding a Canadian passport. Along these lines, we recognize the “woke globalist” imperative inherent in all-things Liberal under PM Trudeau.

It’s not only the design of our passport that has changed. Last year, the Liberals transitioned this document– rife with traditional Canadian symbolism– to a generic document devoid of national identity.

Is the advent of government-sponsored illegal migration not in keeping with this move? Is the entire dynamic not representative of the breaking down of national borders so critical to the “woke globalist” ethos? Of course it is.

Let Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] speak the unspeakable. Every bit of this is part-and-parcel with the tenets held by globalist organizations such as World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

Dilution of national identity being fundamental to the desires of international money-men, globalist media entities, as well as socialist not-for-profit organizations such as WEF.

This is our current Liberal government. What an insult it is to true Canadians– those of us born on Canadian soil, as well as those who came to our country in an honest, authentic manner.

Trudeau couldn’t give a damn. In place of democratic principles like the “will of the people,” our PM places the will of non-Canadian entities above that of multi-generational, tax-paying citizens.

Transitioning Canada to a “Salvation Army Nation Of The World,” government has the audacity not only to do so, but to force natural-born Canadians to pay for the entire charade.

March 16th, 2024:

“Demonstrators gathered in Montreal’s Parc-Extension neighbourhood Saturday to demand the federal government grant permanent residency status for all undocumented people living in Canada.”

“Protesters called on Immigration Minister Marc Miller to create a program to regularize the status of migrants, end deportations and immigration detention.”

How do you like “no core identity” Canada now?

4 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Rises 1300% Under Trudeau Government”

  1. When a once proud Country like Canada announces that it is guilty of ” genocide “, one has to wonder why anyone would want to come here.
    Could it the free benefits paid for by ” old stock ” Canadians ? Now there’s another slap on the face from Trudeau/Singh.
    Why are Canada’s indigenous community not speaking out about all these illegals and the explosion of immigrants. According to the indigenous community, it owns all the land in Canada. So why is it not protesting and demanding a seat at the immigration table ?
    If you’re going to make us pay for wrongdoings of the past, why are all these newcomers not forced to pay ? Is it a form of discrimination against anglophones ?

  2. no core identity doesn’t matter because the avg Canadian spends time in front of a screen. you want an identity? make an avatar. welcome to the metaverse, identify as anything you want and let go of “reality”

    want to be a fox? just buy a tail and some ears in second life, want to be an undead zombie? just download world of warcraft. the only time people see other “humans” is through school and work, which will all be done online sooner or later.

    the goal is to build the world of rick Sanchez (from Rick and Morty) where you can identify as a frog or demon or even a toaster oven, the possibilities are endless brad, you’re just showing signs of aging! it’ll be alright!

  3. “Minister Hussen announces $65.8 million in funding for [money laundering] projects in Mozambique and concludes trip to southern Africa.”

    In related news; Three quarters of a billion Canadian pesos–Spent looking after migrants in 2023. Naturally this will be increased in 2024. Trudeau’s little darlins deserve only the best. That is; until they thaw, and realize that they were duped by government propaganda. The land of milk and honey is bankrupt; morally, and fiscally. Reaping the poisonous fruit of dead-handed government; it is increasingly inhospitable, and unlivable. Home probably never looked so good to a lot of these people. Constant betrayal by a sinister government affects all of us. We’re all pawns on the WEF/UN/Trudeau chessboard.

  4. “[Snowflakes] gathered in Montreal’s Parc-Extension neighbourhood Saturday to demand the federal government grant permanent residency status for all undocumented people living in Canada.” Yup. With one caveat: Not In My (Quebec) Backyard.


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