Trudeau Ignores Liberal Government Inaction, Holds Church Responsible For Residential Schools

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Long ago, in a distant memory of Canada before the Great Reset revolution, the concept of truth held meaning within society. Then came Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In an instant, our country transitioned into one in which political propaganda rules the day.

In the spirit of PM Trudeau’s affection for communism, government and media began to morph into a singular entity. Cultural Action Party offer validation:

“There is still resistance on the part of the Catholic Church to accept its role in the residential schools legacy, Mr. Trudeau said, and now is an important moment to reach out parishes, bishops, cardinals to say there’s an expectation that it steps up. He also said the government is hopeful the church will change its position.”

As CAP has previously pointed out, what is omitted from mainstream media presentation can be as relevant as what is printed on the page, for example:

According to a Canadian University Indigeneous Foundations report, the term residential schools refers to an extensive school system set up by the Canadian government and administered by churches that had the “nominal objective of educating Indigenous children.”

That’s “set up by government” according to First Nations leaders. Since the exposure of the news of the 215 bodies of Aboriginal children found buried beneath a residential school, government and media have been bashing away at religious responsibility regarding oppression toward Indigenous communities.

In the meantime, nothing is being expressed regarding government responsibility. Justin Trudeau hasn’t whispered a word. In fact, in a calculated disparagement of the Church— therefore Christianity itself– Mr. Trudeau is deceiving the people of Canada.

The responsibility for historical prejudice against Aboriginals is steeped in bi-partisan government participation. Meaning the Conservative Party, as well as Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Not only this, Trudeau Jr. is evading the tangible role father Pierre Trudeau played in the persecution of historical First Nations communities.

CAP Conclusion: Reality is being evaded in favour of Liberal propaganda:

“Truth is at the heart of understanding our past and preventing further damage in the future,” he said. “We need to have truth before we can talk about justice, healing and reconciliation.”

According to Wikipedia, residential school network was funded by the Canadian government’s Department of Indian Affairs, and administered by Christian churches

“With the passage of the British North America Act in 1867, and the implementation of the Indian Act (1876), the government was required to provide Indigenous youth with an education and to assimilate them into Canadian society. The government therefore collaborated with Christian missionaries to encourage religious conversion.”

Why the omission–otherwise known as a bald-faced lie, Mr. Prime Minister? One theory CAP suggest is that the motive includes a pre-mediated animus toward Christian-Canadians. Our opinion is that a covert “religious revolution” is taking place before our very eyes.

Media, working on behalf of government, will not speak of it. So CAP will– what we see is pre-conceived disparagement of Christianity, replaced with a rise in social relevance– meaning political power– for our Sikh and Islamic community leaders.

In this regard, CAP couldn’t give flying fig what Trudeau has to say about his “personal religious faith.” Far more important to him is his communist faith. Fact is, communism does not like Christianity.

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Out of this comes derives the idea that our ruling government and media partners are indulging in a form of warfare against Christian Canada. Who can deny that PM Trudeau’s omission of Liberal Party culpability plays into this agenda?

From 1969 until 1978, control and maintenance of residential schools was in the hands the federal government of  Canada.

The ruling government from 1968 to 1979 was the Liberal Party of Canada. The prime minister throughout this period was Pierre Trudeau. On this basis, it is reasonable to state that the person most responsible for the residential school debacle in modern times is Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Not a peep from CBC. Not a speck of speculation from Globe & Mail. Not a tweet from Liberal Snowflake twerps. And in particular, a complete repression of these realities from Justin Trudeau.

Naturally, CAP are not surprised at the behaviour of our prime minister. Salient observation reveal this individual’s need to maintain power is irrepressible. To win, to dominate, and to control. Justin Trudeau is a globalist automaton set upon transforming Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

Trudeau’s image of caring for the downtrodden of the world is a meticulously crafted political ploy. What we really have here is a Machiavellian character whose psyche has been permeated with narcissitic visions of globalist glory.

Born, raised and groomed for this role upon the world stage, it appears nothing will stop Justin Trudeau from accomplishing the goals assigned to him by his Great Reset string-pullers.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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