If PM Trudeau Wants Canadians Injected With Covid Vaccine Why Doesn’t He PERSONALLY Commit To it?

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Over the course of five years, Cultural Action Party has chipped away at the decision-making of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau like a Canadian beaver chews on a log in Lake Ontario.

On this basis, one may conclude there must be nothing remaining to condemn. Not so–the material seems to be of an never-ending variety.

Here’s the latest: a specific element of PM Trudeau’s mass promotion of the Covid pandemic vaccine. It is more than obvious our PM would like every living Canadian citizen to be injected with a double-shot of the pandemic solution. Trudeau has informed society that 76 million doses are on order. That’s two for each of 38 Million current citizens.

In typical fashion, Mr. Trudeau refuses to lead by example. The idea that the Liberal government in general have a different set of rules for themselves than for our citizenship is no great stretch.

One element that really nags at CAP during the Covid catastrophe of 2020 goes like this: while Trudeau begs, pleads and insists upon full scale national inoculation of the pandemic “elixir”— he has not once commented on whether or not he will personally submit to an injection.

A maxim that both anti-Vaxxers and Liberal snowflakes should be able to agree upon: the job of a leader is to “lead.” Also, the role of a prime minister is to display personal integrity. This is done by way of “practicing what we preach.” This is not rocket-science—even Justin Trudeau should be able to fathom this. But he is not doing it. Let CAP readers for a moment put themselves— heaven help them— in Mr. Trudeau’s position.

You are desirous of as many Canadians as possible being shot up with the Covid vaccine. Indeed,the cause has morphed into a mandate of magnanimous proportions. What actions do you take as national leader?

Even the most base thinker would conclude that informing society that they themselves will be among the very first to commit to the vaccine would motivate the public to follow suit.  Trudeau doesn’t do it–and media do not suggest it.

Anything else which may ease public anxiety regarding all-things-vaccine oriented?

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Here’s a basic one— tell the people that a published list of the chemical contents of the vaccine will be available on the Health Canada  government website. This way, those who are scientifically inclined may also ease their worry, and thereby transmit this to the general public.

Surprise—not a word about these suggestions has been issued by government, or media. . Should not the goal of Trudeau be one of minimizing anxiety regarding the Covid injections? Questions abound–  what are some potential side effects? Could recipients experience nausea post-injection? What kind of post-injection pre-cautions should one take?

While still early in the game in this regard, an observation manifests– not one single sentence of negativity regarding the injections has emanated from mainstream media. A veritable “walk-in-the-park” it shall be. How typical this. How “Great Reset”— oriented.

Seems what Canadian society has on its hands is a vehement case of  “blind allegiance” from government and media. This to match non-elected Teresa Tam’s blind acceptance of everything China has to say about a pandemic that first emanated from the communist behemoth nation.

Ubiquitous trust in the communist regime from Canadian government, media and health authorities? Bet on it– that’s “post-modern” Canada for you.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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