“Ideology Killed Canadian Dream” Says Former Chief Of Defence

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Rick J. Hillier is a retired Canadian Forces General who served as Chief of Defence Staff from February 2005 to July 2008. In 2011, he was made an officer of the Order of Canada for his service to his country.

In 2009, Hillier co-founded Project Hero, a scholarship program for the children of Canadian Forces personnel killed while on active military duty.

General Hillier is that rarest of creatures within the spectrum of modern-day Canadian politics. This man is a patriot, and therefore bound to be loathed by Canada’s cabal of woke globalist warriors.

Headed up by PM Justin Trudeau, “post-modernists” loathe patriotism, nationalism and dedication to country. Ironically, it’s acceptable to them when it comes to countries our Liberal government ship billions of dollars to each year.

India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Somalia— name any of more than three dozen nations on the receiving end of so-called “foreign aid,” and the leftists have not a shred of difficulty accepting  their nationalist tendencies. In a case of outrageous irony, the patriotism buck stops when it comes to Canada.

Speaking of the current state-of-society, Hillier delivered  a critique this week in the National Post:

“The Canadian dream, so wonderfully launched in 1867 with the partnership that was the Dominion of Canada, is dead. Killed by ideology masking as leadership. Slaughtered by economic suicide posing as climate control.”

For CAP, this stands as the most accurate assessment of Canadian society in eons. Bang on the money it is. To whom shall we attribute its accuracy to?

First and foremost is the most powerful political figure in Canada– PM Trudeau. Scaling down the degenerative ladder, we come to his Liberal Cabinet. Certainly Canadian media, ersatz branch of the federal government, are way up there.

Converted to pseudo-Marxist entities over the decades, academic institutions come in at a close third. Then there are provincial governments, city councillors, as well as Canada’s “multicultural” industry, so firmly dedicated to trashing “Old Stock” Canadians as bigoted racists.

“While dreams of home ownership fade, shantytowns grow and our confidence in the future plummets. We hear the official inflation rate, but it bears little resemblance to our real-life experience,” explains Gen. Hillier.

Do tell, oh ye purveyors of woke liberalism– how is it possible that our national leader has real life experience when he has spent his entire life in a protected bubble of family wealth and privilege?

How can it be possible for dual citizenship MPs from foreign nations to comprehend long-term experiences in society? Dozens of these types have been placed in prominent positions by Trudeau. Devoid of hands-on Canadian experience, underqualified in their roles, media refuse to factor in the foreign-born element, currently standing at over 50 members of Parliament.

“Coupled with increasing brain drain, capital flight and failing infrastructure, we face a harsh reality: the great experiment, a federation of like-minded peoples that was the Dominion of Canada, is failing.”

Now we are really getting hot-to-trot. The “Great Experiment” is the ticket, full-force. It’s what Cultural Action Party[est.2016] refer to as Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.”

In our view, the great experiment is a covert agenda of socio-political transformation. From free and democratic society to authoritarian socialist state being the deepest dream of PM Trudeau, and those who back him on an international basis.

Could the reason Canada is failing come down to a simple explanation? Should the idea that Justin Trudeau wants Canada to fail be considered outside the realm of possibility? How else is the great experiment accomplished but by tearing society down to its raw core, to be transitioned to Trudeau’s preferred form of governance?

Is it not the case that like Pierre Trudeau before him, Mr. Justin hold great admiration for communism, particularly in the form experienced in China? Is it not a fact that a recent probe into Chinese federal election interference is coming up with beauties such as this:

‘CSIS Warned Prime Minister’s Office in 2023 That China ‘Clandestinely And Deceptively’ Interfered In Elections’

“We know the PRC[People’s Republic of China] clandestinely and deceptively interfered both in the 2019 and 2021 general elections.”

“The document alleges that at least 11 candidates and 13 staff members were implicated in foreign interference by the Chinese government.”

How sad it is that Canadians have for nearly a decade been dragged through the mud of globalist deception glossed over by mainstream media. Truly, it’s as close to a crime as one can get.

“Our responses are feeble. More regulations. More and higher taxes. Massive amounts of immigration, without a plan to integrate.” 

Out-of-control Liberal vote grabbing by way of the highest immigration quota intakes in history.

“We need that leadership now. Enough of the gaslighting, evading, blaming and deluding. The mission is clear: make this our Canada.”

Not Justin Trudeau. His Canada belongs to international entities like World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations, World Sikh Organization, LGBT, political Islam and the government of China.

There is no “our Canada,” because for the past nine years, the Liberals have been planting seeds of national demise by dividing citizen from citizen, and community from community.

Directly drawn from tenets of Marxist philosophy, this is how tyrants prepare a society for conversion from democracy to dictatorship.

3 thoughts on ““Ideology Killed Canadian Dream” Says Former Chief Of Defence”

  1. “Coupled with increasing brain drain, capital flight and failing infrastructure, we face a harsh reality: the great experiment, a federation of like-minded peoples that was the Dominion of Canada, is failing.” With great respect to General Hillier; I don’ think our country began as an experiment. “Hey; let’s see how this goes.” Also; I daresay Canada isn’t failing–It’s falling. However; in one sense–We’re failing; failing to thrive. Thanks to a failure to govern for the good of the people; not the governing part(ies). (And pleasing their foreign “con$tituent$.”) Trudeau’s (and certain predecessor’s) gravy train; but our adversaries.

  2. Brian D: Upon further reflection; our forefathers’ “experiment” was implementing a disastrous system of failed government. (1) An unelected; unequal; ineffective “senate”–Beholden to the prime minister who appoints them to their cushy post. (2) An insulated system of government with no means of public recall. (3) “First past the post” federal elections; with the deciding votes (generally) cast by Ontario, and Quebec. (4) Far too much power concentrated in the prime minister. (5) Albeit a minor point; “Question Period” is a farce. Rarely do serious questions get a straight; truthful answer. (5) Quebec. Which self-respecting; rational country would allow avowed separatists to sit in the House of Commons; as MPs? Adding insult to injury; the Canadian taxpayers pay their salaries, and generous perks. This is one clear example of Quebec running/weakening Canada to suit their selfish needs. All with the blessings of the incumbent prime minister. These are general lay arguments. One more scholastically aware of the history/workings/machinations of our political system may take exception.

  3. Canadian dream is DEAD because of MARKCISM and LEFTIST ideology???!!!
    Actually it’s the very opposite, Canadian dream has been murdered by Zionism extremism and Neocons “rightists” who firmly believe their words are the Gospel and anyone’s opinion other than their supremacist ideology is in the wrong like this so called hero who participated in a genocide of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan both wars based on lies and deception.
    If you believe Canada is dead then pack up and apply to get back your British passport… the Hindou extremism Islamophobic icon along with Narindra Modi (cursed in French) will be very happy to use your skills of murdering innocent children and women in his next war!


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