Iconic Hudson’s Bay Retail Stores Close– Is Canadian Society Next?

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Downtown Toronto, Suburban Vancouver, WinnipegHudson’s Bay stores in Canada are falling like dominos of late. In typical fashion, media are underplaying the significance.

There are few “iconic” symbols of Canada which remain. Even the appearance of the Canadian flag seems to be eroding. Since the day Justin Trudeau assumed his position as prime minister, Cultural Action Party has preached “doom and gloom “regarding the destiny of our society.

Frankly, we didn’t know how right we would be. The Hudson’s Bay Company dates back to Canadian “pre-history.” It was founded in the 17th century. In the pioneering years of Canada’s formation, HBC was the lifeblood of the nascent Canadian economy.

In other words, HBC is Canada at its core–the roots of the development of our nation, which was incorporated in the year 1867. There is little, if anything, more  Canadian than this institution. Which is, of course, the very reason why media in 2020 are “taking the edge” off its demise.

The government of Canada cares little for our country’s history. When re-inventing a democratic society, this element is critical. Therefore, CAP will posit a salient question:

If the Hudson’s Bay company can die, why not Canada itself? Enter CBC and Globe & Mailnot. Long-term readers of our media output know how we feel about this issue. The Canada of 1867-2015-– the year Justin Trudeau became prime minister– is over.

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In the year 2020, our nation is undergoing a total transformation. The process far from complete. In CAP’s opinion, the apotheosis of this transformation will be encapsulated in the following: when citizens of our country no longer vote for a national leader.

From democracy to dictatorship— an axiomatic social and political development understood by government– as well as media. Those who do not comprehend–the citizens of Canada.

Is the closing of The Bay a microcosm for a “closing” of Canada as a western democracy? It darn well could be. If one was to toss aside CBC and corporate media output, one will find a dramatic erosion of democratic principles.

Anyone recall something referred to as “the will of the people?” Once a fundamental of society, this has morphed into the meaningless. Degree of government acceptance of public poll results on issues such as immigration, multiculturalism, refugee status, citizenship for terrorists, and myriad related social issues?

Nothing–not a damn thing. PM Trudeau has no interest. In truth, what we have here is a “democratic” nation which exercises true democracy on ONE DAY ever four years–federal election voting day.

The rest of the time our general population is shunned, ignored, marginalized–  and even demonized– by the ruling Liberal government. Then after two terms in office, polls tell us PM Justin Trudeau is headed for a third term in office.

Continue on this basis long-term, and what will be the point of federal elections period?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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