Ibrahim Ali Murder Trial Coverage A Government, Media Disgrace

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Convicted of first degree murder, Syrian refugee to Canada Ibrahim Ali was arrested and charged in 2017 with the killing of 13-year old suburban Vancouver schoolgirl.

“Ali arrived in Canada as a refugee from Syria just months before she was killed,” stated police.

Chris Friesen, director of the Immigrant Services Society of B.C., which helps Syrians settle here, has been quoted as saying “he did not recognize [convicted murderer Ibrahim] Ali’s name.”

“IHIT has asked the Canada Border Services Agency for more information about Ibrahim Ali. That source confirmed Ali did not arrive at a port of entry in Canada to claim asylum.”

“A spokeswoman for the Immigration and Refugee Board was unable to find records of any public proceedings in which Ali was involved.”

A disgrace it is. Not only regarding a brutal sexual assault and murder of a Canadian schoolgirl, but also in regards to the manner in which a Muslim refugee from Syria “popped” into Canada and committed a killing only months after his arrival in Canada.

It is with sadness that we point to the fact that media turn a blind eye to a critical issue:

Is Liberal government policy for refugee intake such that criminals and murderers can easily migrate to Canada with criminal intent on their minds?

On January 10, 2017, Liberal MP and half-Somalian citizen Ahmed Hussen was appointed Minister of Immigration as part of a Cabinet shuffle initiated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On July 18th, 2017, the school girl from Burnaby, B.C. was found dead. Does this not bring into question the integrity of our country’s refugee policy? Media refuse to broach the subject. Why would that be?

Cultural Action Party speculate on a response: in a general sense, mainstream media work for the Liberal government.

“The federal government will now cover 35% of journalists’ salaries up to $85,000 per year, which is equivalent to $29,750 per newsroom employee.”

As a result, left-wing media pundits in Canada are refuse to question the integrity of the federal government’s policy on refugee intake.

“Canada’s acceptance of some 25,000 Syrian refugees beginning in 2015 was not only logistically daunting, it was a national feel-good story that almost took on the dimensions of a nation-building project.”

In what seems like a political lifetime ago, many Canadians are likely able to recall PM Trudeau’s ebullience regarding Canada’s intake of Syrian refugees immediately following his initial victory.

“Canada’s back,” exclaimed the most wet-behind-the-ears prime minister ever to walk across a Parliamentary floor. Another speculative comment from CAP:

Was this Ibrahim Ali character a part of Trudeau’s 25,000 initial intake of Syrian refugees to Canada? Is it the reason media refuse to criticize any aspect of federal refugee policy?

“Trudeau Defends Canada’s Refugee Program As He Addresses A Teen Girl’s Killing In B.C.”

Regarding Syrian refugee intake, PM Trudeau was quoted in 2016 as saying:

“I will be personally responsible for harm brought to any Canadian citizens.”

It never happened. More likely it is that his Liberal government was responsible for ensuring minimal exposure of the murder trial in advance of the ruling, as well as ensuring media did not equate Ali’s conviction with sub-standard refugee vetting and intake management.

“The generalizations and the danger that we get in, in tying in things like immigration policies to incidents like this, is something that I don’t entirely know is helpful or useful in a diverse, pluralistic, inclusive society like ours,” Trudeau said.

It’s all he cares about. Diversity, Multiculturalism, 3rd World immigration, so-called refugees from so-called “developing nations.”

“To hell with school girls, I have a country to transform,” is our facetious take on Trudeau and the woke revolutionary spirit that drives him to do the things he does.

Speaking for the first time post-conviction, the victim’s brother made a public statement on the murder of his sister:

“Nothing will ever fill the void that she left when she was so brutally and suddenly torn from us. This is something that is going to haunt me daily and will probably continue to do so till my dying day.”

After which CAP deliver a caustic prediction: nothing will ever change refugee intake policy in Canada– or immigration policy for that matter– as long as the Liberal Party remain in power.

One dead school girl. Over six years from date of murder to conviction. The “mysterious” death of a DNA expert key witness. Threats to the judge, a gun in court on the day of sentencing, death threats to Ali’s lawyers.

Complaining to media about the “harsh treatment,” one of Ali’s defence lawyers stated in court that his family has been subjected to death threats.

By all accounts, the defence team attempted to pull some vile rabbits out of a hat in defence of their client:

In his delivery during closing arguments, the lawyer disputed the innocent portrayal of the victim by Crown prosecutors, saying the depiction was ‘rose-coloured’ throughout the trial. He argued the version of the girl’s lifestyle presented by the Crown is at best, a partial picture and at worst, a lie.”

The deceased was 13-years old at the time of the murder.

You know what would constitute a fitting conclusion to the murder trial? For Mr. Trudeau to instruct the MP he appointed as Attorney General, Ugandan refugee Liberal MP Arif Virani, to issue a statement in an attempt to bring a measure of healing to the situation. Naturally, this and a toonie will get you a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee.

A sad state of society Canadians find themselves in. For eight-years, Justin Trudeau has been prime minister. For eight-years, our Liberal government have been sacrificing individual freedoms, democracy and rule-of-law to achieve their tacit goal of national revisionism.

Economy? Housing? Health Care? To the trash bin with you– Justin Trudeau has a nation to transform. Immigration quotas, refugee intake, “systemic racism,” anti-colonization, racism, “Islamophobia,”social equity, diversity and the rest of the rot.

These are the globalist calling cards of Trudeau’s Liberal government, and if it continues indefinitely, the day will arrive when nothing will remain of Canada’s traditional foundation as a free and democratic society.

Schoolgirls sacrificed for government policy? Is it not the way authoritarian states roll? Isn’t it always “the big picture” that counts with political despots of history?

All authoritarian states maintain the social standard:  the “little people” mean nothing. Citizens are nothing more than widgets in a game of socio-political control.

Is this where Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are taking Canadian society?

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